Friday, June 30, 2006

Vote No on HR 810 Embyronic Stem Cell Research

That shameful Sen Bill Frist has gone over to the enemy of life--the purveyors of death. Embryoes are human beings and he knows that. So what is the price of a man's soul Jesus asked the question. Jesus said, 'for what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? " Mark 8:36-37

Did you sell your soul to the devil, Sen Frist along with the other wicked Senators and Representatives who purvey death as the "final solution" to the "cures"for the very advanced elderly? Did the vote of the elderly on your wannabe Prez dream entice you the way that serpent whispered to Eve in the garden of Eden? Repent and turn away from the killing of innocents as a "solution" or "cure" or "research" or for any propaganda label or reason. There is no good that comes from killing innocent humans in their most vulnerable status. Use your medical education for good and not evil. Read The Nazi Doctors by Robert Jay Lifton ,MD and choose life.

When you went to medical school was your ambition to be a Nazi Doctor?

Monday, June 26, 2006

State's Rights are the law in the US

According to the US Constitution the only powers that the federal government has or the US Supeme Court has are those delegated to them by the Constitution,and all powers not so delegated remain in the authority of the States. The State's rights issues are becoming the pivotal point in the fight against the wicked who kill the innocents. The next big thing in the US and perhaps all so-called first world nations is the decision over what entity will make public law. Will it be the people through their elected Representatives in Congress, --i.e. those who actually follow righteousness, or the wicked ngos such as the infamous and evil Planned Parenthood and its cohort the Center for Reproductive Law? Do the righteous citizens make the laws in this nation or do the wicked dangle this nation like a puppet on a string? The righteous people in this nation want the Roe decision of the US Supreme Court overturned,defeated, made null and void forevermore. The wicked who have made fortunes off the blood and tissues of human beings want the false right to kill to continue. Which side are you on? Joshua said,
"Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve THE LORD {JESUS}. Joshua 24: 15 in portion

Remember God wrote in stone, "Thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20: 13 and repeated it again in Deuteronomy 5:17.

"Refuse the evil and choose the good." Isaiah 7: 16 b

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shielding Journalists or PR persons? Press

This is a copy of my words posted on the Yahoo message board today in response to the article about shield laws on Journalists. I post this here because it is essential to the public's understanding of what a "free Press" consists of, and what it doesn't consist of.

There are always two sides to every coin, and two or more viewpoints in any conflict. Journalists who use the shield laws to cover up their plagiarism or fabrication are immoral and they do a disservice to the public. There have been some recent cases where Journalists were fired from well-known and long time established news papers/ agencies for having either totally made up a story to publish for the sake of PR, or who plagiarized. I know that the Copyright laws' "fair use doctrine" allows short segments of anything copyrighted to be republished if the intent is to educate the public and if the appropriate recognition of the source is given. Probably most educated people learned that in their English literature classes or at college. That seems to me an adequate safeguard for most quoted material. The cases where the journalist was paid by the government to pump a cause for a Party is not journalism but Public Relations. There are tons of words in the US on some issues [e.g. sex education] that have no factual basis for any positive outcome, no "track record" in the history of human events and no acceptance from Biblical teachings, and yet are taught as "facts". Those kind of writings generally originate not from journalists but from PR people who work for ngos with a social agenda. The difference between bona-fide reporting of events, attitudes and beliefs of any nations' citizens and/or visitors or illegal immigrants--all humans in the land--and those who are paid to "spin" the truth for a group, must be recognized and labeled clearly so there is no deception. A paid PR person is not a journalist,yet there are many of that category in many major news agencies. A journalist answers the questions: whom? what? when? where? how? for what purpose? --those are answers that should be based on what actually happened, truth in other words. The media shield laws seem to be a cover-up for shady dealings,and a press not at liberty. A press that depends upon perqs like free office space in the L.O.B. in return for their privilege of "coverage" of events is not a free press.When the "news"that is real concern to citizens, such as the Speaker of the House doing his own thing "honoring" the High School football team for instance instead of listening to the debate on the House floor, is silenced to keep the perqs,that is perversion of the truth for PR.The Press has a law-enforced understanding that such PR events are not to be reported to the public in exchange for the "privilege" of being in the House in the first place.That is not liberty but deception.The concept of a unregulated press is virtually non-existent in the US Capitol and the Legislative Office Building. The Press may only report to the People what the politicians want them to know. That is a tactic of communism, not liberty.
So you know, I am Republican and I learned this lesson first hand when I was ejected from the US Senate gallery by armed Guards for having blank paper and a pen to write the names of who voted and how. I was told by Capitol guards that was "illegal" and I'd be arrested if I persisted. Free Press? Not in America.
signed gloria poole [RN]
Addendum: I am also known by my married name of gloria poole pappas.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Good news for preborn humans; & also reject Paulson

