Saturday, October 28, 2006

Republicans, don't fall for the trick

I am Republican because I believe in the principles defined in the US Constitution that declares the U.S. as a republic, and not a "democracy"*. I believe that elected government is better than rule by mob. I believe that a few people in Legislatures could if they would be able to arrive at decisions, whereas getting to consensus by mob never works. If you doubt that look at the French Revolution and the American Indian uprisings. The problems with this nation have more to do with the quality or lack of, of the elected officials. IF a state elects a person who has no integrity, no truth, no honor and no sense of right or wrong, how could they expect that person to suddenly become righteous? The Bible says a leopard does not change his spots and that is never more true than with politicians. However, there is a Stateman or Stateswoman mindset and the US has had a few of those--George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, maybe Theodore Roosevelt, who seemed to honor GOD and adhere to the words of GOD in his decision-making. The majority of the time it seems to me from studying history was sort of a holding pattern. The spectacular stand out for their stick-to-it-ness and their commitment to the cause. If George Washington had listened to the rabble-rousers in the US today who are the demoncrats, he would have abandoned the cause of the American Revolution. If Abraham Lincoln had listened to the rabble rousers of his day or the current fraidy-cats of the demoncrats, the black folks would still be slaves. Some causes are bigger and more powerful than the nation, and that means any nation. Any nation that does not adhere too and teach and guide by the principles of THE ALMIGHTY GOD sets itself upon a course of destruction. It is written," blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD." [Psalms 33:12] Obviously the flip side of that is true also, cursed is the nation whose GOD is NOT THE LORD.

The democrats have not had an original idea since before the Civil War when they were the groups that wanted slavery. Their plan seems to consist of: 1) forsake our allies, 2) sodomize every child in America, 3) abort all the preborn children of the world,and 4) ignore the written US Constitution, and 5) redistribute the assets of the rich, who are not in Congress, to achieve the communist manifesto, and 6) drag America to the devil's lair. That plan has not helped the US in any way. I am Republican and a Christian and here is the plan I want to see happen in the US: 1) honoring and revering the Name of GOD and HIS words, commandments, and statutes, and Judgements. 2) honor, integrity and commitment to protecting the citizens especially the innocent ones, 3) standing by and defending our allies, 4) prevent sodomy of anyone, 5) allow the preborn humans to be born alive and help them thrive, 6) teach righteousness in schools 7) teach republican principles of strong marriages and families as the basic unit of this nation, and 8) punishment of the wicked.

* For your information, the U.S.S.R., was a socialist democracy. A democracy is appropriately named because it is from the demon/devil. The idea that every bad idea is equal to every good idea is from the devil. The idea that every bad citizen should have the same rights as every good, GOD-fearing citizen is from the devil also. IF you read THE BIBLE then you know that GOD does absolutely distinquish between the good and the evil in order to reward the good and punish the evil. The founders did not equate bad/wicked with GOD-fearing; but a demon-acracy does, in its effort to fool the public into thinking that there is no punishment to sin and that GOD does not care about sin. But GOD does care about sin and sinners do not go to heaven.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Best news I've heard lately: John Spencer of NY

The Associated Press writer, Marc Humbert called the Republican challenger in the NY election for US Senator, an "abortion-hating, anti-gun-control conservative". Thank GOD is my reaction to that news. That is absolutely the best news I have heard all summer. I have been praying for someone who would defeat the Jezebel named Hillary who is the WORST politician that could happen to any State or nation that wants to have a future.

I am thrilled to read about John Spencer and I am praying, praying, praying that GOD puts him in the US Senate; and that Hillary is history. This nation cannot long endure unless abortion is made illegal again, and it cannot long endure with politicians who would sell their souls to the devil for power. Hillary has the blood of MILLIONS on her hands and she has been complicent in every murder of every preborn child because she NEVER once spoke against it and she NEVER once voted against that form of premeditated murder of innocents. New York has a huge population of Jews who said, "never again" --well now is your chance to prove that by voting against Hillary and her agenda of killing of innocents as a so-called "woman's right." Hillary is a go-along with wickedness to get along wicked woman and she would have gone along with the gas ovens of the Nazi regime too because that was then the way to gain power and influence. VOTE against Hillary and vote for JOHN SPENCER. John Spencer knows that the proof is that households that are armed according to the US Constitution's Second Amendment of the right of the people to bear arms, are not likely to be broken into nor are the people of them likely to be molested.When each man protects his household,then there is more safety and security, not less. The right of the people to bear arms and defend themselves is a deterrant and the founding fathers recognized that truth. It is the socialists and communists that always want to disarm the population so their assets can be taken away without risk to the government thieves.
John Spencer sounds like the answer to my prayers for GOD to remove Hillary from office and from power.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why was Jeff Trandahl, homosexual,guarding Pages?

Why Trandahl wolf guarding the hen house??
by:gloriapooleRN (F/Denver, Colorado 80211, USA) 10/18/06 11:31 am
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While the Congress is asking questions, here's one they should ask, 'what moron put a homosexual man, Jeff Trandahl, in charge of the Page [boy] program? In the real world as defined as not within the corridors of the US Congress, homosexual activists are not allowed to be around or teach or supervise the nation's "children" [the age definition seems to be floating depending upon if s*x is involved. If s*x is the goal, then age is irrelevant to the perverted and degraded minds,according to all studies, * but if signing contracts then the age is supposed to be eighteen to be considered an adult. Jeff Trandahl is a homosexual and the Washington Post has revealed that. Does the Congress actually believe that he is going to testify against himself and his own predatory behaviours by telling what he didn't do to protect the pages?

