Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel Political Prize for New Socialist Dictator

About the Nobel Prize for what they term 'peace' if you look at who it was awarded too, you know what it was awarded for. It went to three DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTS, so it has become the plum of Democratic Socialists. Those who have the biggest plan to turn America from the U S Constitution and to the regimes of the Fascists, Socialists, and Communists [all varying shades of totalitarian governments] get the Socialist prize.

Those wicked people who plan to kill the most citizens at their tiniest most defenseless i.e. in the womb, and lay a plan to do that, get the so-called 'peace' prize for making peace with the baby-killing-establishments. The Political 'peace' prize of the socialist nations stands for:
P= Political
E= Ends
A= achieving
C= communist
E= environment

It does not bode well for America to have had three Presidents so labeled. Has the geniune American male vanished from the earth? IS all that is left 'mama's boys" whose mamas think for them, act for them, pay their bills for them, and allow them to live at home til their eighty's? Are there any real men in the world who didn't grow up on welfare, who did marry the women they loved, and provide for them? Who did take responsibility for themselves and their wives and offspring? Is there any person in America who cares what happens to the nation or are all of them just basking in the limelight of black power?

It grieves my heart that the U S Congress has no integrity. It grieves my heart that they are laying a plan to destroy surreptiously every person who loves GOD and who adheres to the words of GOD. It grieves my heart that such evil is the norm in Washington District of Columbia [ The District] where the nations' representatives were sent to represent the good people; but the slick politichek, and politboro and KGB, abusing its powers and manipulating votes, and computers around the world, are planning to put into place a very evil plan to kill off human babies, and the elderly, sick, handicapped through lack of medical attention, and stealing of the monies rightfully due to them because of wages paid into a 'system' . I know for certain however, that GOD is still GOD and HE is not impressed with slick-Willy-Obama and that HE is not persuaded that the plans of evil men are good. In fact, it is written not to call evil good or good evil, that doing either of those is abomination to THE GOD. Evil must not be disguised but it must be seen as the evil it is, if it is to be avoided.
Slick-Willy-Obama is not good for America. Remember the people of Germany also voted Hitler into power, and for many years, they also basked in his power,and for many years they attended his lavish parties and photo-ops; and they made excuses for him, and they covered his tracks in the press there. But for GOD, who raised up honest people from other nations who saw the truth and photographed it, and sent it round the world.
The fact that the socialist panel of socialist seeking big money from socialists with lots of taxpayers gave that political label to a man losing admiration in his own nation, losing the vote of confidence of the Congress, losing the confidence of most people, was a calculated move by the socialist nations. It is not impressive to those who know that all so-called 'science' in America is suspect, since they chop/slice/dice humans to make human mash to study on agar plates. It is not impressive to those of us including me, who live by, adhere to the Commandments of GOD, who wrote in stone,'thou shalt not kill'. It is not impressive to the prolifers whatsoever! Obama's only 'achievement' is trying to undo the conscience clause for health care providers and providing a $100 MILLION of US taxpayers monies to seek out and destroy those in the womb in other nations, and the U S also.
This nation is made up of a whole lot of educated fools--fools educated by the socialist party in socialist schools.
The Congress should be focusing on how they are going to continue the nation, but their plans will destroy it.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N., and artist in oils, inks, watercolors, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera, acrylics, --all artist mediums; and writer, photographer for the glory of GOD also. Denver Colorado 80203; @ 6:21 AM,mountain time, 13-Oct-2009;
Update at 7:33 AM for these reasons:
1 ) I worried I would confuse my readers. I am not any one's employee but I was for more than 25 years when I worked as Registered Nurse in hospitals and Peer Review, etc. What I was referring too, is that the 'system' in Colorado railroaded me into moving to a semi-commune because they did not want to pay me the Victim's Comp money that is rightfully mine.Then after demanding way more information than they needed to determine [since 3 Judges had already ruled in my favor] they abused their powers, and stole benefits payable to me for a year. And the 'manager' of the DHA building forged my signature to a document. But a higher up manager at DHA told me about it, and I have a copy of it. But when I protested that as illegal and very upsetting to me they started trying to strong-arm me to get more of my confidential info. But I would not give it to them, and elected to move rather than live among socialists intent on destroying me.
2) Also,after reading the NY Times article today about how NY Court is considering whether to write their own set of 'laws' in contrast to what the people of NY voted on, regarding whether homosexuals are "entitled" to the privileges of marriage, because Canada allowed that. The Constitutions of states do not lawfully allow Judges to make law in any state. Those who try to legislate from the bench are communists. And they should not be allowed to do that. Any state has the authority and so does Congress, to impeach Judges who do not obey the written laws. If Judges do not obey the written laws, then a state of anarchy exists because the people have no way of knowing what the laws are, if they are decided case by case depending upon who is hearing the case. The law is supposed to be the same for all people. If the citizens of NY voted against benefits for homosexuals, then the Judges there have no authority to overturn the voters' decisions. That case is really about is communism-->fascism-->socialism [the spectrum from totally oppressive to less oppressive--to 'mild' salsa form of communism= socialism] the law of this land and or NY? Judges obey the written laws ratified by the people via votes if you want a law-abiding population. And NY insist on it!
3) And I also read that the "Snow Leopard' software of Apple is also deleting customer's info/data. Imagine how that could happen to a huge company like Apple Computers AND to google, AND to TMobile! All the same week! Could you spell c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t-s-u-p-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n via Hillary's Hackers on the job and Obama's hackers on the job? It is not an accident. Wake up nation, the communists are knocking at the door! The so-called 'accidental erasure' of your info is not an accident at all but carefully manipulated and controlled to try to suppress negative comments against Slick-Willy-Obama and evil-jezebel-Hillary, via abuse of the War Powers act and manipulation of the Pentagon's powers to seek and destroy computers. Which is also the method they use to crash planes that have dissidents on them.
/s/ Gloria Poole, as above, same place different time .
Oh, also I added some new sketches I did, to my sketches sites at:
http://gloriapoole.com/my-sketches/ and also to:
You might enjoy them.
Update after thinking on this some more:
About the Google-Apple-Tmobile cybercrime hacking by the U S Pentagon and the socialists in power in the U S:
Who was in the news lately about being summoned to the FCC [real meaning is Federal Control of who Communicates] office to give their records?
Was it Guess Who? Apple Computers. Google. TMobile. [as cell phone carrier].
Imagine that. How do you suppose the FCC decided which customers of those three that they were going to censor? Do you think they read the blogs and googled the names?
Did they see who opposes socialism plan takeover of America?
Did they see who calls Hillary a jezebel [the Bible word for women who kill to get power and didn't two men who knew too much about the Clintons get killed suddenly?]
Did they see who has information stored that might put Obama-Socialist in a bad light?
Did they get basic info or the whole nine yards on the customers of Apple Computers, Google, and TMobile?
Of course one of the reasons I like TMobile is because they are not afraid of Washington establishment and their 'security letters' to get info illegally.
I smell a skunk. Do you smell a skunk in the White House? Who abused powers of FCC to get the info then abused powers of the Pentagon to try to fry those computers to obliterate info that Slick_Willy_Obama and Jezebel_Hillary don't like?
/s/ gloriapoole
Update after seeing some of the Yahoo news photos including the new bomb developed on the watch of "Peace" Prize winner Obama delivering 5300 pounds of explosives:


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