Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel Political Prize for New Socialist Dictator

About the Nobel Prize for what they term 'peace' if you look at who it was awarded too, you know what it was awarded for. It went to three DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTS, so it has become the plum of Democratic Socialists. Those who have the biggest plan to turn America from the U S Constitution and to the regimes of the Fascists, Socialists, and Communists [all varying shades of totalitarian governments] get the Socialist prize.

Those wicked people who plan to kill the most citizens at their tiniest most defenseless i.e. in the womb, and lay a plan to do that, get the so-called 'peace' prize for making peace with the baby-killing-establishments. The Political 'peace' prize of the socialist nations stands for:
P= Political
E= Ends
A= achieving
C= communist
E= environment

It does not bode well for America to have had three Presidents so labeled. Has the geniune American male vanished from the earth? IS all that is left 'mama's boys" whose mamas think for them, act for them, pay their bills for them, and allow them to live at home til their eighty's? Are there any real men in the world who didn't grow up on welfare, who did marry the women they loved, and provide for them? Who did take responsibility for themselves and their wives and offspring? Is there any person in America who cares what happens to the nation or are all of them just basking in the limelight of black power?

It grieves my heart that the U S Congress has no integrity. It grieves my heart that they are laying a plan to destroy surreptiously every person who loves GOD and who adheres to the words of GOD. It grieves my heart that such evil is the norm in Washington District of Columbia [ The District] where the nations' representatives were sent to represent the good people; but the slick politichek, and politboro and KGB, abusing its powers and manipulating votes, and computers around the world, are planning to put into place a very evil plan to kill off human babies, and the elderly, sick, handicapped through lack of medical attention, and stealing of the monies rightfully due to them because of wages paid into a 'system' . I know for certain however, that GOD is still GOD and HE is not impressed with slick-Willy-Obama and that HE is not persuaded that the plans of evil men are good. In fact, it is written not to call evil good or good evil, that doing either of those is abomination to THE GOD. Evil must not be disguised but it must be seen as the evil it is, if it is to be avoided.
Slick-Willy-Obama is not good for America. Remember the people of Germany also voted Hitler into power, and for many years, they also basked in his power,and for many years they attended his lavish parties and photo-ops; and they made excuses for him, and they covered his tracks in the press there. But for GOD, who raised up honest people from other nations who saw the truth and photographed it, and sent it round the world.
The fact that the socialist panel of socialist seeking big money from socialists with lots of taxpayers gave that political label to a man losing admiration in his own nation, losing the vote of confidence of the Congress, losing the confidence of most people, was a calculated move by the socialist nations. It is not impressive to those who know that all so-called 'science' in America is suspect, since they chop/slice/dice humans to make human mash to study on agar plates. It is not impressive to those of us including me, who live by, adhere to the Commandments of GOD, who wrote in stone,'thou shalt not kill'. It is not impressive to the prolifers whatsoever! Obama's only 'achievement' is trying to undo the conscience clause for health care providers and providing a $100 MILLION of US taxpayers monies to seek out and destroy those in the womb in other nations, and the U S also.
This nation is made up of a whole lot of educated fools--fools educated by the socialist party in socialist schools.
The Congress should be focusing on how they are going to continue the nation, but their plans will destroy it.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N., and artist in oils, inks, watercolors, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera, acrylics, --all artist mediums; and writer, photographer for the glory of GOD also. Denver Colorado 80203; @ 6:21 AM,mountain time, 13-Oct-2009;
Update at 7:33 AM for these reasons:
1 ) I worried I would confuse my readers. I am not any one's employee but I was for more than 25 years when I worked as Registered Nurse in hospitals and Peer Review, etc. What I was referring too, is that the 'system' in Colorado railroaded me into moving to a semi-commune because they did not want to pay me the Victim's Comp money that is rightfully mine.Then after demanding way more information than they needed to determine [since 3 Judges had already ruled in my favor] they abused their powers, and stole benefits payable to me for a year. And the 'manager' of the DHA building forged my signature to a document. But a higher up manager at DHA told me about it, and I have a copy of it. But when I protested that as illegal and very upsetting to me they started trying to strong-arm me to get more of my confidential info. But I would not give it to them, and elected to move rather than live among socialists intent on destroying me.
