Friday, July 09, 2010

Sodomy is abomination that will destroy nation

The news today that a federal judge tried to override the will of the people is bad news on many fronts. It is judicial activism at its worst since there is no good that could ever come from legalizing sodomy which is called abomination in Leviticus 18:22. And it is ruinous to the nation. The state of Massachusetts is known to be anti-GOD and a catholic stronghold of evil. Look at what they export--socialized medicine that is such a failure there that their own Senators go south when they need health care instead of to Massachusetts. And their other exports are sin, vice and corrupt judges' ideas.

Judges that could be bought are a dime a dozen in the US. Any judge that had the best interest of the nation in his decision making scope would not have tried to legalize sodomy and lesbian behaviours, or try to overrule the Congress or the will of the citizens voting in elections or referendums. There is nothing good about those sins. They destroy nations and cause ruinous depopulation.

It seems to me that one question that every judge should ask when making any decision is: IF every citizen practiced/adhered to the law I am considering trying to implement, would it lead to ruin of the nation? In the case of legalizing sodomy and lesbian behaviours the answer would be yes, because those coupled sinners cannot reproduce any humans. They are neutered by their behaviours. And legalizing such sin is as no doubt intended a slap in the face of THE ALMIGHTY GOD who said HE does not condone that sin. So time will tell. Who is more powerful? The Judge bought with money from perverts or THE ALMIGHTY GOD? I am sure the answer will be THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Watch and connect the dots of the destruction that will result to that court, and to that state and to the nation as promised by GOD, in the chapters about Sodom and Gomorrah in the Holy Bible.

And to change topics :
Government 'monitoring'[spying] on households from the electrical poles is next Obama agenda:
8:07 AM 7/9/2010/

And to change topics again:
contraceptive pills should not be over the counter. They are powerful hormones that have huge risks for some women. They could cause deep vein thrombosis which could cause fatal clots to the lungs. Any woman considering those should get a physical and report her medical history.
Gloria Poole; 8:31 AM, 9th-July-2010
update at 5:57 pm same day after watching news today to see if US Dept of Justice was going to challenge the activist judge who is trying to undo the Congress, with his pen stroke. Of course, the Obama administration that seems eager to publicize against WHITE WOMAN GOVERNOR JAN in Arizona for her daring as GOVERNOR of her state creating a law to protect lawful citizens of Arizona from unlawful border jumpers, is pretending not to notice what that city of Sin Boston is doing to try to circumvent the Defense of Marriage ACT [public law] of Congress itself. Should we call Obama and his so-called 'justice' dept racist now or wait til later?
If The Governor of one state is not allowed according to the version of the US Constitution written by Obamaites and perverts,to write laws for her state, then why is a judge who has not authority to create new law anywhere, allowed to bypass/circumvent/overturn an Act of CONGRESS? Could you spell racism, perversion, bought-with-bribes-justice-dept-selected-by-Comrade-Obama?
Gloria Poole.


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