Saturday, August 26, 2006

Complaining re: BIG PHARMA & censorship

This is the message that Yahoo Message Board blacked out and refused to post on their Message Board today in response to their article about the Pharmaceutical companies paying for the ads to lobby the Congress to buy drugs for the elderly as part of their Medicare:

[quoting my own words:]

Any person who has the ability to think and reason, living on the continent of the US, could not possibly be unaware of the billions spent by BIG PHARMA and BIG BIOTECH to brainwash the public into thinking that every citizen needs some kind of drug. Look at the ads everywhere for prescription drugs of all genre, and the push by the corrupt FDA to make deadly drugs over the counter easy. Who profits when the US spends trillions on drugs ? BIG PHARMA and BIG BIOTECH even if the so -called meds are nothing more than placebos, or worst, cannabalism of human beings. Who benefits if the public hounds their doctors to prescribe mind-altering and damaging drugs like Ritalin to millions of the nations' children? BIG PHARMA and the good-for-nothing teachers, who don't want to be challenged to teach anything but merely "facilitate" discussion of ignorant students [classifying the ideas of a five year as equally worth teaching as the so-called teacher's education]. Who benefits if the US transfers the entire wealth of Fort Knox into the coffers of BIG PHARMA? BIG PHARMA again! So where's the incentive for them to spend billions on ads? The TRILLIONS the Medicare drug benefit will guarantee them with just mechanically inputting claim forms by computer that is able to churn them out by the millions in a day's time Do not deceive yourself that the BIG PHARMA industry is altruistic--it is not, and it owns more wealth than any other industry, even banks, trust companies, insurance companies, and probably more than the US government if you totaled all assets of all US drug manufacturers on shore and off shore.
The on-going PR campaigns to promote the use of drugs by every person for every ailment regardless of how minor or what has been tried first with change in diet, exercise, hobbies [such as eliminating illegal drugs that are VERY damaging] is the NUMBER ONE reason that drugs are in the US are almost the national pastime. If you don't believe me, try writing in a forum about how anti-drug you are and see how many times your intelligence and education will be insulted by those who love drugs.
signed gloria poole [RN]


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