2) Also,after reading the NY Times article today about how NY Court is considering whether to write their own set of 'laws' in contrast to what the people of NY voted on, regarding whether homosexuals are "entitled" to the privileges of marriage, because Canada allowed that. The Constitutions of states do not lawfully allow Judges to make law in any state. Those who try to legislate from the bench are communists. And they should not be allowed to do that. Any state has the authority and so does Congress, to impeach Judges who do not obey the written laws. If Judges do not obey the written laws, then a state of anarchy exists because the people have no way of knowing what the laws are, if they are decided case by case depending upon who is hearing the case. The law is supposed to be the same for all people. If the citizens of NY voted against benefits for homosexuals, then the Judges there have no authority to overturn the voters' decisions. That case is really about is communism-->fascism-->socialism [the spectrum from totally oppressive to less oppressive--to 'mild' salsa form of communism= socialism] the law of this land and or NY? Judges obey the written laws ratified by the people via votes if you want a law-abiding population. And NY insist on it!
3) And I also read that the "Snow Leopard' software of Apple is also deleting customer's info/data. Imagine how that could happen to a huge company like Apple Computers AND to google, AND to TMobile! All the same week! Could you spell c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t-s-u-p-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n via Hillary's Hackers on the job and Obama's hackers on the job? It is not an accident. Wake up nation, the communists are knocking at the door! The so-called 'accidental erasure' of your info is not an accident at all but carefully manipulated and controlled to try to suppress negative comments against Slick-Willy-Obama and evil-jezebel-Hillary, via abuse of the War Powers act and manipulation of the Pentagon's powers to seek and destroy computers. Which is also the method they use to crash planes that have dissidents on them.
/s/ Gloria Poole, as above, same place different time .
Oh, also I added some new sketches I did, to my sketches sites at:
http://gloriapoole.com/my-sketches/ and also to:
You might enjoy them.
Update after thinking on this some more:
About the Google-Apple-Tmobile cybercrime hacking by the U S Pentagon and the socialists in power in the U S:
Who was in the news lately about being summoned to the FCC [real meaning is Federal Control of who Communicates] office to give their records?
Was it Guess Who? Apple Computers. Google. TMobile. [as cell phone carrier].
Imagine that. How do you suppose the FCC decided which customers of those three that they were going to censor? Do you think they read the blogs and googled the names?
Did they see who opposes socialism plan takeover of America?
Did they see who calls Hillary a jezebel [the Bible word for women who kill to get power and didn't two men who knew too much about the Clintons get killed suddenly?]
Did they see who has information stored that might put Obama-Socialist in a bad light?
Did they get basic info or the whole nine yards on the customers of Apple Computers, Google, and TMobile?
Of course one of the reasons I like TMobile is because they are not afraid of Washington establishment and their 'security letters' to get info illegally.
I smell a skunk. Do you smell a skunk in the White House? Who abused powers of FCC to get the info then abused powers of the Pentagon to try to fry those computers to obliterate info that Slick_Willy_Obama and Jezebel_Hillary don't like?
/s/ gloriapoole
Update after seeing some of the Yahoo news photos including the new bomb developed on the watch of "Peace" Prize winner Obama delivering 5300 pounds of explosives:

Friday, October 09, 2009

What's the price tag of that Nobel;he brought no peace to US

In the NY Times today, are some op-ed pieces about whether the Supreme Court should allow graphic videos of 'crush' and injury in dog fights. I am reasonably sure what the wicked are more intent on suppressing are the 'truth trucks' that have graphic images of aborted babies pasted on the sides of truck; in order to roll through America, to show the truth about abortion. I do not think anyone in the prolife cause thinks the debate is really about dogs. Those who kill humans don't care about dogs!

And what I find especially appalling is the fact that a case about animals being tortured but apparently alive or in some cases alive but injured, makes it to the Supreme Court while human beings are crushed, decapitated, shredded in the womb, on a daily basis with no anesthesia and no sympathy whatsoever from the so-called " Supreme Court." I put that in quotes since GOD is Supreme Sovereign not the men and women who sit on that liberal ungodly Court.

