Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Congress Vote NO to Kagan, she's bad for nation;ruinous

Congress just vote NO to Kagan. She is bad for the nation because:
1) she is for killing of innocents in womb and nearly born; wants to depopulate nation to destroy it.
2) She is anti-military and thinks 'elites" have no duty to serve the nation in the military.She prevented ROTC [to train officers] from recruiting at Harvard.
3) She is patently dishonest, hiding the truth with jokes, and smart mouth replies.
4) She is arrogant beyond belief, not humble.
5) She is a friend of Obama and so is Blagojevich, Roland Burris, Rahm Emanuel, and the Corrupt Chicago Politick.
And I quote from an article written by Julie Hirschfeld Davis for the AP and in the news.yahoo.com a few minutes ago {12:05PM,20-July-2010]:
"The Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion rights group, wrote to senators Monday urging opposition [to Kagan] based on Kagan's actions as a Clinton administration official to resist a broad ban on a procedure opponents call partial-birth abortion."
Full Congress:Vote NO to her, put the nation ahead of Obama's ego.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri, 8:38 AM, 20-July-2010
Update at 9:32 after reading the NY Times for today with a change of topic somewhat but necessary to inform the citizens:
David Brooks of the NY Times wrote an astounding [for the NY Times] article today
exposing the truth of the Obama administration. I quote from his article:
"In the second part of the period, Democrats were in control.
They augmented the national security bureaucracy but spent the bulk
of their energies expanding bureaucracies in domestic spheres.
First, they passed a health care law. This law created 183 new agencies,
commissions, panels and other bodies, according to an analysis by
Robert E. Moffit of the Heritage Foundation. These include things
like the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Program,
an Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee and a Cures Acceleration Network Review Board. "
He also reiterates what the Washington Post wrote about yesterday, how
the federal government greatly expanded in the name of 'homeland security'
in the years 2001-2010. He said there are 10,000 sites around the country
spying on the citizens,for 1200 government agencies, and 1,900 private
agencies employing 854000 people with top level security clearance [which means
they get access to your passport, bank account, driver's license, emails,
US mail, school and university records, landlord records, virtually every
sort of documentation known to the human race. ] Read his article at:
9:31 AM 7/20/2010
And oh yea/before I forget, when did the PRIVATE citizen of the Clinton's 30- something yr old daughter getting married become a matter of a 'state secret" as the Clinton PR/propaganda machinery is trying to pump into the news today? She did not serve this nation and she is not entitled to a wedding at taxpayer expense!
Gloria Poole, [RN] 9:33AM,20-July-2010; at my home in Missouri
Update again after reading more of the news today in the http://news.yahoo.com section:
In an article entitled, "SEC Chief Points to Stepped Up Enforcement" written by Marcy Gordon for the AP Business news, is this astounding news:
Goldman is paying $550 million directly to the SEC, in supposed 'fines' for illegal activities. Here's the thing; the SEC needs $1.2 billion to operate their rubber-stamping machinery that approves fraud deals and ponzi schemes and it seems that Goldman has ponied up half that amount for influence buying and look-the-other-way-on-our-crooked-deals-in-future deals. Could you spell f-r-a-u-d-, c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n perpetrated on taxpayers?
Companies that are found guilty of fraud create an incentive to the SEC by giving them raises, perqs and enormous 'bonuses' for lack of a more precise word there, instead of creating an incentive NOT to break the law. A better and more effective way to deal with corporate fraud, theft, and corruption is to send them to prison.
Gloria Poole; 10:40AM, 20-July-2010; at my home in Missouri

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nemazee Fall Guy for Clintons & Obama; Banks taken over

