Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why was Jeff Trandahl, homosexual,guarding Pages?

Why Trandahl wolf guarding the hen house??
by:gloriapooleRN (F/Denver, Colorado 80211, USA) 10/18/06 11:31 am
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While the Congress is asking questions, here's one they should ask, 'what moron put a homosexual man, Jeff Trandahl, in charge of the Page [boy] program? In the real world as defined as not within the corridors of the US Congress, homosexual activists are not allowed to be around or teach or supervise the nation's "children" [the age definition seems to be floating depending upon if s*x is involved. If s*x is the goal, then age is irrelevant to the perverted and degraded minds,according to all studies, * but if signing contracts then the age is supposed to be eighteen to be considered an adult. Jeff Trandahl is a homosexual and the Washington Post has revealed that. Does the Congress actually believe that he is going to testify against himself and his own predatory behaviours by telling what he didn't do to protect the pages?

* Homosexuals are predators and that fact is well established and the nation's own schools prove it to be true, otherwise they would not be clamoring for the opportunity to indoctrinate children into sodomy at an early age.
signed gloria poole [RN]


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