When is the "Supreme Court" going to concern it self with whether or not there is any such right to kill, torture and maim HUMANS??
Do dogs vote? Do dogs pay taxes? Do dogs carry on the business of government? Do dogs run this country? Do dogs produce HUMANS?

It is wrong to torture, maim and kill but if is legal to do it, how could be it illegal to view it? What is the point of dog fights? Supposedly to "entertain" those with a sick, reprobate mind, similar to abortion. Is seeing it done somehow worst than doing it? To make the viewing of an act of premeditated violence whether against a human or an animal an illegal act but not the violence itself, does not that twist and pervert justice?
Maybe the entire concept of 'justice' in America is so twisted and perverted that the nation is already at the bottom of that 'slippery slope' so often referred too. An act so horrible that it cannot be viewed by anyone should be illegal and that include abortion.

But until that happens the more people who see the graphic images of how human beings are torn apart in abortion the more people will change and vote to outlaw it, and vote against those who vote for killing of innocents. It is similar to when those brave journalists in Nazi Germany crawled across barbed wire and photographed those dead, emaciated Jews gassed to death and thrown onto heaps,that the world thought "HEY, STOP that ' and did something about it. That is what will change the abortion horror also. And that is what the wicked are terrified of. All those who made millions off the blood, tissues and brains, gonads of tiny humans will go bankrupt, and the Congress that spinner of evil, would not have the billions in kickbacks and bribes, and under-the-table-'benefits' from BIG KILLING INDUSTRY-ABORTION.
Let the horrors that occur be shown in every detail in every place, so there is no deception about how evil America is as a nation.
Don't suppress the truth because it is ugly!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:34AM 9-Oct-2009
Update @ 1:57 PM after someone tried to steal my passwords through fraud this morning using guess what? Hacking into my cell phone but they didn't win :
I read some of those propaganda pieces about Obama 'getting' a Nobel prize for peace. And I have these questions:
1) How much of that TARP money did it cost him for that prize?
2) How much peace did he bring to the US where townhall meetings resembled the original tea party?
3) Was that the consolation prize after the rejection he received from the olympics?
4) How many fake scientist grants were involved in that?
5) How much money changed hands there?
6) What promises did he make to them ?
7) Was that why he went to Copenhagen-- to wheel and deal /bribe his way into Nobel?
8) How many tons of aborted babies flesh and bones were in the deal with the devil?
signed Gloria Poole , RN @ 2:02 PM, 9-Oct-2009, @Denver CO 80203/80206

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pray that GOD defeats Congress & Obama devils

I read in the news today how Congress is supposedly discussing making perverted reprobate people as more deserving of protection than heterosexual people. Of course we heterosexual christians know that is the reprobate activities of the evil sort of people of Barney Franks and Arlen Specter and their sodomite lobby. Pray that GOD defeats all of them and in such a spectacular way that they take their devil worship and leave Congress!
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Co 80203 @ 2:25 PM, 8-Oct-2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Cross Is Allowed by the Constitution--religious speech

