Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disobey Brainwashing, Vote Prolife, Obey GOD

I ask you to read this website that I just finished making on the topic of civil disobedience to wicked laws and how propaganda has been used to brainwash the US:

Remember that GOD wrote the Commandments in stone for a reason, and the commandment that is most relevant to the debates about who should be President is "thou shalt not kill" either the nation or the nations' unborn/preborn humans.

I am back in Denver after visiting my two daughters in other States and I am writing again on the topic that better exist first and foremost in your mind as you consider whom to vote for, in the coming Presidential election and the state elections also. That topic is how does a nation that kills off its offspring by the millions,hope to survive? If the US and the UK and the EU nations continue on the path of aborting their offspring, the Arabic people and the Hispanic peoples will rule the world by default. They will be the only groups with the numbers of people who pay taxes and think for themselves left on the planet unless the so-called 'first world" nations turn around and go in the other direction of encouraging, allowing, promoting human life to be born, and creating public laws that prosecute those who kill innocents.

Also I ask you to pray without ceasing for this election in November because it is a turning point in a very crucial way in America. The US cannot 'afford' a President determined to annihilate the US! [Killing off future generations in abortuaries is morally equivalent to gassing the Jews in what was Nazi Germany.]
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Int'l Sport=ripping off 'rich' societies??

Today in the BBC news there is an article about a "teenager" who knowingly, willfully helped defraud people of MILLIONS of dollars drawn from their bank accounts via computers that were part of "botnet" of crime, and the charges were dropped because the Judge did not want to ruin his life! Where is it written that defrauding millions of people should not have serious punishment to it? The so-called "teenager" is eighteen years old, widely believed in most places of the world, to be a MAN by that age. Eighteen year olds go to war in the US, and in nearly every country of the world, yet when the liberal courts are talking punishment suddenly an eighteen year old becomes a "teenager". Deliberate skewing of terms by those in liberal courts who only "prosecuted" him so they could seize the wealth he gained from his crimes.Of course, they said he agreed to "turn over" the gains, a plea bargain in other words. I hate those ! If a crime is a crime then it should be punished the same way for all people, whether men or women, whatever their ages. The age of majority is eighteen in most of the "first world nations" and I am reasonably sure it is even earlier than that in the nations where tribal customs exist, because those societies certainly do not wait til a man gets eighteen before initiating him into manhood.
I want you to read that article and you could find it here:
The reason it is so significant is because US banks and mortgage companies and also France's Societe General, and also one of the biggest banks of the UK, have lost TRILLIONS of dollars via internet crime, as is described in the article I am talking about. If the nations of the world do not intend to prosecute those who rip off citizens because they did it so successfully [hundreds of millions stolen ] and not petty amounts, then should ANY financial institution have any accounts on line? Is it not prudent NOT to put your customer's assets at risk? Is it not prudent NOT to subject your bank vault to being vaccuumed out by "teenagers" who willfully, intentionally,knowingly defraud the bank, its customers, people who saved all their lives to accumulate every a tiny 'nest egg', people who live so frugally that they question a "luxury" like a cold soft drink on a sweltering day, in order that they might have some way of helping their children in time to come? If eighteen years are not prosecuted for this crime of theft by taking identities, embezzlement, cybercrime, theft by conversion of actual money, profiteering, [racketeering] and defrauding millions around the world, then is the internet safe for transacting business of any kind? Only one crime ring has successfully managed to pull off one of the biggest heists in history and yet no punishment because the Judge does not want him to have a record to spoil his future as a criminal?? Get a life NEW ZEALAND! The US dollars, and the UK pounds, and the French Euro are not there for the taking by your nation through government controlled 'netbot's to siphon money into New Zealand. Punish crime, please for the sake of all nations ! And all people. And do you actually think the criminal is going to be deterred by what you did? He is laughing all the way to the bank about how he made a fool out of you.
That concept was unknown to me until my then -husband told me that a criminal* who makes millions in crime is not deterred whatsover by big fines or fees and considers it the "cost of doing business" . NZ Judge you have set that so-called teenager on the path to destruction by not reining him in! Shame on you!

