Friday, August 11, 2006

McKinney's history and some not so good news

Here's the good news: Cynthia McKinney was defeated in the GA primary and the fiasco of it all--the attacks on photographers by her "bodyguards" was underreported by the mainstream media. The good people of the State of GA decided she did not represent them any more and Thanks to God for that. This news is VERY GOOD NEWS for the preborn citizens of GA, who need the government's protection for the right to life as guaranteed to all persons. HUMANS are "Persons" and only humans are "persons" so McKinney's refusal to protect the innocent was my reason for wanting her gone from GA's legislative delegation. Next to go? John Lewis; God willing and for the same reason.

Here's the bad news: quoting from David Prentice as quoted in the Christian Medical & Dental "News and Views"for August 8th:
[quote]David Prentice, PhD, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at Family Research Council, CMDA Member: "Moving further down a broad path that leads to destruction, and with borrowed money, the California stem cell agency is moving forward with grants restricted solely to human embryonic stem cell research. Supposedly the "stem cell research" in California, under Proposition 71, was to include all avenues of research, including adult stem cell research, but the agency has shunned the research that holds the most promise for patients and, with blinders firmly in place, has myopically fixated on destructive human embryo research, including human embryo cloning, which is least likely to lead to treatments for patients.[ end quote]

PROLIFERS, vote absolutely prolife on all the issues in all the races. If a person believes in killing innocents, vote that person out of office! The right to life is the most basic right of all and if your government does not guarantee that to you, then what other "rights" do you need as a dead person? Do dead people vote, or pay taxes, or run for office, or do anything? GET a grip on reality and vote for what matters--LIFE.


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