Saturday, September 04, 2010

Practicing Medicine w/o medical license & damage to patient

In the Yahoo news via the Associated Press is an article this morning at 6:21 AM about two abortionists who were ordered to stop, in the state of Maryland, because one of them was practicing without a medical license, and they perforated the uterus of an 18 yr old woman. A good doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital filed a complaint against them and when the Police investigated they found frozen near-term babies in a freezer.
This is news that the public must know. The lack of "standards of care" is the norm not the exception for abortionists, who fly under the radar generally of all rules and regulations of medical practice, and who have no on site inspections ever unless someone with enough clout files a formal complaint against them. The good news is that a doctor from Hopkins did file a complaint against them and the authorities acted. What remains to be seen is whether or not the abortionists will comply. I would guess that they won't. They are accustomed to operating outside the boundaries of society and outside the limits of acceptable medicine and they are accustomed to breaking the law. I would guess they will simply move their bad fake clinic that is a killing center to a different location and or bribe a few officials in Congress, and or call up their 24/7 arm-twister in Planned Parenthood who will visit the Judge's chambers secretly and swap a good amount of money secretly, and viola, the charges filed by Hopkins would be swept under the table. That is the modus operandi for nearly 40 years in the Abortion Holocaust. But maybe this time is different. Maybe enough people across the US are totally disgusted by the vile horror that is abortion and by the thugs that do those. Maybe enough people in the US are absolutely mad as h--- about abortion and ready to do drastic measures if need be to stop it.Maybe. Let all who believe that there is a GOD, pray! That GOD will embolden the MDs at Hopkins to press their case against the abortionists who practiced without a lawful license and who failed on standards of medical care and perforated the uterus of an 18 yr woman.
Gloria Poole, RN; at my apt in Missouri; [my license is in Colorado still] ; 6:31AM, 4-Sept-2010


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