*I am sure he knows of what he speaks being a 25 year long criminal.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

NYTIMES:It's the dems spying; not the Republicans

NY Times, I read your opinion piece today at:
and I have these comments to make:
1) I am Republican yet I have endured spying on my computer desktop, hacking into four different computers of mine, and illegal efforts to censor my religious and political speech because I protest the demoncrats. I don't protest the Republicans --they don't spy on me. It is the wicked dems in Congress namely Nancy Pelosi, wicked catholic, Ted Kennedy wicked catholic, wicked catholic so-called church of Denver, that has caused much chaos in my life. The Socialist Party a/ka/ democrats have always spied on their citizens! Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Krushchev did it, John Kennedy did it, Ted Kennedy does it and so does that vile Nancy Pelosi who being blessed with grandchildren of her own, even votes to kill other people's children and grandchildren in the womb. I have endured having my new computer 'networked" against my will with guess who? The catholic staff of this building I live in and the catholic staff that runs Office Depot in the shadow practically of the Denver 'arch" devil oops arch-diocese.
2) Why is that the dems NEVER admit their sins or their evil? Why is that the concept of evil completely eludes them? Could it be that they have no conscience? That they are psychopathic personalities? Could it be that they NEVER once in their lives heard the Commandments of GOD ? What? Attending that phony church never taught even once that it is wrong to kill, wrong to steal, wrong for theft by conversion? In all their years being what they call "good catholics' they never once heard the commandments of GOD against adultery, against killing, against stealing, against deceit and treachery, against dishonoring GOD?
3) Why do you the NY TIMES insist it is Pres Bush spying when there is no evidence in my record of events of the Republicans spying on me? Indeed, the damage, the broken pieces of bone in my ankle, and fibula, the nearly broken head, the loss of a 3 bedroom household full of furniture, belongings, art works, silver, crystal, etc,that belonged to me before my second marriage was because of DEMONCRATS--> the one I was married too,[now divorced and praise GOD for that!] the one lawyer he hired at $1500/ hr to convince the Demoncratic judge that he was too poor to support a wife AND buy his fix of coc-aine; and the democratic judge who thought me being white and christian and Republican I could not possibly have owned anything before I met that vile devil of that second husband now ex-husband. The hacking into my computers X 4 is not from the Republicans but from the catholic demoncrats who have their plants on the US Supreme Court, and in the US Dept of Justice [see for yesterday's entry] and in Congress, and in Denver, {Governor is notorious catholic and so is most of the wicked in high places]/
I have documented more events about the demoncrats spying on me today at these sites of mine:

I sign my true and legal name, Gloria Poole, RN and a/k/a on the web as "gloriapoole".

