Monday, June 30, 2008

Colorado injures, then exploits,

Well, I am going to write this even though it is embarrassing to me, because I think the rest of the educated "baby boomers' should know this. I want to sum up what being righteous has cost me in Colorado. In 2003 when I protested, in a written letter to the Director of that fake clinic named "Planned Parenthood "that is held at the Rose Medical Center, I was fired from a $60,000 yr job. Then when I did not leave the state and forsake my then marriage, they turned loose their weapon of mass destruction whose name was Dana Ben Pappas on me' him being a loyal demoncrat and catholic- their best weapon against Christians and prolifers and Republicans. Then after his making threats to cut off my head, cut my throat and his attempts to shove me out the window, break my back, cause car to run over me, poison me, and kill me by any method, they sent him to "classes" with other felons to sit around and talk about his "misery", once a week as his so-called punishment. Then after being arrested for trying to kidnap me in the parking lot of the Arapahoe County Courthouse and that being witnessed by a deputy, he was give more of the fake "classes" to attend to talk about himself and his "misery" as his "punishment." [Read my effort to overcome the six years in the wilderness of Colorado with demonic people at] After my ankle and my fibula were shattered into pieces and they knew he was there* violating the restraining order against him, as his 5th-6th-7th--8th-9th plea bargain he was supposed to pay me $800 per month for my support. Three Judges told him to pay me that and according to what he wrote in his motion to get out of paying it, he used that Judge's order to trick the IRS into thinking he was paying me alimony when he was not and into trying to get a reduction in the $11,000 back taxes he owes.
I wrote all of that to get to this point. I publish the Bible and the prolife message on the web, on journals on line and I have done that since about 1999. Before that I published those same messages in hard copy from Atlanta GA for the years of 1991 -1999,then realized the internet was a more effective way of reaching the citizens of the US and the world. When I was summoned to Court EIGHT Times from May 2006 to Dec 2007, to give testimony against him, the Courtrooms were changed 1-2-3-4-5- times and the Presiding Judges were changed 1-2-3-4-5 times also, in his effort with his expensive lawyer to bypass the true laws of the State. I asked for a background check on him since I was the victim of a crime he committed as allowed by the State law of Colorado but that motion was denied. I asked for the State of Colorado to provide me the lawyer the State law requires to be provided to a victim if the victim of a crime stands to lose financially from a crime, and that was denied also.
When the federal building on Federal Blvd in Denver thought I was an illegal alien [from Mexico ] they were giving me $1300 a month in benefits, but being honest I took my birth certificate there and my US passport and my colorado Driver's license and my RN license and proved that I am a natural-born citizen, and then they decided not to give me the Colorado A.N.D funds [Aid to needy disabled, ] though I am still disabled and from a crime that occurred in Colorado; and they either stopped or allowed the theft of the food stamps that I desperately needed especially since the whole matter came to a head when I still had an orthopedic boot on my leg from surgery to put eleven pieces of metal into my bones to stablize them. And they stopped the SSI money because they said since I had worked [25 years as a Reg Nurse] and had paid into the system and was then getting Social Security Disability [less than a $1000 a month] that I was no longer "entitled "to the benefits of poverty; but if I had been an illegal alien and had never worked my monthly income would be $1300 USD. But wait there is more. Since the US Dept of Education found out I am still alive and owe them student loan money that was originally $2500 [now only GOD knows how much that has been inflated too since they never sent any proof of the figures they said I owed them but I originally had the loan papers I had signed; before six forced moves in a row with the chaos of demons-in-charge]. So the US Dept of Education is deducting 15% of the SSDI money and that leaves me with about $844/mo and now the Denver Dept of Housing is raising my rent from $30 per month [section 8] to $499 to see if they can "transfer" the rest of the federal money I am getting into the state coffers. After all the DNC is coming to town and the Denver is behind on its lavish parties and they want to be able to wine and dine those wicked Clintons who made $100 MILLION USD in 8 years time. My exhusband did not get his motion approved to stop paying me what he owes me-- he just does not pay it, and they wink-wink and look the other way. And Denver Housing told me that IF he did not pay me anything for 60 days, then they could reevaluate my situation, and they had an absolute glee to their faces and tone when they said that. So in other words, if I manage not to starve, or become homeless,then after 60 days they will decide if an income left to me of $300 a month or less qualifies me for poverty benefits. But hey, remember IF I had never gotten myself educated or had the audacity to want to work honestly on my missions work and IF I had left the state when they tried to run me off for being PROLIFE,Christian and Republican, and If I had been docile, compliant and had NOT protested the baby-killing industry that drives the Denver economy ,then they'd "make my life easy". Oh there is more. The building I am living in, is managed by catholics, who are notoriously demoncrats, and when I refused to allow the woman manager to photocopy my bank statements, and Soc Security papers and passport and birth documents, she said I could not use the freight elevator to wash my clothes any more until I allowed her to photocopy my confidential documents and then she would restore to me the "privilege" of using the washer and dryer that is supposed to be available to all in this building.
My rent for a one bedroom and bath with no kitchen is being raised from $30 per month to $499 in one year's time. There is NO private sector landlord that could get away with extortion like that, but since the State of Colorado knows I am not really in a good position to move, and don't have a place to move too, and still have the nerve [to them] to try to be productive, in spite of a couple of disabilities and that I also protest the kickbacks, bribes, extortion, and con-games, violence, threats, and discrimination against me] they are trying to extort from me the exact amount of money they found out from my bank statements stolen and illegal spying into my confidential matters, that it costs me to publish and expand my prolife ministry and the publishing of the gospel. But will they win? NO, because I won't quit doing that and in fact, I am going to rachet [ramp] it up ! And I am telling from now on every time some person paid by any state agency tells me to just "sign a false statement" [what an employee told me to do, but I refused] or when they try to force me to take drugs [legal by prescription] that I know to be harmful to me[dropped my BP 30 points and made me light-headed], or tell me that if I will only go along to get along with those whose livelihood depends on exploiting or fleecing the poor, or when extortion is the name of the game.

