Saturday, October 03, 2009

Obama Prostituted the Presidency for Nothing

I am sure the entire world saw that look of contempt that Mrs Obama gave Mr Obama as it was on the front page of the NY Times. Obama prostituted the Presidency of this nation by turning himself into just another cheerleader for a sports event. Nothing special. He rolled the dice like all gamblers do [and I don't gamble --it is a figure of speech] and threw the weight of the U S Presidency behind his bid to make a TV production of games the top agenda of the United States. And he got a smack down big time!

The world realized that he is not of the caliber of a President. Did any President ever before squander the nations' trust so absolutely completely as to fly to another capitol to market the olympics which are after all celebrations of false gods of zeus? Did another President at the height of one of the biggest tugs of war of this nation --the issue to socialize or not--take off for a sightseeing tour and a cheerleader role for other nations? It is humiliating and degrading! Prostituting the Presidency! Shame and disgrace on this nation, and the world knew it and so did Mrs Obama!
And so do I.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203, @ 5:11 PM, 3-Oct 2009


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