Here is some very good news for humanity's tiniest humans:

!) South Dakota is a STRONG,DETERMINED and COMMITTED prolife State that is raising the standard for the rest of the nation. All four of the Republicans who opposed the total ban on abortions were eliminated in the primary! Isn't that great? I am a Republican and the Republican Party is prolife. I hope those traitors to Republican Principles finally "got it". The ban on all abortions takes effect July 1st. It is a historic day for South Dakota as their states' citizens confirm their committment to end abortion. God bless them every one.

2) Louisiana's medical doctor W. "Al" Krotoski, fought a good fight for a ban on all abortions in that State when the US Supreme Court overturns Roe and/or the Constitution is upheld to allow States the decision making power that they already possess.Remember the US Constitution is written [paraphrased here] that all powers not specifically delegated to the Federal government remain the powers of the States. There are only about 10 specifically named powers of the federal government--look them up for your own sake. None of them give the Supreme Court ANY power to create law.

Here is the Activist Alert that requires you to do something to advance the cause of the preborn:
Put the pressure on the Senate and the President NOT to confirm Henry Paulson to the US Secretary of the Treasury. He has proved he is an Emily's List man and that is bad news for the nation. Emily's List is the funding tool for the prodeathers that money is funneled through. The US does not need a prodeather in charge of the Treasury! Or anything else for that matter.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yeas and Nays of the Senate Vote on sodomy "rights"

Here are the yeas and nays of the vote in the US Senate today, to invoke cloture, which means a vote to decide if they should vote on the Senate floor on the issue of whether to legalize sodomy, and give sodomites "benefits" of insurance and government benefits for spouses and free health insurance for military. This intended to give you voters "ammunition"* for power to remove from office those to cowardly to vote and declare their intentions, and also those who voted to "protect" sodomy as another ungodly "right". A yes vote means yes, bring it to the floor for a vote of full Senate and a no vote means table it [usually as a way of not dealing with a particular issue until the wicked think they can win at a later time]. If insurance companies are not fools they will pull out all stops to prevent that sodomite bill from gaining ground as insurance pay-outs are the real reason sodomites want legal status.

This information from article in the Baptist Press, for educating the public:

The Yeas

YES (49): DEMOCRATS (2) -- Robert Byrd, W.Va.; Ben Nelson, Neb. REPUBLICANS (47) -- Lamar Alexander, Tenn.; Wayne Allard, Colo.; George Allen, Va.; Robert Bennett, Utah; Christopher Bond, Mo.; Sam Brownback, Kan.; Jim Bunning, Ky.; Conrad Burns, Mont.; Richard Burr, N.C.; Saxby Chambliss, Ga.; Tom Coburn, Okla.; Thad Cochran, Miss.; Norm Coleman, Minn.; John Cornyn, Texas; Larry Craig, Idaho; Michael Crapo, Idaho; Jim DeMint, S.C.; Mike DeWine, Ohio; Elizabeth Dole, N.C.; Pete Domenici, N.M.; John Ensign, Nev.; Michael Enzi, Wyo.; Bill Frist, Tenn.; Lindsey Graham, S.C.; Charles Grassley, Iowa; Orrin Hatch, Utah; Kay Hutchison, Texas; James Inhofe, Okla.; Johnny Isakson, Ga.; Jon Kyl, Ariz.; Trent Lott, Miss.; Richard Lugar, Ind.; Mel Martinez, Fla.; Mitch McConnell, Ky.; Lisa Murkowski, Alaska; Pat Roberts, Kan.; Rick Santorum, Pa.; Jeff Sessions, Ala.; Richard Shelby, Ala.; Gordon Smith, Ore.; Ted Stevens, Alaska; Jim Talent, Mo.; Craig Thomas, Wyo.; John Thune, S.D.; David Vitter, La.; George Voinovich, Ohio; John Warner, Va.