Monday, July 07, 2008

Read intelligent argument for Personhood of Preborn

Here are my words as a Registered Nurse of long career and much education that the Rocky Mountain News censored from me adding to the article today about Personhood, but they did allow ignorant prodeathers people to comment on. The RMN exercised prior restraint against me because they know I am prolife thus violating my First Amendment liberties, and after I had signed in and changed my password to assure them it my account and my words.If I sue them this will stand as evidence in Court against them for violating the US Constitution and First Amendment. Quoting myself:
Personhood status for all humans with human DNA is an essential
element IF the US intends to be: perceived as honest, perceived as
intelligent [since it is established medical fact that humans with
human DNA are HUMAN], and perceived as just and capable of leadership in the world. It is absolutely the right thing to do and even the Roe decision stated the obvious fact that if [and when] humans were determined to be human from the moment of fertilization then the 14th Amendment would automatically cover their right to life. It was only through deception and manipulation of stats, [which any Statistics 101 student could tell you is very easy to do] that the US Supreme Court was persuaded to categorize unborn/preborn humans as a class in the same mold that they had previously cast black people [in the Dred Scott infamous decision that 'legalized' slavery] and also the American Indians as "non-persons" for legal purposes. Or that decision was "bought" by bribes and kickbacks but either way it was a terrible decision with no legal precedent in either US law or the British common law that was the foundation of the US Code of law.
'Personhood' is a legal term. However, in reality it is a moral designation setting apart those created by GOD in the womb of a human woman
from the seed of a human man, from the animals. The law of the
species as it is called in genetics is that each species reproduces it's own kind. In other words, humans create HUMANS, not dogs or cats, or cabbage plants. Those tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb must be saved from annihilation whether they consist of one human cell that is mobile, ingests nutrition, excretes wastes, moves up the fallopian tubes to the uterus in the case of women or down the urethra in case of men [via sperm ejaculation] to create a new human.
The nation that allows the premeditated, deliberate, planned annihilation of its future is not only stupid but evil.
There are some facts that have already become very obvious:
1) the prodeathers will die out, leaving behind those smart enough to
reproduce themselves.
2) the nation that has more prodeathers than prolifers will self-extinquish.
3) the nations that reproduce themselves [the Arabic, and Hispanic]
will conquer and rule the world, by longevity and endurance.
4)Those who sin by premeditated deliberate killing of innocents will
stand before GOD on HIS judgement Day and they will give an account
before HIM before HE casts them into the pit of fire that burns eternally.
This is warned about extensively in the Holy Bible and you should read
the book of Revelation for the prophecy of how that will happen, and
how believers and those obedient and repentant of their sins will be
allowed into heaven to live eternally with GOD. GOD does not allow
sin into heaven.
5) The Racketeering Laws [RICO Act] should be applied with the 'full faith and
credit clause ' of the US against the racket/organized crime that perpetuates the deliberate killing, shredding, chopping, dicing, and exploiting innocent humans; and the abortuaries should be closed down today if possible. Those guilty of crimes against humanity including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis of Ga, Claire McCaskill of Mo, and ALL the wicked including Lambert of Co,and Barack Obama,who vote for and enable the killing, slicing, shredding,dicing, chopping of humans should be tried and hanged.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist
9:27 AM 7/7/2008

Friday, July 04, 2008

Words of wisdom; and Thanks to French President

This is without a doubt the best and funniest quote I have ever read in the Denver Post regarding the fiasco of a woman singing her Promo Song instead of the national anthem at the State of the City address in Denver about 3 days ago. Quoting the comments on the Denver Post today, July 4th:

"Cowboy63 writes:

Democrats can't even get the national anthem right and they think they can run the country?

I loved the line in the article that says she "probably wouldn't be invited back"!! No one takes democrats seriously - that's why she felt she could get away with this high school stupidity.

I'll take McCain" [end quote]

I love the first sentence of this quote and want to thank whom ever wrote it. The Denver Post does not allow me to comment on their 'news' because I am prolife! Therefore I am adding it here. I feel sorry for "Hick" Mayor of Denver because it seems he was duped,when he trusted a democrat to sing the National Anthem. I am testimony that the democrats have no concept of honesty or moral behaviour. Furthermore, I don't think the Dems know the National Anthem, or acknowledge it because it was written by a person who believed in GOD and was saved by GOD in the midst of a battle. Not the so-called 'values' of the dems as they so often tell the nation.

Also, while I am writing today on July 4th, and still living in Denver Co 80203, I want to thank France's President for his part in rescuing French-Columbian Ms Betancourt, and the genius of that rescue. I know the world is thrilled by the way they were rescued including the 3 Americans; and miraculously without bloodshed. Also her quote in the BBC says it all, when she said that morning, not knowing of the rescue she placed her life in the 'hands of GOD." That was the turning point I am certain and probably precisely why it was as smooth as silk. Thank you President Sarkozy [?spelling] of France and Ms Betancourt for your testimony about GOD.
/s/ gloria