This Cross is my original oil painting that I Gloria Poole painted @ Denver Colorado 80203. It is for obvious reasons to express religious intent.
In the news this morning of the NY Times is an article about the U S Supreme Court case involving a lone man challenging the 'right' of California to have a Cross on federally-owned properties. And the atheist spin of their op-ed piece is what comes through their article. I have a different point of view on this and it is very important to me as I am Christian and the Cross matters a whole lot to me.
The U S Constitution allows the Christian Cross, the Jewish Star of David, the Islamic Crescent, the prayer beads of Monks, --all religious symbols in the First Amendment that allows the people /citizens to liberty to worship GOD as they see proper, and to express/write about/talk about/publish their religious beliefs.
If the U S Supreme Court tries to suppress that religious expression then it is purposely trying to establish atheism as the 'official religion' of the United States and that would violate the establishment clause. Atheism is the denial that GOD exists and for a nation to adopt that as its official policy is ruinous to a nation because GOD said so. It is written,' blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD; and the people whom HE hath chosen for HIS own inheritance." {Psalms 33:12].
My second point is that the Congress and or the federal government own nothing. What is bought directly via government agents with taxpayers money appropriated by act of Congress collectively like buildings and or land belongs to the taxpayers not to the government. The taxpayers pay the debts of the government. The government has no money of its own. Therefore the land that is supposely owned by the taxpayers is property of the taxpayers and it should serve the purposes of the taxpayers. Therefore if the majority of taxpayers in California have not complained or opposed that Christian cross on display, why is a sole atheist given more authority in the law than millions of Christians? Why should the policies of one man who hates GOD be allowed to destroy California and the nation? Why should not that one man be made to 'tolerate' [that infamous word that perverts everywhere use when referencing their attempts to legalize sodomy and sin] Christianity ? Why should Christians be forced into catacombs and secretive worship to appease the devil?
The better solution other than denying the Christian Cross the very symbol of Christianity, is to allow all religious speech which is the intent of the First Amendment. Establishing secular [without GOD] humanistic [worship of humans] atheistic [haters of GOD] by declaration of the U S Supreme Court violating the laws [Amendments] of the people who ratified the First Amendment, in an effort to rule over/suppress religious speech and worship of GOD will destroy this nation.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 5:53AM, 7-Oct-2009
Update at 6:13 AM on different topic:
Also in the NY Times is a collection of writers who are suggesting reasons for why older workers are being laid off more so now. And an article on the 5th said that 15. + million people are out of work currently. The Obama policies are the engine of that, not the solution.The Obama-Democrat-socialist policies of government control of all decisions is causing panic among employers. Reading the news tells them that the socialist plan of government take-over of health care delivery is to force employers and citizesn to pay whatever premiums BIG INSURANCE demands; [whether adminstered by government or hired by government it is still a HUGE capture of most of the health care dollars if it succeeds.] The employers know that insurance premiums are set by actuarial studies and that the insurance companies have a century of data--numbers to crunch. Those actuarial tables are published info, and they state what has proved to be true. Some of those facts are that married heterosexual couples live longer than single men and women do. And that sodomy is dangerous to the life itself. And that abortions are fraught with medical risk on the short term [death from anesthesia, and puntured innards, and the long term* [sterilization by surgery leading to later wanting IVF or substitute mothers that they want insurance to pay for]*. And that people in their 60's are more likely to need health care than people in their twenty's. And that when people need health care and the bills are actually paid,the 'pot of money' or envelope of money, or account of money is depleted, and the premiums go up. That is why older workers and all workers are being laid off. The employers do not want to be extorted more money from their profits to pay for health insurance or risk even higher punitive fines and damages and ruinous expenses to their businesses. The plan to mandate more expenses to the business owners causes them all to have to assess who is critical to the success of their companies and who is not. It's a no-brainer but then if you put all the brain-power of all the Congress together it would not equal much. They have coalesced into group-think and seldom think independently but as they are told by their "Party bosses." Puppets would be a better description of the present Congress [except that 'you lie' Congressman Wilson] than representatives of the people.
*Footnote, I wanted to clarify that I am ALWAYS opposed to abortion and to sodomy since GOD said those are abomination to HIM. Also that I am always opposed to any plan that has the government force behind that has the intent of annihilating humans. The builtins for that plan would legislate euthanasia bypassing the Constitution's written right to life [Amendment] in a sneaky, underhanded, double-speak way. The evil that always results from government plans that decide who gets the skills of medical doctors and who gets 2 yr trained Physicians Assistants instead of real medical doctors, is not hidden from Congress. The fact that they want to deceive the nation, is made obvious by their plan to exempt themselves from the plan they devise 'for the people.'
Also this quote from a BBC article this morning discussing how Asia perceives euthanasia : "Your life is part of the family. Even if you want to die, your family would not let you die.

"You are part of the family. If you die there's a consequence to your family, to the people around you," says Dr Kwok."

