Friday, August 18, 2006

Washington Post: This married w/children is Republican

The Washington Post propaganda piece or paid PR campaign for Hillary whichever label you want to attach, for the article about "security mothers" choosing Democrats is so much hooey. If there was really a poll of Republicans they would find that Republicans are principled people and we don't shift with the tide or stick our fingers in the wind to see what we believe. The Washington Post should be ashamed of that article because it is not news at all. Study these elements of it: 1) it is originated from CLINTON-ville-- where is that? NOTHING but a code to remind people of H Clinton IN A SUBLIMINAL PR WAY, A TRICK, 2) where are the details of the "study" they quote? A study involves certain objective elements that could be reproduced by anyone doing the same experiment, and not just a poll of Democratic voters, 3) Why is that the Socialists-Dems HATE anything that implies a national defense and wants to cozy up to every faction that would destroy America given any opportunity? 4) Why is that married women with children are labeled with a "security" word in them--where is the "security" in raising children IF NOT WITH GOD HIMSELF? Children around the world are targeted by sodomites, abortionists, atheists, God-haters, materialistic beauty/sex for sale schemes, sexual trafficking, sexual molestors in public schools, ipod makers, p*rnographic purveyors, "death-as-cure" [suicide, abortion, euthanasia groups]; and they are aggressively marketed too in schools where they are supposed to get a real education and not just an 8 hr commercial for where to spend their "discretionary income".

If there is anything that raises my hackles more than paid publicity stunts for incumbents masquerading as "news" in national newspapers, it would be the slimy killing centers, and their paid assassins of the innocent human beings in the womb, that are the intended beneficiaries if H Clinton is successfully hoodwinked into office again. If that God-forsaken, Jezebel women is elected to any office again in the US it will be the ruin of this nation because it would show how degraded and deranged the thinking of the nation had become. I pray that evil women is NEVER elected to any office in the US again.


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