*It is documented on ER records from the University of Colorado, The Ambulance, the Orthopedic Surgeon who operated my ankle, and fibula and Court documents and on Claim for the Colorado State Victim's Comp fund.
I sign my legal and born with name of Gloria Poole, a/k/a gloria poole, a/k/a 'gloriapoole' on the web.
PS Any Constitutional lawyers out there willing to help me sue for :
discrimination against me for being born in the US and Christian,
for being prolife, and saying so and writing it and failing to be a docile needy disabled; for punishing me by jacking up my expenses by $460 per month outlay while simultaneously taking away from me in benefits the AND funds of $230 per month, and the food stamps of $255 per month, and the SSI of $618 a month because I was 'not poor" since I worked for a living instead of illegally crossing borders years ago, and for not enforcing three judges orders to my exhusband to pay me the $800 per month that he owes me, so the grand total of financial losses to me for being honest and telling them that I AM NOT a mexican illegal immigrant are : about $1700 per month of lost income and benefits for being a US citizen.

Friday, June 27, 2008

YEA, self-defense legal again

I am glad the US Supreme Court decided that the framers of the US Constitution knew what they were doing when they said citizens could be armed and protect themselves. It is common sense. It may be the only decision of the US Supreme Court I have agreed with in the past 3 decades; but maybe they are beginning to see the wisdom of the US Constitution? Disarming the law-abiding never made sense to me because the bad people, who are not law-abiding are the group the good people need protection from, and the Police, even if good police,* cannot be everywhere.

When I was a child and my granddaddy and daddy owned a lot of farm land, there was an event that still sticks in my mind vividly. I was riding around with my daddy in his truck to look at the land,and crops, and he came across trespassors who did not appear to be trust-worthy or respectable to him. I heard him say to them,'get off my land before I shoot you.' And that was the end of that. No argument from them because they knew he meant it.

Another time when my daddy's sister was in her eighty's I asked her why she was not afraid to go to meetings at night, and she looked astonished and said, "I have a gun in my pocketbook". I was surprised a little but then I realized I grew up in a rural neighborhood in a land-owning family that intended to protect themselves and their assets.

I have often wondered if I would have suffered the injuries to my physical body and to my head, soul and spirit if I had "a gun in my pocketbook"? I would not have been as intimidated or fearful in situations that were so overwhelmingly against me and not have been as vulnerable to the events that nearly killed me. I think the nation will simmer down because how will the bad people know who has a gun in their pocketbook? Or in their truck? or under the seat of their car? It increases the risk of injury to the bad people exponentially, and they know it; instead of making the good people sitting ducks.

*Bad Police are not what you want anyway!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NYTimes debating role of religion: YEA!

