Friday, June 16, 2006

Good news for preborn humans; & also reject Paulson

Here is some very good news for humanity's tiniest humans:

!) South Dakota is a STRONG,DETERMINED and COMMITTED prolife State that is raising the standard for the rest of the nation. All four of the Republicans who opposed the total ban on abortions were eliminated in the primary! Isn't that great? I am a Republican and the Republican Party is prolife. I hope those traitors to Republican Principles finally "got it". The ban on all abortions takes effect July 1st. It is a historic day for South Dakota as their states' citizens confirm their committment to end abortion. God bless them every one.

2) Louisiana's medical doctor W. "Al" Krotoski, fought a good fight for a ban on all abortions in that State when the US Supreme Court overturns Roe and/or the Constitution is upheld to allow States the decision making power that they already possess.Remember the US Constitution is written [paraphrased here] that all powers not specifically delegated to the Federal government remain the powers of the States. There are only about 10 specifically named powers of the federal government--look them up for your own sake. None of them give the Supreme Court ANY power to create law.

Here is the Activist Alert that requires you to do something to advance the cause of the preborn:
Put the pressure on the Senate and the President NOT to confirm Henry Paulson to the US Secretary of the Treasury. He has proved he is an Emily's List man and that is bad news for the nation. Emily's List is the funding tool for the prodeathers that money is funneled through. The US does not need a prodeather in charge of the Treasury! Or anything else for that matter.


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