I read in Yahoo news a few minutes ago an article written by Larry Neumeister for the AP, entitled, "Fraud Gets Ex-Obama, Clinton fundraiser 12 Years [in prison]" and these are my comments to it:
1) is the nation supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton and William J Clinton [Bill] had no knowledge of corrupt fund-raising? If you believe that, then you are a fool.
2) Is the nation supposed to believe that Obama whose standard of living includes a vacation every three months to the tune of $10 Million each vacation, did not expect huge income from his fundraiser?
3) Is the nation supposed to believe that the William J Clinton fake foundation that is nothing but a money-laundering endeavour knew nothing about how their money was raised? Did they not do background checks or what?
4) Is the nation supposed to believe that an Iranian is the only fundraiser that the Clintons or Obama could find in the entire nation?
5) IS the nation supposed to believe that by forfeiting meager amounts of funds [come on, what is $11,000 in a multi-billion dollar scam?] the Clintons are absolved from guilt?
6) IS the nation supposed to believe that even as the Nemazee ponzi scheme advanced the Clintons and Obama were ignorant of it? If you believe that, then you know NOTHING about investments. I don't know much about investments but I know they require disclosure enough to cause an astute person to ask some questions when things don't match up.
7) Is the nation supposed to wink-wink and look the other way at the fraud of the Clintons and Obama?
8) Is the nation supposed to pretend that their goverrnment run by Obama-Clinton is honest?
9) Is the effort by the Judge to make the Clintons pay up a paltry sum of money supposed to somehow make H Clinton acceptable in her job as buying influence around the world, and in B Clinton's fake ambassadorship to Haiti, a huge perq with much power and influence in the position as tolerable to a nation that has endured fraud and corruption on a scale not seen since the first meltdown of securities when the SEC was created?
And my last questions are, is the so-called reform of the banking industry that shifts the fees from the bank's to the consumers supposed to fool anybody? And since the SEC was such a failure is the new 'consumer' protection of the fake reform bill any better? Wasn't the intent of the SEC to protect consumer investors?
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 4:42 Pm, 15-July-2010
Update 17-July-2010 at my home in Missouri after reading morning news and after having gotten the result of the Obama-shift-money-from-citizens-pockets-to-his-plan-as-being-in-banker-family:
I got a statement from one of my bank accounts yesterday listing the new fees that go into effect as a result of Obama tampering with the banking system,and apparently the only thing that bank is not charging for now, is walking in their door. And they'd charge for that too if they were not ashamed to do that. Wait til you get your list of fees from your bank(s) and then politically lynch Obama. His plan has made banks a form of retailer selling services like so many products, and has shifted huge fees onto consumers, and probably in the long run totally destroyed banks. Banks are not really necessary now as there are other solutions to the services that they provide and a whole lot cheaper.
Remember that Obama's grandmother who died suddenly after he realized she knew enough,to send him to prison, was a banker, who gave him insider knowledge, and that he totally manipulated the banking industry. He did that to create the panic that he then used to ride into office knowing that those ignorant of how banks and computers work [banks' money is electronically transferred in every transaction] work.But Obama is the voodoo expert on computers, hacking and theft from citizens.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:55 AM, 17-July-2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wages of Sin is the Obama Plan to destroy America;corruption

Update to this to leave it on top entry, today 13-July-2010:
Did you read the cozy relationship of Goldman Sachs to the US Government's Sec of State via the new soon-to-be-son-in-law of H. Clinton? And how Goldman Sachs got all that TARP money while their employee was dating the daughter of the Sec of State ? Could you spell c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n? Those sort of deals would be screamed about on every continent if they were occurring in Africa, or Bangladesh, or India!
I think the current administration is the most corrupt in history.
And thanks to Judiciary Committee in D.C. for not nominating Kagan who is heinous woman for her rewriting the statement of Medical Doctors to make it a political statement for B Clinton. Vote the wicked out of office! And do not put Kagan in the Supreme Court. And read the Slate magazine online article on this topic, but remember that people with a conscience do not do evil to get along. The fact that she was probably told by B Clinton to rewrite the statement of medical doctors about the unnecessary and evil so-called partial birth abortion, does not excuse her any more than the cronies of Hitler copping a plea saying they were "only following orders" to murder the Jews. Good people do not lie, cheat, steal, swindle or murder no matter what.
Update again after realizing that Obama is up to more of the same deception. The news is he is 'vacationing' in Maine. Well, I hope Maine voters are smart enough to see that for what it is--a campaign trail. Remember when he 'vacationed' on Cape Code and while there tried to pressure the State of Massachusetts to put into the Senate the person he wanted there? Don't be deceived by him. He is a liar, a thief and a reprobate apparently since he has planned to give millions to them and has tried to 'jerk' around the US Military to make them allow them to enroll.Well, I do not want perverts carrying guns around me, or anything that has to do with me. I endured/survived that sort of event during my second marriage now second divorce, and I am telling you, I'd prefer self defense to their version of harm/destruction/devastation.
And the rest of this entry continues as before:
Quotes from article in http://news.yahoo.com and Associated Press today
entitled "Debt Commission leaders paint gloomy picture" written by Glen
Johnson for AP news:

