Saturday, August 26, 2006

Complaining re: BIG PHARMA & censorship

This is the message that Yahoo Message Board blacked out and refused to post on their Message Board today in response to their article about the Pharmaceutical companies paying for the ads to lobby the Congress to buy drugs for the elderly as part of their Medicare:

[quoting my own words:]

Any person who has the ability to think and reason, living on the continent of the US, could not possibly be unaware of the billions spent by BIG PHARMA and BIG BIOTECH to brainwash the public into thinking that every citizen needs some kind of drug. Look at the ads everywhere for prescription drugs of all genre, and the push by the corrupt FDA to make deadly drugs over the counter easy. Who profits when the US spends trillions on drugs ? BIG PHARMA and BIG BIOTECH even if the so -called meds are nothing more than placebos, or worst, cannabalism of human beings. Who benefits if the public hounds their doctors to prescribe mind-altering and damaging drugs like Ritalin to millions of the nations' children? BIG PHARMA and the good-for-nothing teachers, who don't want to be challenged to teach anything but merely "facilitate" discussion of ignorant students [classifying the ideas of a five year as equally worth teaching as the so-called teacher's education]. Who benefits if the US transfers the entire wealth of Fort Knox into the coffers of BIG PHARMA? BIG PHARMA again! So where's the incentive for them to spend billions on ads? The TRILLIONS the Medicare drug benefit will guarantee them with just mechanically inputting claim forms by computer that is able to churn them out by the millions in a day's time Do not deceive yourself that the BIG PHARMA industry is altruistic--it is not, and it owns more wealth than any other industry, even banks, trust companies, insurance companies, and probably more than the US government if you totaled all assets of all US drug manufacturers on shore and off shore.
The on-going PR campaigns to promote the use of drugs by every person for every ailment regardless of how minor or what has been tried first with change in diet, exercise, hobbies [such as eliminating illegal drugs that are VERY damaging] is the NUMBER ONE reason that drugs are in the US are almost the national pastime. If you don't believe me, try writing in a forum about how anti-drug you are and see how many times your intelligence and education will be insulted by those who love drugs.
signed gloria poole [RN]

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Recall FDA, stop Plan B killing drug

THE FDA should be sued by every Christian, Jewish, Muslim, prolife, Republican group, ngo, agency in the US for dereliction of duty as defined by their authorizing documents. The FDA is not just government rubber stamps of approval for sin [adultery, fornication, incest] and BIG PHARMA, or at least they are not supposed to be. They are supposed to be protecting the citizens from harmful drugs. A drug that has the purpose of killing should never be licensed or "approved" --it is abomination. Probably the FDA would have also approved Zyklon B gas for gassing the Jews, would it not?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Plan B" drug is Planned Death for innocents

First of all, SHAME ON YOU PRES BUSH, for your remarks at Press Conf about your support of Plan B for those older than minors. Killing is wrong whatever the age of a person! What were you thinking when you said you were supporting the wicked "Plan B" drug ? Where is your mind, man? Plan B drug is an abortifacient--it is not about life, but about a chemical death to the innocents in the wombs of their mothers. If you would not want someone slipping a chemical to your daughters to kill them, then do NOT suggest such evil for the daughters in the womb or the sons in the womb of other women/daughters of someone!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Washington Post: This married w/children is Republican

The Washington Post propaganda piece or paid PR campaign for Hillary whichever label you want to attach, for the article about "security mothers" choosing Democrats is so much hooey. If there was really a poll of Republicans they would find that Republicans are principled people and we don't shift with the tide or stick our fingers in the wind to see what we believe. The Washington Post should be ashamed of that article because it is not news at all. Study these elements of it: 1) it is originated from CLINTON-ville-- where is that? NOTHING but a code to remind people of H Clinton IN A SUBLIMINAL PR WAY, A TRICK, 2) where are the details of the "study" they quote? A study involves certain objective elements that could be reproduced by anyone doing the same experiment, and not just a poll of Democratic voters, 3) Why is that the Socialists-Dems HATE anything that implies a national defense and wants to cozy up to every faction that would destroy America given any opportunity? 4) Why is that married women with children are labeled with a "security" word in them--where is the "security" in raising children IF NOT WITH GOD HIMSELF? Children around the world are targeted by sodomites, abortionists, atheists, God-haters, materialistic beauty/sex for sale schemes, sexual trafficking, sexual molestors in public schools, ipod makers, p*rnographic purveyors, "death-as-cure" [suicide, abortion, euthanasia groups]; and they are aggressively marketed too in schools where they are supposed to get a real education and not just an 8 hr commercial for where to spend their "discretionary income".

