Friday, October 09, 2009

What's the price tag of that Nobel;he brought no peace to US

In the NY Times today, are some op-ed pieces about whether the Supreme Court should allow graphic videos of 'crush' and injury in dog fights. I am reasonably sure what the wicked are more intent on suppressing are the 'truth trucks' that have graphic images of aborted babies pasted on the sides of truck; in order to roll through America, to show the truth about abortion. I do not think anyone in the prolife cause thinks the debate is really about dogs. Those who kill humans don't care about dogs!

And what I find especially appalling is the fact that a case about animals being tortured but apparently alive or in some cases alive but injured, makes it to the Supreme Court while human beings are crushed, decapitated, shredded in the womb, on a daily basis with no anesthesia and no sympathy whatsoever from the so-called " Supreme Court." I put that in quotes since GOD is Supreme Sovereign not the men and women who sit on that liberal ungodly Court.

When is the "Supreme Court" going to concern it self with whether or not there is any such right to kill, torture and maim HUMANS??
Do dogs vote? Do dogs pay taxes? Do dogs carry on the business of government? Do dogs run this country? Do dogs produce HUMANS?

It is wrong to torture, maim and kill but if is legal to do it, how could be it illegal to view it? What is the point of dog fights? Supposedly to "entertain" those with a sick, reprobate mind, similar to abortion. Is seeing it done somehow worst than doing it? To make the viewing of an act of premeditated violence whether against a human or an animal an illegal act but not the violence itself, does not that twist and pervert justice?
Maybe the entire concept of 'justice' in America is so twisted and perverted that the nation is already at the bottom of that 'slippery slope' so often referred too. An act so horrible that it cannot be viewed by anyone should be illegal and that include abortion.

But until that happens the more people who see the graphic images of how human beings are torn apart in abortion the more people will change and vote to outlaw it, and vote against those who vote for killing of innocents. It is similar to when those brave journalists in Nazi Germany crawled across barbed wire and photographed those dead, emaciated Jews gassed to death and thrown onto heaps,that the world thought "HEY, STOP that ' and did something about it. That is what will change the abortion horror also. And that is what the wicked are terrified of. All those who made millions off the blood, tissues and brains, gonads of tiny humans will go bankrupt, and the Congress that spinner of evil, would not have the billions in kickbacks and bribes, and under-the-table-'benefits' from BIG KILLING INDUSTRY-ABORTION.
Let the horrors that occur be shown in every detail in every place, so there is no deception about how evil America is as a nation.
Don't suppress the truth because it is ugly!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:34AM 9-Oct-2009
Update @ 1:57 PM after someone tried to steal my passwords through fraud this morning using guess what? Hacking into my cell phone but they didn't win :
I read some of those propaganda pieces about Obama 'getting' a Nobel prize for peace. And I have these questions:
1) How much of that TARP money did it cost him for that prize?
2) How much peace did he bring to the US where townhall meetings resembled the original tea party?
3) Was that the consolation prize after the rejection he received from the olympics?
4) How many fake scientist grants were involved in that?
5) How much money changed hands there?
6) What promises did he make to them ?
7) Was that why he went to Copenhagen-- to wheel and deal /bribe his way into Nobel?
8) How many tons of aborted babies flesh and bones were in the deal with the devil?
signed Gloria Poole , RN @ 2:02 PM, 9-Oct-2009, @Denver CO 80203/80206


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