Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Int'l Sport=ripping off 'rich' societies??

Today in the BBC news there is an article about a "teenager" who knowingly, willfully helped defraud people of MILLIONS of dollars drawn from their bank accounts via computers that were part of "botnet" of crime, and the charges were dropped because the Judge did not want to ruin his life! Where is it written that defrauding millions of people should not have serious punishment to it? The so-called "teenager" is eighteen years old, widely believed in most places of the world, to be a MAN by that age. Eighteen year olds go to war in the US, and in nearly every country of the world, yet when the liberal courts are talking punishment suddenly an eighteen year old becomes a "teenager". Deliberate skewing of terms by those in liberal courts who only "prosecuted" him so they could seize the wealth he gained from his crimes.Of course, they said he agreed to "turn over" the gains, a plea bargain in other words. I hate those ! If a crime is a crime then it should be punished the same way for all people, whether men or women, whatever their ages. The age of majority is eighteen in most of the "first world nations" and I am reasonably sure it is even earlier than that in the nations where tribal customs exist, because those societies certainly do not wait til a man gets eighteen before initiating him into manhood.
I want you to read that article and you could find it here:
The reason it is so significant is because US banks and mortgage companies and also France's Societe General, and also one of the biggest banks of the UK, have lost TRILLIONS of dollars via internet crime, as is described in the article I am talking about. If the nations of the world do not intend to prosecute those who rip off citizens because they did it so successfully [hundreds of millions stolen ] and not petty amounts, then should ANY financial institution have any accounts on line? Is it not prudent NOT to put your customer's assets at risk? Is it not prudent NOT to subject your bank vault to being vaccuumed out by "teenagers" who willfully, intentionally,knowingly defraud the bank, its customers, people who saved all their lives to accumulate every a tiny 'nest egg', people who live so frugally that they question a "luxury" like a cold soft drink on a sweltering day, in order that they might have some way of helping their children in time to come? If eighteen years are not prosecuted for this crime of theft by taking identities, embezzlement, cybercrime, theft by conversion of actual money, profiteering, [racketeering] and defrauding millions around the world, then is the internet safe for transacting business of any kind? Only one crime ring has successfully managed to pull off one of the biggest heists in history and yet no punishment because the Judge does not want him to have a record to spoil his future as a criminal?? Get a life NEW ZEALAND! The US dollars, and the UK pounds, and the French Euro are not there for the taking by your nation through government controlled 'netbot's to siphon money into New Zealand. Punish crime, please for the sake of all nations ! And all people. And do you actually think the criminal is going to be deterred by what you did? He is laughing all the way to the bank about how he made a fool out of you.
That concept was unknown to me until my then -husband told me that a criminal* who makes millions in crime is not deterred whatsover by big fines or fees and considers it the "cost of doing business" . NZ Judge you have set that so-called teenager on the path to destruction by not reining him in! Shame on you!

*I am sure he knows of what he speaks being a 25 year long criminal.


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