If there is anything that raises my hackles more than paid publicity stunts for incumbents masquerading as "news" in national newspapers, it would be the slimy killing centers, and their paid assassins of the innocent human beings in the womb, that are the intended beneficiaries if H Clinton is successfully hoodwinked into office again. If that God-forsaken, Jezebel women is elected to any office again in the US it will be the ruin of this nation because it would show how degraded and deranged the thinking of the nation had become. I pray that evil women is NEVER elected to any office in the US again.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Missouri: vote NO to clone and kill initiative

Hey all you wonderful prolife folks in Missouri. There is a ballot initiative coming at you that you need to vote down with absolute conviction. It uses misleading terms and attempts to redefine medical terms for human development. There are NO benefits to be gained from the killing of innocents whether you call it "research" or "terrorism" or "science" or whatever. The killing of innocent human embryoes that are first named "blastocysts" is a violation of every principle of medicine and research on humans as defined by the Nuremberg Internationsl Code of Law established after Hitler was brought to trial for crimes against humanity. A human blastocyst is HUMAN and alive, and growing, and takes in nourishment, excretes wastes, moves about until implanted in the lining of the uterus, and it contains the DNA blueprint for the child. A human cell, one cell, is human and the premeditated killing of a human reproductive cell [sperm or egg] is morally wrong always. Please get a copy of that bill from the Republican National Coalition FAXNotes for Life or your State; and study the real meanings of the medical terms that the sponsors of the clone and kill bill have tried to twist and pervert to fool you.

Also, in Colorado,State Senator Doug Lamborn, won a 6 way primary that secures for him the
Republican nomination in the 5th District for Congress. That is good news for the babies of America! YEA!

Also, in Michigan's 7th District, Republican prolifer Tim Walberg beat the proabort incumbent named Joe Schwarz, in the primary. Also good news for the babies of America!

More good news for the babies of America: in Texas, Houston Talk Show Host Dan Patrick, who won the Primary for the Republican 7th District for the State, plans to introduce legislation that will outlaw all abortions in Texas when the US Supreme Court comes to its senses and overturns the illegal decision of Roe v Wade. Roe is an illegal decision that they should have been impeached because of, since the US Constitution allows ONLY Congress to write/pass new laws. There was no such thing as a right to abortion before the US Supreme Court usurped power illegally. There should NEVER be any such "right" as the right of a mother to kill to kill her offspring. It is a heinous crime against the family, against the nation and against humanity. GOD creates and it is a sin to destroy what GOD creates. GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill' [see Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17].

Other States that have passed laws to outlaw abortion in them once the Roe is overturned, are La, ND, SD, KY, Arkansas,Missouri and Illinois.

Facts from the Republican National Coalition Fax Notes for Life, August 11,2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

McKinney's history and some not so good news

Here's the good news: Cynthia McKinney was defeated in the GA primary and the fiasco of it all--the attacks on photographers by her "bodyguards" was underreported by the mainstream media. The good people of the State of GA decided she did not represent them any more and Thanks to God for that. This news is VERY GOOD NEWS for the preborn citizens of GA, who need the government's protection for the right to life as guaranteed to all persons. HUMANS are "Persons" and only humans are "persons" so McKinney's refusal to protect the innocent was my reason for wanting her gone from GA's legislative delegation. Next to go? John Lewis; God willing and for the same reason.

Here's the bad news: quoting from David Prentice as quoted in the Christian Medical & Dental "News and Views"for August 8th:
[quote]David Prentice, PhD, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at Family Research Council, CMDA Member: "Moving further down a broad path that leads to destruction, and with borrowed money, the California stem cell agency is moving forward with grants restricted solely to human embryonic stem cell research. Supposedly the "stem cell research" in California, under Proposition 71, was to include all avenues of research, including adult stem cell research, but the agency has shunned the research that holds the most promise for patients and, with blinders firmly in place, has myopically fixated on destructive human embryo research, including human embryo cloning, which is least likely to lead to treatments for patients.[ end quote]

PROLIFERS, vote absolutely prolife on all the issues in all the races. If a person believes in killing innocents, vote that person out of office! The right to life is the most basic right of all and if your government does not guarantee that to you, then what other "rights" do you need as a dead person? Do dead people vote, or pay taxes, or run for office, or do anything? GET a grip on reality and vote for what matters--LIFE.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NO FDA puppet of Senate & NO to killing drugs

The FDA --the federal agency that is supposed to protect the citizens and not the drug companies, should NEVER license a drug that has the purpose of killing innocents. It is an abomination and God avenges the innocents blood according to Scripture. The fact that the wicked democrats are promoting a drug that KILLS innocent US citizens when they are the most helpless and defenseless [in their mothers' wombs] should show where their loyalities are, and clearly they are not with the continuation of the US as a power. Depopulating any nation is not good for the nation.
Where is common sense in the US Senate ? Where is the concern that what is NOT good for minors is also NOT good for adults? Where is the medical oath to "first do no harm?" The FDA should not be even in the US Senate--that is what politicizes medical decisions. Medical decisions should be based upon medical facts and the "do no harm" medical principles and not what is designed as a photo-op for Hillary or Ted ' s political career. Those two infamous and notorious killers-of-babies-dogma are the worst Legislators in the world because they have sold their souls to the devil.