Saturday, October 07, 2006

US DOJ: There are others to investigate in Congress

You know and I know that if Sen Foley had been Democrat, there would be no fury over his sending male pages s*xually explicent messages. Barney Frank's been doing that for YEARS, so where's his resignation? On the list of Republicans who should be investigated for wayward lifestyles and sins against prevailing laws of this nation, there is Jim Kolbe of Arizona, Kirk Fordham, Jeff Trandahl, Brian Bennett. Of course I am absolutely against the exploitation of minors whether they are boys or girls and whether the agenda is abortion or sodomy. Also, do not forget that I vehemently opposed the infamous and shameful s*xual molestation and harassment of a subordinate that Bill Clinton flaunted and splashed across the headlines, tabloid and otherwise. Bill Clinton actually thought he gained public status by molesting an intern! When a political party like the Democrats, is in the gutter then there is nothing that shocks or offends them and they have no moral boundaries whatsoever. I am sure they all know who is seducing whom there and I am sure Foley was not the only person who was soliticing s*x from minors or subordinates. And I am sure the Democrats knew it all along too.

The ONLY reason that they want to make an issue of this is because it is weeks to the election. However, I am absolutely for the concept of JUSTICE being blind and being JUST and the timing is probably of GOD's choosing since maybe the DOJ investigation will reveal a lot of skunks in woodpiles there and maybe the wicked will scatter like Foley did? Let us all pray that no sodomite, no proabort, no wicked person gets elected to any office in the US and let us all pray that those of that ilk, do not remain in office.


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