* Homosexuals are predators and that fact is well established and the nation's own schools prove it to be true, otherwise they would not be clamoring for the opportunity to indoctrinate children into sodomy at an early age.
signed gloria poole [RN]

Friday, October 13, 2006

The List of corrupt Congress & NGOs grows in D.C.

The Washington Post article today, Oct 13,06, entitled, "Report says Non-Profits Sold Influence to Abramoff" is about corrupt ngo's who laundered money, received payments in exchange for writing PR pieces for Abramoff's clients, introduced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to influential donors for a price, and were/are front organizations for corrupt US Senators and Representatives. The Washington Post named and shamed them and thank GOD for that. The ngos [so far] are Americans for Tax Reform, Council of Republican for Environmental Advocacy whose co-founder is Gale Norton, who was Sec of Interior, and I think one of Colorado's home grown corrupt folks*;Citizens Against Government Waste, and National Center for Public Policy Research, that was the idea of Heritage Foundation, and Toward Tradition, a Jewish ngo. These not-for-profits violated the meaning and intent of the not-for-profit charitable election of the IRS and they should have to repay EVERY DOLLAR AND DIME received while operating under fraudulent tax-exempt status and EVERY GRANT THEY RECEIVED FROM ANY GOV'T, and of course, they should be prosecuted as any "white collar crime" such as Enron would have been. I am sure that the list in that article is a drop in the bucket, and that IF the Washington Post also investigates the 527 ngos, and the multitudinous 503c ngos, esp the Dept of Education, the NIH,the Bethesda Naval Hospital, the Dept of Transportation, and the Dept of Defense and ngos that routinely "trade" with them, the list will multiply exponentially. I know some of these US gov't groups are corrupt through and through because I went in person to some of them when I was attempting to gain permission to talk to their employees [4-5 yrs ago] AS A CITIZEN WITHOUT PAY OR PERQS FOR THAT on behalf of the preborn citizens, and I could not find even one person in some of the elaborate buildings during a week day and during work hours.

The clients Abramoff was packaging with the help of the corrupt ngos' in order to sell their ideas to Congress are Microsoft, the mutual fund named DH2 Inc, Primedia Inc's Channel One, and Brown-Forman the maker of Jack Daniel's whiskey; and I am certain that list is a drop in the bucket also. The US government has become so "protected" against the US citizens that US citizens' mail is not delivered to the LOB in many instances**, and US citizens who bear the expense of going to Washington DC to talk to their Senators or Representatives are asked "if they intend to make a donation?' to the person elected and if the answer is no, then the elected person is "not available." Bribes are expected and that is what makes the US Congress a sham --no, let me use the precise word, a fraud. Also, as I was reading the Washington Post, my phone rang and when I said, "hello" no one answered. The caller id recorded the number as 19197416715. I called that number back and heard a recording that said it is "Express Consolidation" ngo, so I hung up. What does "express consolidation ngo" have to do with my work? And what business are they in? If I were guessing, I'd say they are also a front org for the corrupt folks mentioned in the Washington Post article. Is Express Consolidation ngo in NC, an not for profit who spies on citizens whose words they do not want to see published anywhere?

* Other Colorado corrupt are Diane DeGette, Ken Salazar, some US Post Office Postmasters, and some Magistrate Judges.
** Diane DeGette published on her website a few months ago that she had stopped all US mail from coming into her offices for "fear of terrorists", the common excuse of the corrupt who want to hide their deeds and themselves from exposure.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

US DOJ: There are others to investigate in Congress

You know and I know that if Sen Foley had been Democrat, there would be no fury over his sending male pages s*xually explicent messages. Barney Frank's been doing that for YEARS, so where's his resignation? On the list of Republicans who should be investigated for wayward lifestyles and sins against prevailing laws of this nation, there is Jim Kolbe of Arizona, Kirk Fordham, Jeff Trandahl, Brian Bennett. Of course I am absolutely against the exploitation of minors whether they are boys or girls and whether the agenda is abortion or sodomy. Also, do not forget that I vehemently opposed the infamous and shameful s*xual molestation and harassment of a subordinate that Bill Clinton flaunted and splashed across the headlines, tabloid and otherwise. Bill Clinton actually thought he gained public status by molesting an intern! When a political party like the Democrats, is in the gutter then there is nothing that shocks or offends them and they have no moral boundaries whatsoever. I am sure they all know who is seducing whom there and I am sure Foley was not the only person who was soliticing s*x from minors or subordinates. And I am sure the Democrats knew it all along too.

The ONLY reason that they want to make an issue of this is because it is weeks to the election. However, I am absolutely for the concept of JUSTICE being blind and being JUST and the timing is probably of GOD's choosing since maybe the DOJ investigation will reveal a lot of skunks in woodpiles there and maybe the wicked will scatter like Foley did? Let us all pray that no sodomite, no proabort, no wicked person gets elected to any office in the US and let us all pray that those of that ilk, do not remain in office.