Friday, October 13, 2006

The List of corrupt Congress & NGOs grows in D.C.

The Washington Post article today, Oct 13,06, entitled, "Report says Non-Profits Sold Influence to Abramoff" is about corrupt ngo's who laundered money, received payments in exchange for writing PR pieces for Abramoff's clients, introduced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to influential donors for a price, and were/are front organizations for corrupt US Senators and Representatives. The Washington Post named and shamed them and thank GOD for that. The ngos [so far] are Americans for Tax Reform, Council of Republican for Environmental Advocacy whose co-founder is Gale Norton, who was Sec of Interior, and I think one of Colorado's home grown corrupt folks*;Citizens Against Government Waste, and National Center for Public Policy Research, that was the idea of Heritage Foundation, and Toward Tradition, a Jewish ngo. These not-for-profits violated the meaning and intent of the not-for-profit charitable election of the IRS and they should have to repay EVERY DOLLAR AND DIME received while operating under fraudulent tax-exempt status and EVERY GRANT THEY RECEIVED FROM ANY GOV'T, and of course, they should be prosecuted as any "white collar crime" such as Enron would have been. I am sure that the list in that article is a drop in the bucket, and that IF the Washington Post also investigates the 527 ngos, and the multitudinous 503c ngos, esp the Dept of Education, the NIH,the Bethesda Naval Hospital, the Dept of Transportation, and the Dept of Defense and ngos that routinely "trade" with them, the list will multiply exponentially. I know some of these US gov't groups are corrupt through and through because I went in person to some of them when I was attempting to gain permission to talk to their employees [4-5 yrs ago] AS A CITIZEN WITHOUT PAY OR PERQS FOR THAT on behalf of the preborn citizens, and I could not find even one person in some of the elaborate buildings during a week day and during work hours.

The clients Abramoff was packaging with the help of the corrupt ngos' in order to sell their ideas to Congress are Microsoft, the mutual fund named DH2 Inc, Primedia Inc's Channel One, and Brown-Forman the maker of Jack Daniel's whiskey; and I am certain that list is a drop in the bucket also. The US government has become so "protected" against the US citizens that US citizens' mail is not delivered to the LOB in many instances**, and US citizens who bear the expense of going to Washington DC to talk to their Senators or Representatives are asked "if they intend to make a donation?' to the person elected and if the answer is no, then the elected person is "not available." Bribes are expected and that is what makes the US Congress a sham --no, let me use the precise word, a fraud. Also, as I was reading the Washington Post, my phone rang and when I said, "hello" no one answered. The caller id recorded the number as 19197416715. I called that number back and heard a recording that said it is "Express Consolidation" ngo, so I hung up. What does "express consolidation ngo" have to do with my work? And what business are they in? If I were guessing, I'd say they are also a front org for the corrupt folks mentioned in the Washington Post article. Is Express Consolidation ngo in NC, an not for profit who spies on citizens whose words they do not want to see published anywhere?

* Other Colorado corrupt are Diane DeGette, Ken Salazar, some US Post Office Postmasters, and some Magistrate Judges.
** Diane DeGette published on her website a few months ago that she had stopped all US mail from coming into her offices for "fear of terrorists", the common excuse of the corrupt who want to hide their deeds and themselves from exposure.


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