"Simpson said the entirety of the nation's current discretionary spending
is consumed by the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs.

"The rest of the federal government, including fighting two wars,
homeland security, education, art, culture, you name it, veterans,
the whole rest of the discretionary budget, is being financed by China
and other countries,"
said Simpson. China alone currently holds $920 billion in U.S. IOUs."
8:42 PM 7/11/2010
I put the label that I think is right according to the Bible. Obama made the
providing of benefits to sodomites and perverted women the goal of his administration and ramrodded through a so-called reform of health care that was
intended to destroy the nation. I say that because any head of household knows that
if you do all these simultaneously you would bring ruin to your household:
1) allow any and everyone to add themselves to your household, AND
2) demand full services like the rest of the family, AND
3) multiply your expenses exponentially, AND
4) at the same time not increasing your income in some way, AND OR
5) reducing your costs in other ways to balance the money coming in and going out
in your household. YET, that combination is what the Obama-Pelosi-Reid_Kerry fiasco of 'reform' of the health care dollars accomplished.It added hundreds of millions to
the Medicaid rolls AND it said no one could be denied [or that is what the public was told in the massive PR campaign] AND it said there were no limits to what would
be paid out for each person AND it provided no additional funding for any of it,
AND it dumped it on all on the states to accomplish a pulling the rabbit out of the hat trick to deceive the public, AND then it started rationing by fancy sleight of hand tricks about real health care that involves procedures that lead to life and living.
And if that was not bad enough, Obama has traveled incessantly on the taxpayer's dime, campaigning for his ego. And then he and his lack-of-justice-dept filed a harassment lawsuit against Arizona for wanting to stop having to provide benefits and jobs to those who are border jumpers. And before all of that, he gave a $100 MILLION dollars to killing of innocents in the womb AS IF that was somehow going to save his soul from hell. When it is going to send his soul to hell.
And he has promoted and attempted to legalize,legitimize the sins that GOD HIMSELF calls abomination to try to force it on school children as an evil "right'.
Well, the wages of sin The Bible says leads to death. And the death it is leading too is the death of the United States of America. That is fast becoming the United States of China, and has a leader who is kissing up almost daily to foreign powers while begging money from them.
And now is trying to put a heinous woman [Kagan] on the Supreme Court who believes in infanticide and murder of innocents as a 'right'.
GOD is not mocked. It is written, 'for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Galatians 6: 7. Obama and his ilk have sowed death and destruction to hundreds of millions of innocents in the womb, and has given his thumbs up to sodomy defying THE ALMIGHTY GOD, he thinks. But we as a nation will see. And I am praying that GOD provides for HIS own and finds nations for them to emigrate too, to escape what is coming to America.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 8:55 AM, 11-July-2010

Friday, July 09, 2010

Sodomy is abomination that will destroy nation

The news today that a federal judge tried to override the will of the people is bad news on many fronts. It is judicial activism at its worst since there is no good that could ever come from legalizing sodomy which is called abomination in Leviticus 18:22. And it is ruinous to the nation. The state of Massachusetts is known to be anti-GOD and a catholic stronghold of evil. Look at what they export--socialized medicine that is such a failure there that their own Senators go south when they need health care instead of to Massachusetts. And their other exports are sin, vice and corrupt judges' ideas.

Judges that could be bought are a dime a dozen in the US. Any judge that had the best interest of the nation in his decision making scope would not have tried to legalize sodomy and lesbian behaviours, or try to overrule the Congress or the will of the citizens voting in elections or referendums. There is nothing good about those sins. They destroy nations and cause ruinous depopulation.