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Treachery & deceit of Congress-Obama "reform' fraud

I am appalled at how low Obama will stoop to deceive the nation. Those bit players shown with Obama in the op-ed piece of propaganda were hired wannabee actors and actresses as props to Obama were just that--hired people to use as props. I know that because of these :
1) REAL medical doctors do not wear their lab coats in public settings. It violates all the reasons for a lab coat [which is to protect the patients from germs that might attach themselves to the doctor's apparel on the way into the hospital or lab.]
2) Real medical doctors do not politick in person but through their collective bargaining unit which is the American Medical Association.
3) Real medical doctors do not support socialized medicine.
4) Real medical doctors do not want the government telling them how to practice medicine.
5) Real medical doctors do not have time on their schedules to go to an op-ed for political purposes.
6) Real medical doctors are not very political at all, and many of them [those in rural areas and underserved populations] barely read the news much less get actively involved in it. They have all they could do to see to each day's patient lists and each days set of problems.
7) Real Medical doctors would be chastised for appearing in such a facade of political intent, and they would be chastised for wearing their lab coats in public. All bona-fide medical professionals are taught early on not to do that. Lab coats, scrub attire for operating rooms are NOT to be worn in public ever.
Obama is a shameful bunch of lies and hooey to the nation.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist in oils, @ Denver Co 80203, @ 7:26AM-6-Oct-2009
This update after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal, and I quote from it here and encourage you to read the entire article:
"Jack Lewin, who heads the American College of Cardiology, said in an interview that the crackdown will cause "a horrible disruption" that will force many community and independent practices to close their doors, lay off staff or make senior patients wait days or weeks for tests and services."
And also:
"And this change is applied to all expensive equipment, not just MRIs and CTs, so payments for antitumor radiation therapy will fall by up to 44%. The American Society for Radiation Oncology says it "will have a devastating effect on cancer patients' access to care."
and also:
"Dr. Lewin told us that both HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and budget director Peter Orszag refuse to meet with him to discuss the topic."
and also:
"If Democrats are going to stomp on specialists, they should at least be open about it. Then again, all Americans might take a different view of health-care "reform" if they understood that it means snuffing out the best medicine."
This from article in the Wall Street Journal online today at:
10:54 AM 10/6/2009

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Obama Prostituted the Presidency for Nothing

I am sure the entire world saw that look of contempt that Mrs Obama gave Mr Obama as it was on the front page of the NY Times. Obama prostituted the Presidency of this nation by turning himself into just another cheerleader for a sports event. Nothing special. He rolled the dice like all gamblers do [and I don't gamble --it is a figure of speech] and threw the weight of the U S Presidency behind his bid to make a TV production of games the top agenda of the United States. And he got a smack down big time!

The world realized that he is not of the caliber of a President. Did any President ever before squander the nations' trust so absolutely completely as to fly to another capitol to market the olympics which are after all celebrations of false gods of zeus? Did another President at the height of one of the biggest tugs of war of this nation --the issue to socialize or not--take off for a sightseeing tour and a cheerleader role for other nations? It is humiliating and degrading! Prostituting the Presidency! Shame and disgrace on this nation, and the world knew it and so did Mrs Obama!
And so do I.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203, @ 5:11 PM, 3-Oct 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

$15 BILLION in new taxes planned by Senate

"I think this is the worst idea in an ocean of bad ideas," said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). Making it harder to deduct medical bills "would badly hurt millions of Americans who are already struggling with medical expenses." Quote from article in the Washington Post today about Obamites plan to cause taxpayers to pay in $15 BILLION more in taxes. Article is entitled,"Senate Panel Expects to Finish Thursday on Health Care Bill" written by Lon Montgomery and Ceci Connolly, for the Washington Post.
10:53 AM 10/1/2009

Here is the so-called plan to provide fake insurance to the 30 million that don't have it supposedly. The plan that will costs $900 BILLION to insure 30 million means that if they paid for their health care directly instead of through insurance it would only costs the U S taxpayers 30 Billion or less since no one has a medical bill of $1 billion each. To provide that fake insurance and reform the present situation to kill off the populations is a bargain the Obamaites think since it will cost 900 BILLION instead of the usual and customary fees for medical attention. Of course we all knew that the so-called 'reform' bill has NOTHING whatsoever to do with providing any meaningful health care to anybody and in fact, is planning to take away services already existing in the Medicare and Medicaid plans for the excessively poor and the elderly. The reform bill does not reform the delivery of health care but is an attempt to rewrite the underlying foundation of America, which is the U S Constitution. It is bad medicine every way you look at it.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203, @ 11:01AM -1-Oct-2009