Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Disobey Brainwashing, Vote Prolife, Obey GOD

I ask you to read this website that I just finished making on the topic of civil disobedience to wicked laws and how propaganda has been used to brainwash the US:

Remember that GOD wrote the Commandments in stone for a reason, and the commandment that is most relevant to the debates about who should be President is "thou shalt not kill" either the nation or the nations' unborn/preborn humans.

I am back in Denver after visiting my two daughters in other States and I am writing again on the topic that better exist first and foremost in your mind as you consider whom to vote for, in the coming Presidential election and the state elections also. That topic is how does a nation that kills off its offspring by the millions,hope to survive? If the US and the UK and the EU nations continue on the path of aborting their offspring, the Arabic people and the Hispanic peoples will rule the world by default. They will be the only groups with the numbers of people who pay taxes and think for themselves left on the planet unless the so-called 'first world" nations turn around and go in the other direction of encouraging, allowing, promoting human life to be born, and creating public laws that prosecute those who kill innocents.

Also I ask you to pray without ceasing for this election in November because it is a turning point in a very crucial way in America. The US cannot 'afford' a President determined to annihilate the US! [Killing off future generations in abortuaries is morally equivalent to gassing the Jews in what was Nazi Germany.]
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist


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