Tuesday, July 08, 2008

NYTIMES:It's the dems spying; not the Republicans

NY Times, I read your opinion piece today at:
and I have these comments to make:
1) I am Republican yet I have endured spying on my computer desktop, hacking into four different computers of mine, and illegal efforts to censor my religious and political speech because I protest the demoncrats. I don't protest the Republicans --they don't spy on me. It is the wicked dems in Congress namely Nancy Pelosi, wicked catholic, Ted Kennedy wicked catholic, wicked catholic so-called church of Denver, that has caused much chaos in my life. The Socialist Party a/ka/ democrats have always spied on their citizens! Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Krushchev did it, John Kennedy did it, Ted Kennedy does it and so does that vile Nancy Pelosi who being blessed with grandchildren of her own, even votes to kill other people's children and grandchildren in the womb. I have endured having my new computer 'networked" against my will with guess who? The catholic staff of this building I live in and the catholic staff that runs Office Depot in the shadow practically of the Denver 'arch" devil oops arch-diocese.
2) Why is that the dems NEVER admit their sins or their evil? Why is that the concept of evil completely eludes them? Could it be that they have no conscience? That they are psychopathic personalities? Could it be that they NEVER once in their lives heard the Commandments of GOD ? What? Attending that phony church never taught even once that it is wrong to kill, wrong to steal, wrong for theft by conversion? In all their years being what they call "good catholics' they never once heard the commandments of GOD against adultery, against killing, against stealing, against deceit and treachery, against dishonoring GOD?
3) Why do you the NY TIMES insist it is Pres Bush spying when there is no evidence in my record of events of the Republicans spying on me? Indeed, the damage, the broken pieces of bone in my ankle, and fibula, the nearly broken head, the loss of a 3 bedroom household full of furniture, belongings, art works, silver, crystal, etc,that belonged to me before my second marriage was because of DEMONCRATS--> the one I was married too,[now divorced and praise GOD for that!] the one lawyer he hired at $1500/ hr to convince the Demoncratic judge that he was too poor to support a wife AND buy his fix of coc-aine; and the democratic judge who thought me being white and christian and Republican I could not possibly have owned anything before I met that vile devil of that second husband now ex-husband. The hacking into my computers X 4 is not from the Republicans but from the catholic demoncrats who have their plants on the US Supreme Court, and in the US Dept of Justice [see http://lifemedia-publishing.name for yesterday's entry] and in Congress, and in Denver, {Governor is notorious catholic and so is most of the wicked in high places]/
I have documented more events about the demoncrats spying on me today at these sites of mine:

I sign my true and legal name, Gloria Poole, RN and a/k/a on the web as "gloriapoole".


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