It seems to me that one question that every judge should ask when making any decision is: IF every citizen practiced/adhered to the law I am considering trying to implement, would it lead to ruin of the nation? In the case of legalizing sodomy and lesbian behaviours the answer would be yes, because those coupled sinners cannot reproduce any humans. They are neutered by their behaviours. And legalizing such sin is as no doubt intended a slap in the face of THE ALMIGHTY GOD who said HE does not condone that sin. So time will tell. Who is more powerful? The Judge bought with money from perverts or THE ALMIGHTY GOD? I am sure the answer will be THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Watch and connect the dots of the destruction that will result to that court, and to that state and to the nation as promised by GOD, in the chapters about Sodom and Gomorrah in the Holy Bible.

And to change topics :
Government 'monitoring'[spying] on households from the electrical poles is next Obama agenda:

8:07 AM 7/9/2010/

And to change topics again:
contraceptive pills should not be over the counter. They are powerful hormones that have huge risks for some women. They could cause deep vein thrombosis which could cause fatal clots to the lungs. Any woman considering those should get a physical and report her medical history.
Gloria Poole; 8:31 AM, 9th-July-2010
update at 5:57 pm same day after watching news today to see if US Dept of Justice was going to challenge the activist judge who is trying to undo the Congress, with his pen stroke. Of course, the Obama administration that seems eager to publicize against WHITE WOMAN GOVERNOR JAN in Arizona for her daring as GOVERNOR of her state creating a law to protect lawful citizens of Arizona from unlawful border jumpers, is pretending not to notice what that city of Sin Boston is doing to try to circumvent the Defense of Marriage ACT [public law] of Congress itself. Should we call Obama and his so-called 'justice' dept racist now or wait til later?
If The Governor of one state is not allowed according to the version of the US Constitution written by Obamaites and perverts,to write laws for her state, then why is a judge who has not authority to create new law anywhere, allowed to bypass/circumvent/overturn an Act of CONGRESS? Could you spell racism, perversion, bought-with-bribes-justice-dept-selected-by-Comrade-Obama?
Gloria Poole.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

United States of Harvard Fools;but not all fooled by them

Another Harvard fool in addition to Kagan* to be appointed by Obama fool extraordinaire. Dr Berwick who probably would not get Senate approval for the head position of Medicare and Medicaid because of his plan to ration medical care, is being appointed by Emperor Obama who has hijacked the US Constitution and the United States by his scheme to appoint himself king or emperor of the country instead of doing the president's job. He does not consider himself president as he does not follow any of the rules of being President but instead tries to bypass the checks and balances of the Congress. The US Supreme Court is already dominated by Harvard fools, and so is the Obama administration, and now the Center for Medicare and Medicaid will be also. How do you like the tyranny of Obama? I really hate it and him too. He is the worst president of the history of the United States for taking over health care, automobile industry, banking industry, and for denying the citizens the right to decide for themselves how they will spend their money [his mandatory tribute to false gods= insurance premiums with not promise of any thing in return from them except jail if you don't pay up].
The citizens should rise up and shut down Harvard for its hijacking of the nation, and their effort to dominate/control the citizenry.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:13 AM, 7th-July-2010;
Update at 3:07 PM after reading more of the 'pie in the sky' fake news {Publicity /propaganda] that the White House puts out, about how they are going to give everybody 'health care' with no limits to coverage and no increase in taxes, and no lifetime limits, and no denials of service, while simultaneously appointing without Senate approval a man who has already said he intends to ration care. A skunk in the wood pile that is what Obama is-he lies and deceives on a daily basis sort of like that like that Pied Piper who led the whole city astray.
But here is some good news. Not everyone is fooled by Obama. In the afternoon news is good news for Missouri. Missouri's Lt Gov Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit against federal government regarding states and citizens rights to spend/control how they spend their own money:
Read article at:
2:59 PM 7/7/2010/
* Footnote: as far as I know Kagan is NOT confirmed yet. And I am praying that she is never is confirmed since she is a lobbyist for Planned parenthood killing machinery. Read how she lobbied to change the wording of a decision to allow the practice of infanticide that babies partially delivered were killed methodically article at: