Wednesday, July 07, 2010

United States of Harvard Fools;but not all fooled by them

Another Harvard fool in addition to Kagan* to be appointed by Obama fool extraordinaire. Dr Berwick who probably would not get Senate approval for the head position of Medicare and Medicaid because of his plan to ration medical care, is being appointed by Emperor Obama who has hijacked the US Constitution and the United States by his scheme to appoint himself king or emperor of the country instead of doing the president's job. He does not consider himself president as he does not follow any of the rules of being President but instead tries to bypass the checks and balances of the Congress. The US Supreme Court is already dominated by Harvard fools, and so is the Obama administration, and now the Center for Medicare and Medicaid will be also. How do you like the tyranny of Obama? I really hate it and him too. He is the worst president of the history of the United States for taking over health care, automobile industry, banking industry, and for denying the citizens the right to decide for themselves how they will spend their money [his mandatory tribute to false gods= insurance premiums with not promise of any thing in return from them except jail if you don't pay up].
The citizens should rise up and shut down Harvard for its hijacking of the nation, and their effort to dominate/control the citizenry.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:13 AM, 7th-July-2010;
Update at 3:07 PM after reading more of the 'pie in the sky' fake news {Publicity /propaganda] that the White House puts out, about how they are going to give everybody 'health care' with no limits to coverage and no increase in taxes, and no lifetime limits, and no denials of service, while simultaneously appointing without Senate approval a man who has already said he intends to ration care. A skunk in the wood pile that is what Obama is-he lies and deceives on a daily basis sort of like that like that Pied Piper who led the whole city astray.
But here is some good news. Not everyone is fooled by Obama. In the afternoon news is good news for Missouri. Missouri's Lt Gov Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit against federal government regarding states and citizens rights to spend/control how they spend their own money:
Read article at:
2:59 PM 7/7/2010/
* Footnote: as far as I know Kagan is NOT confirmed yet. And I am praying that she is never is confirmed since she is a lobbyist for Planned parenthood killing machinery. Read how she lobbied to change the wording of a decision to allow the practice of infanticide that babies partially delivered were killed methodically article at:


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