Saturday, October 28, 2006

Republicans, don't fall for the trick

I am Republican because I believe in the principles defined in the US Constitution that declares the U.S. as a republic, and not a "democracy"*. I believe that elected government is better than rule by mob. I believe that a few people in Legislatures could if they would be able to arrive at decisions, whereas getting to consensus by mob never works. If you doubt that look at the French Revolution and the American Indian uprisings. The problems with this nation have more to do with the quality or lack of, of the elected officials. IF a state elects a person who has no integrity, no truth, no honor and no sense of right or wrong, how could they expect that person to suddenly become righteous? The Bible says a leopard does not change his spots and that is never more true than with politicians. However, there is a Stateman or Stateswoman mindset and the US has had a few of those--George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, maybe Theodore Roosevelt, who seemed to honor GOD and adhere to the words of GOD in his decision-making. The majority of the time it seems to me from studying history was sort of a holding pattern. The spectacular stand out for their stick-to-it-ness and their commitment to the cause. If George Washington had listened to the rabble-rousers in the US today who are the demoncrats, he would have abandoned the cause of the American Revolution. If Abraham Lincoln had listened to the rabble rousers of his day or the current fraidy-cats of the demoncrats, the black folks would still be slaves. Some causes are bigger and more powerful than the nation, and that means any nation. Any nation that does not adhere too and teach and guide by the principles of THE ALMIGHTY GOD sets itself upon a course of destruction. It is written," blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD." [Psalms 33:12] Obviously the flip side of that is true also, cursed is the nation whose GOD is NOT THE LORD.

The democrats have not had an original idea since before the Civil War when they were the groups that wanted slavery. Their plan seems to consist of: 1) forsake our allies, 2) sodomize every child in America, 3) abort all the preborn children of the world,and 4) ignore the written US Constitution, and 5) redistribute the assets of the rich, who are not in Congress, to achieve the communist manifesto, and 6) drag America to the devil's lair. That plan has not helped the US in any way. I am Republican and a Christian and here is the plan I want to see happen in the US: 1) honoring and revering the Name of GOD and HIS words, commandments, and statutes, and Judgements. 2) honor, integrity and commitment to protecting the citizens especially the innocent ones, 3) standing by and defending our allies, 4) prevent sodomy of anyone, 5) allow the preborn humans to be born alive and help them thrive, 6) teach righteousness in schools 7) teach republican principles of strong marriages and families as the basic unit of this nation, and 8) punishment of the wicked.

* For your information, the U.S.S.R., was a socialist democracy. A democracy is appropriately named because it is from the demon/devil. The idea that every bad idea is equal to every good idea is from the devil. The idea that every bad citizen should have the same rights as every good, GOD-fearing citizen is from the devil also. IF you read THE BIBLE then you know that GOD does absolutely distinquish between the good and the evil in order to reward the good and punish the evil. The founders did not equate bad/wicked with GOD-fearing; but a demon-acracy does, in its effort to fool the public into thinking that there is no punishment to sin and that GOD does not care about sin. But GOD does care about sin and sinners do not go to heaven.


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