Saturday, October 21, 2006

Best news I've heard lately: John Spencer of NY

The Associated Press writer, Marc Humbert called the Republican challenger in the NY election for US Senator, an "abortion-hating, anti-gun-control conservative". Thank GOD is my reaction to that news. That is absolutely the best news I have heard all summer. I have been praying for someone who would defeat the Jezebel named Hillary who is the WORST politician that could happen to any State or nation that wants to have a future.

I am thrilled to read about John Spencer and I am praying, praying, praying that GOD puts him in the US Senate; and that Hillary is history. This nation cannot long endure unless abortion is made illegal again, and it cannot long endure with politicians who would sell their souls to the devil for power. Hillary has the blood of MILLIONS on her hands and she has been complicent in every murder of every preborn child because she NEVER once spoke against it and she NEVER once voted against that form of premeditated murder of innocents. New York has a huge population of Jews who said, "never again" --well now is your chance to prove that by voting against Hillary and her agenda of killing of innocents as a so-called "woman's right." Hillary is a go-along with wickedness to get along wicked woman and she would have gone along with the gas ovens of the Nazi regime too because that was then the way to gain power and influence. VOTE against Hillary and vote for JOHN SPENCER. John Spencer knows that the proof is that households that are armed according to the US Constitution's Second Amendment of the right of the people to bear arms, are not likely to be broken into nor are the people of them likely to be molested.When each man protects his household,then there is more safety and security, not less. The right of the people to bear arms and defend themselves is a deterrant and the founding fathers recognized that truth. It is the socialists and communists that always want to disarm the population so their assets can be taken away without risk to the government thieves.
John Spencer sounds like the answer to my prayers for GOD to remove Hillary from office and from power.


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