I read today, and also commented today on this article in the NY Times:

I am posting this here to ask every person everywhere to read the debates [comments]posted there with the article, to the question about whether religion has a role in the US Military; or in the US is the real question they were asking. And as you read those comments, be very afraid because the heathens are in greater number in America than previously supposed. I am not as worried about the so-called heathens of other nations as I am worried about the heathens in Denver Colorado. I have suffered greatly because of the heathens in Colorado; and not at all from the "heathens" in the Arabic world or the UK. I am not excusing heathens; in fact the opposite, but what I am saying is that IF there comes a time for someone to rescue me from evil, I pray with all my heart it is someone who believes there is a GOD and that HE knows every deed, every word spoken, and who fears HIM and not people's opinions. I want a Christian military protecting me, thank you! And the more Christian the better, and the more bold the better, and the more defiant of heathenism and evil, the better!

It was the Christians who brought about every major world-shift paradigm. It was the Christians that ended the Roman tyranny of JESUS' day. It was the Christians who stood by and some even died with the Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. It was the Christians who finally realized that slavery is a wrong,never a right. Read or listen to the BBC report on the Christian who helped emancipate the slaves in the UK before you decide the answer about whether Christian influence is bad.
What is bad is that group who pretend to be Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim and are not. Those hypocrites, JESUS called them, like 'white-washed tombs" pretty on the outside but full of dead, and in some cases decayed rotting bodies on the inside.
I think it is the very CHRISTIAN often called Judeo-Christian and yes Muslim beliefs based on the Old Testament as taught by Moses from the hand of GOD who wrote the Commandments in stone, that has created the usually safe enough environment in the US where safety is the norm not the exception. IF we as a nation were ruled by a tyrannical despot as some wannabee's advocate, then ask yourself this question. IF your life were in danger and there was a real life or death moment, would you prefer to have a rescue from a person who believes human life is sacred and would do all in power to protect the innocents, or someone who believes that life is nothing and prefers to shoot them dead rather than drag them back to the "camp" or wherever, [the ER, the Ambulance, whatever there]? Would you rather someone who believes in GOD come to rescue you or someone who denies GOD? Would you rather be shot for your injuries? or helped to heal from them?
I am glad the NY Times is beginning to debate the role of religion. That is an improvement already because in the US we have the liberty to talk about GOD and our faith in HIM anywhere at any time. It is the First Amendment. We do not have to confine our faith to the secret catacombs any more! That changed with Constantine who conquered in Europe; and it changed again in the US when the First Amendment was ratified by the people of the U.S. as the law of the land. Google the First Amendment and read it for yourself, because a lot of 'educated' people in the US were educated in lies and deceit. The words 'separation of church and state' do not appear anywhere in the US Constitution but the concept that the government should not force religion does, but having a prayer is not "forcing religion". No one enters the US Naval Academy at gunpoint. They all voluntarily enroll there and they all have to get recommendations from US Senators to be there, and it is a process. Tell the atheists to shut up, because they have no authority to hijack the First Amendment!
/s/ gloria

Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Image of Presidential Candidate Ever

If you visit this link to the article in the LA Times about Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, I am reasonably sure you will love that drawing of him, holding a baby wrapped in the US flag. See it at:

It is an image that could be interpreted two ways, and I am trying to figure out which meaning is intended. It could mean that the human babies are the future of the world, which is certainly the truth. It could also or either be a bold statement that as the coffins of those in the military are draped with US flags as their so-called reward for giving their lives to the cause of liberty for the U.S. so the human baby is wrapped in a US flag to make visible the truth again,i.e. that human babies are dying in the womb, the sterile cavity that they develop in the mother's body, and their extinction is as underwritten by the US government as the military deaths of any war. It is a war, to save the preborn from extinction. It is a Holocaust with far greater numbers than happened in the Nazi Germany. In the reign of madman/evil man Hitler the statistics written to the public say about six million Jews, and Christians who tried to help the Jews died. In the Abortion Holocaust since the wicked Roe v Wade decision was illegally decided, with no legal precedent, no public law to guide the decision, no written authorized by Constitution laws that ever in the US stated any such false right as the right for a mother or father to kill their offspring, probably 100 HUNDRED MILLION have died. The CDC stats that are often quoted are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the actual count because of these reasons:
1) NY and California never required the reporting of abortions and they are the states' with the highest abortion stats. They are also the states with the highest number of immigrants,both illegal and legal, and they are also the states of the highest populations, and they try to skew the Congress's voting records because of it.
2) The federal guidelines that are used to code events for payment* were radically changed probably by the 80's so that an elective abortion and also so-called therapeutic** abortions were coded as "fetal demise" the same category of a baby born stillborn or that died in the womb from unknown causes,which would be an act of GOD. In other words, abortions were not separated out from unelective events such as a miscarriage, which is a miscarriage of truth in medicine.
3) Smaller locales do not enforce reporting of anything.
4) There is no punishment to either hospitals or doctors for not reporting any events surgically, unless they happen to be on the wrong side of the demoncrats political steam-roller machine and then they are just 'warned' but hey, do killers ever worry about words ?
Therefore the stats that the CDC reports underreports the deaths of innocents in the womb by millions or hundreds of millions. The fact is the US is depopulating. If you doubt that then open your eyes. Look at restaurants,even fast food and see how many infants you see in mother's arms or strollers. Look at the churches and ask how many churches no longer have a nursery of any kind for infants. Look at census statistics and see how many children in US public schools are emigrants, either legal or illegal.
I pray that Dr Paul will continue and that he will make saving the human race from destruction his utmost priority. Whether as a Candidate or a public speaker on the circuit across the nation at Universities, Churches, internet writing, [blogging, citizen journalism of events that he witnessed].
When I was in high school my mother insisted I take typing as a way of writing my thoughts and GOD-inspired wisdom for the record. I am glad I did. Here's where I am going with that statement: there was a sentence that was written that we students everywhere who learned to type, typed often, and it was, "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." I want to add this to that statement: AMEN. And I pray that GOD in HIS everlasting love and righteousness will raise up GOD-fearing men who will rebuke/defeat the ungodly NY Times for advocating that religion should be abandoned [read today's news for that immoral article]; and who will demand that baby-killing-centers be shut down and who will pledge their lives and sacred honor and fortunes to that cause. It is this generations civil liberties issue and it won't go away. And wherever I live or however I live, I am not quitting either. I have already put my so-called "fortune"*** into the cause of publishing the truth on this matter of allowing humans in the womb to be born alive and to thrive.

*The federal agency that did that to begin with was HCFA=Health Care Financing Authority and it morphed some to a new sort of communist sounding name of something that I forgot but recognize it when I see it written.

**Certainly a misnomer since abortions are no therapy for the baby who gets killed in abortion nor for the distraught mother, who must not be in her right mind to kill her offspring or else she is plain evil! A woman who kills her offspring is abomination to GOD I am sure and won't go to heaven unless she repents before GOD in sincerity and sorrow.
***I put that word there because that is the word the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged to the cause of liberty for the states then. I have no fortune and that is largely in part of the abortion industry that strong-armed hospitals into not hiring prolife nurses beginning with that abominable Bill Clinton's administration, who lifted the ban against research on human beings thus violating all the Nuremberg laws that were to prevent abominable human research. I put my resources whatever they were into this cause since 1991 when I began in earnest in the State of GA protesting the evil of abortion. I have paid the price so to speak in more ways than one, but I am not quitting. I am never quitting until there is no false Supreme Court decisions to attempt to justify the slaughter in the wombs of women anywhere, or till JESUS comes back to gather HIS believers to heaven.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Prolifers, praise GOD for removing T Kennedy & H Clinton

I am asking all prolifers to remember that Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and many, many others are the enemies of GOD and also the US because they consistently voted to kill the future by voting to kill the preborn generations; and because they have the mindset that killing of innocents is a "right" BUT GOD WROTE in stone, the words "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" and gave the tablets of stone to Moses to tell the people. I am telling the people that all who know GOD who is THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD should be praising GOD that HE is removing Ted Kennedy from office because the state of Massachusetts has more wicked people than righteous ones and would not vote him out. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7 as written, "be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth,that shall he also reap." And the reason Massachusetts has more wicked than righteous? Because the catholic so-called church is dominant there and they actively teach that a sinner could pay his "indulgences" to the homosexual priest and go on his way, never repenting and never changing his ways. I am convinced that the catholic idolatry of bowing to idols, praying to the dead, worshipping a human [Pope], having statues in their buildings and bowing to them, worshipping dead humans [Mary cult] and dead men who never repented of their sins {Paul in the Bible} is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the human race! You who believe in THE LIVING GOD thank HIM for removing Ted Kennedy from power and pray HE will do the same for the wicked Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton and the catholic stronghold in Denver, and Chicago and Massachusetts, and Louisiana. Of course we know GOD is doing great things in Louisiana--pulling down the idols, washing away the statues and the voodoo there. [The News says the new levee that the Army Corps of Engineers spent $22 MILLION on since Katrina is leaking already!]
Also for more about the corruption of catholic stronghold states read these websites of mine, and remember that my second ex-husband who tried to destroy me with the help of catholic idolators is catholic, and read my testimony about these events on these websites of mine: and signed gloria poole, RN and artist, and disabled woman* as result of catholic false doctrine.
{* my testimony about that is on the third page of entitled "prose"in the navigation but entitled "I'm Telling Someone" in the writing on the page itself. }