Friday, July 04, 2008

Words of wisdom; and Thanks to French President

This is without a doubt the best and funniest quote I have ever read in the Denver Post regarding the fiasco of a woman singing her Promo Song instead of the national anthem at the State of the City address in Denver about 3 days ago. Quoting the comments on the Denver Post today, July 4th:

"Cowboy63 writes:

Democrats can't even get the national anthem right and they think they can run the country?

I loved the line in the article that says she "probably wouldn't be invited back"!! No one takes democrats seriously - that's why she felt she could get away with this high school stupidity.

I'll take McCain" [end quote]

I love the first sentence of this quote and want to thank whom ever wrote it. The Denver Post does not allow me to comment on their 'news' because I am prolife! Therefore I am adding it here. I feel sorry for "Hick" Mayor of Denver because it seems he was duped,when he trusted a democrat to sing the National Anthem. I am testimony that the democrats have no concept of honesty or moral behaviour. Furthermore, I don't think the Dems know the National Anthem, or acknowledge it because it was written by a person who believed in GOD and was saved by GOD in the midst of a battle. Not the so-called 'values' of the dems as they so often tell the nation.

Also, while I am writing today on July 4th, and still living in Denver Co 80203, I want to thank France's President for his part in rescuing French-Columbian Ms Betancourt, and the genius of that rescue. I know the world is thrilled by the way they were rescued including the 3 Americans; and miraculously without bloodshed. Also her quote in the BBC says it all, when she said that morning, not knowing of the rescue she placed her life in the 'hands of GOD." That was the turning point I am certain and probably precisely why it was as smooth as silk. Thank you President Sarkozy [?spelling] of France and Ms Betancourt for your testimony about GOD.
/s/ gloria


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