Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NO FDA puppet of Senate & NO to killing drugs

The FDA --the federal agency that is supposed to protect the citizens and not the drug companies, should NEVER license a drug that has the purpose of killing innocents. It is an abomination and God avenges the innocents blood according to Scripture. The fact that the wicked democrats are promoting a drug that KILLS innocent US citizens when they are the most helpless and defenseless [in their mothers' wombs] should show where their loyalities are, and clearly they are not with the continuation of the US as a power. Depopulating any nation is not good for the nation.
Where is common sense in the US Senate ? Where is the concern that what is NOT good for minors is also NOT good for adults? Where is the medical oath to "first do no harm?" The FDA should not be even in the US Senate--that is what politicizes medical decisions. Medical decisions should be based upon medical facts and the "do no harm" medical principles and not what is designed as a photo-op for Hillary or Ted ' s political career. Those two infamous and notorious killers-of-babies-dogma are the worst Legislators in the world because they have sold their souls to the devil.


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