The Nays

NO (48): DEMOCRATS (40) -- Daniel Akaka, Hawaii; Max Baucus, Mont.; Evan Bayh, Ind.; Joseph Biden, Del.; Jeff Bingaman, N.M.; Barbara Boxer, Calif.; Maria Cantwell, Wash.; Thomas Carper, Del.; Hillary Clinton, N.Y.; Kent Conrad, N.D.; Mark Dayton, Minn.; Byron Dorgan, N.D.; Richard Durbin, Ill.; Russ Feingold, Wis.; Dianne Feinstein, Calif.; Tom Harkin, Iowa; Daniel Inouye, Hawaii; Tim Johnson, S.D.; Edward Kennedy, Mass.; John Kerry, Mass.; Herbert Kohl, Wis.; Mary Landrieu, La.; Frank Lautenberg, N.J.; Patrick Leahy, Vt.; Carl Levin, Mich.; Joseph Lieberman, Conn.; Blanche Lincoln, Ark.; Robert Menendez, N.J.; Barbara Mikulski, Md.; Patty Murray, Wash.; Bill Nelson, Fla.; Barack Obama, Ill.; Mark Pryor, Ark.; Jack Reed, R.I.; Harry Reid, Nev.; Ken Salazar, Colo.; Paul Sarbanes, Md.; Charles Schumer, N.Y.; Debbie Stabenow, Mich.; Ron Wyden, Ore. REPUBLICANS (7) -� Lincoln Chafee, R.I.; Susan Collins, Maine; Judd Gregg, N.H.; John McCain, Ariz.; Olympia Snowe, Maine; Arlen Specter, Pa.; John Sununu, N.H. INDEPENDENTS (1) -- James Jeffords, Vt.

NOT VOTING (3): DEMOCRATS (2) -- Christopher Dodd, Conn.; John Rockefeller, W.Va. REPUBLICANS (1) -- Chuck Hagel, Neb.
For more information about the national debate over "gay marriage," visit

* ammunition in this case means knowledge, wisdom.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Defeat human killing bill of DeGette

This post is a plea to all who have any power to do all that you are able to do, in every way possible to defeat absolutely the wicked bill, HR 810, human embryo-killing bill in the name of [fake] research.That bill is sponsored by the legislator from hell, Diane DeGette who has no soul and no conscience and most likely would think the killing of Jews and Muslims for "research" would be a good thing also. Those who sponsor bills to legalize the killing of innocents are without moral boundaries or consciences. DeGette is in that wicked killing-of-innocents-for-gain "club" that includes Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton,John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Bill Frist, and others. The infamous and the wicked are in favor of that bill BUT please do not let them make the rules. Do not let abortions be legalized in the Congress via deception and treachery from the followers of satan. A bill legalizing the killing of human embryoes for "research" or for any reason is nothing but a back door approach to legalize abortion since there is currently NO right to such heinous deeds in this nation. The US Supreme Court has no authority to create law, so there is no right to abortion or human embryo killing by any other name, either. The Congress must be stopped from legalizing the killing of innocent humans as a "right" when clearly it is always a wrong. God wrote, "thou shalt not kill". Exodus 20:13

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bloggers not responsible for anonymous comments

Here is some good news for bloggers and their hosting companies:

This quote from June 2, 2006 used as fair use doctrine of copyright for public education.
[quote from}
Libel Laws Don't Prevent Blog 'Mockery'
The Legal Intelligencer

Bloggers cannot be hit with libel suits on the basis of anonymous postings on their Web sites because federal law grants them immunity by explicitly stating they cannot be treated as the "publisher" of such comments, a federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled.[end quote]

Of course bloggers should also not be responsible for any comments added to their work. I have had to disable commenting on my blogs because of someone's attempt to deny me service on another blog, by flooding my blog with "comments" that was really spam to the nth degree. In case you do not understand what I mean, I will give you the details. I posted on one or two of my blogs that I oppose gambling and as a result, two of my blogs were flooded with comments/ads --more than a million on one of my blogs-- with many promoting online gambling as an attempt to cause a denial of service to my blog. It didn't work but they tried it. FYI. The comments section is a risk I have learned, because the US is not necessarily an educated people,nor a civilized people anymore,and the wicked seem to acknowledge no boundaries.