Thursday, September 09, 2010

What nation will GOD raise up to defeat Obama's evil?

In the German Holocaust, GOD raised up Americans in a time when killing innocents was not the national pastime and the national dividend fund, to defeat Hitler and his killing machinery. What nation will GOD raise up to destroy Washington DC and to defeat Obama's plan to kill millions of innocents in the womb?
Will it be Osama bin Ladin? Or Iraq? Or Afghanistan? or Iran?
What nation and its people will determine to destroy the idol-laden city of Washington DC and the false god of Obama?
This is prompted by the news that the appeals court in DC does the bidding of the wicked Obama regime and allowed the premeditated destruction of innocent human embryoes to pad their pockets and the pockets of Obama and his ilk. The fake scientists with their dog and pony show trot every manufactured raison d' etre before the stupid appeals court judges as their rationale for allowing cannabalism of humans to continue in America.
All you who believe there is a GOD pray that GOD will destroy those who methodically, and purposely destroy innocents in the womb and that HE will do it with the same lack of mercy shown by Obama and his evil regime to the unborn/preborn.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 2:36PM, 9-Sept-2010
Update at 3:10PM after I thought about this some more and read more of the media hype :
If anything tells you that Afghanistan is winning the war and that the Arabic nations are rising up,it is the panic that Obama and that Jezebel H Clinton are publicizing about how afraid they are that a citizen burning books is going to upset the Taliban. I hope it upsets the hell out of them and that the Taliban destroys EVERY abortion center and every abortionist and every judge that every took a kickback or bribe from an abortionist or lobbyist for an abortionist or from their PAC of Center for Reproductive [killing] center and or Planned Parenthood. It is my fervent prayer that the Taliban will totally destroy those Planned Parenthood centers and the abortuaries and those elements in Washington DC that enable and or empower the killing fields of America.
Update at 3:54 pm after The Guardian says the plan to burn Qu'rans has caused an international incident but it also says that in Pakistan they are burning even now the US Flag. What is the difference in them burning the US flag which is an endeared symbol to Americans, and Americans burning the Qu'ran an endeared symbol to Muslims but which is book after all that is easily reproduced as is the American flag. Do you read of the President of Pakistan or Afghanistan telling their people NOT to burn the US flag for fear of upsetting America? NO. They routinely burn the US flag and make threats to Americans. But now the tables are turned and it is a different story. I say burn, burn burn every Qu'ran it that is what it takes to make them know that Americans mean business and if ejecting Muslim President Obama has to be done, let us get on with that too! I quote from the article in the Guardian:
"In Pakistan protesters burned an American flag and displayed
a sign in English reading: "If Qur'an is burned it would be
beginning of destruction of America." In Afghanistan a crowd
of up to 4,000 people held an angry protest in Mahmud Raqi,
near Kabul,
with some burning US flags and chanting "Death to the Christians".
From article,with photo of US flag burning, at:
3:53 PM 9/9/2010/
Update at 4:15pm after news says Florida church cancelled Qu'ran burning day:
here is what the nation learned from this:
America and its leaders are scared to death of Muslims.
The Muslim attack on the Twin Towers of America on 9/11 caused such fear and
panic across America and the leaders of America that they will capitulate to
any demand by Muslims including jettisoning the First Amendment.
The US acknowledges that it is serving Afghanistan and the Taliban by sending massive amounts of money to that nation and providing security for them.
That criticizing the strategy of the Muslim President will nearly end careers of the Military. Remember the General replaced for criticizing Obama on his spare time?
All the Muslims have to do to make Obama and H Clinton shake in their boots is burn the US flag in their nations, and make some threats.


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