Friday, June 02, 2006

Bloggers not responsible for anonymous comments

Here is some good news for bloggers and their hosting companies:

This quote from June 2, 2006 used as fair use doctrine of copyright for public education.
[quote from}
Libel Laws Don't Prevent Blog 'Mockery'
The Legal Intelligencer

Bloggers cannot be hit with libel suits on the basis of anonymous postings on their Web sites because federal law grants them immunity by explicitly stating they cannot be treated as the "publisher" of such comments, a federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled.[end quote]

Of course bloggers should also not be responsible for any comments added to their work. I have had to disable commenting on my blogs because of someone's attempt to deny me service on another blog, by flooding my blog with "comments" that was really spam to the nth degree. In case you do not understand what I mean, I will give you the details. I posted on one or two of my blogs that I oppose gambling and as a result, two of my blogs were flooded with comments/ads --more than a million on one of my blogs-- with many promoting online gambling as an attempt to cause a denial of service to my blog. It didn't work but they tried it. FYI. The comments section is a risk I have learned, because the US is not necessarily an educated people,nor a civilized people anymore,and the wicked seem to acknowledge no boundaries.


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