Monday, June 05, 2006

Defeat human killing bill of DeGette

This post is a plea to all who have any power to do all that you are able to do, in every way possible to defeat absolutely the wicked bill, HR 810, human embryo-killing bill in the name of [fake] research.That bill is sponsored by the legislator from hell, Diane DeGette who has no soul and no conscience and most likely would think the killing of Jews and Muslims for "research" would be a good thing also. Those who sponsor bills to legalize the killing of innocents are without moral boundaries or consciences. DeGette is in that wicked killing-of-innocents-for-gain "club" that includes Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton,John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Bill Frist, and others. The infamous and the wicked are in favor of that bill BUT please do not let them make the rules. Do not let abortions be legalized in the Congress via deception and treachery from the followers of satan. A bill legalizing the killing of human embryoes for "research" or for any reason is nothing but a back door approach to legalize abortion since there is currently NO right to such heinous deeds in this nation. The US Supreme Court has no authority to create law, so there is no right to abortion or human embryo killing by any other name, either. The Congress must be stopped from legalizing the killing of innocent humans as a "right" when clearly it is always a wrong. God wrote, "thou shalt not kill". Exodus 20:13


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