Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NYTimes debating role of religion: YEA!

I read today, and also commented today on this article in the NY Times:

I am posting this here to ask every person everywhere to read the debates [comments]posted there with the article, to the question about whether religion has a role in the US Military; or in the US is the real question they were asking. And as you read those comments, be very afraid because the heathens are in greater number in America than previously supposed. I am not as worried about the so-called heathens of other nations as I am worried about the heathens in Denver Colorado. I have suffered greatly because of the heathens in Colorado; and not at all from the "heathens" in the Arabic world or the UK. I am not excusing heathens; in fact the opposite, but what I am saying is that IF there comes a time for someone to rescue me from evil, I pray with all my heart it is someone who believes there is a GOD and that HE knows every deed, every word spoken, and who fears HIM and not people's opinions. I want a Christian military protecting me, thank you! And the more Christian the better, and the more bold the better, and the more defiant of heathenism and evil, the better!

It was the Christians who brought about every major world-shift paradigm. It was the Christians that ended the Roman tyranny of JESUS' day. It was the Christians who stood by and some even died with the Jews in the Nazi Holocaust. It was the Christians who finally realized that slavery is a wrong,never a right. Read or listen to the BBC report on the Christian who helped emancipate the slaves in the UK before you decide the answer about whether Christian influence is bad.
What is bad is that group who pretend to be Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim and are not. Those hypocrites, JESUS called them, like 'white-washed tombs" pretty on the outside but full of dead, and in some cases decayed rotting bodies on the inside.
I think it is the very CHRISTIAN often called Judeo-Christian and yes Muslim beliefs based on the Old Testament as taught by Moses from the hand of GOD who wrote the Commandments in stone, that has created the usually safe enough environment in the US where safety is the norm not the exception. IF we as a nation were ruled by a tyrannical despot as some wannabee's advocate, then ask yourself this question. IF your life were in danger and there was a real life or death moment, would you prefer to have a rescue from a person who believes human life is sacred and would do all in power to protect the innocents, or someone who believes that life is nothing and prefers to shoot them dead rather than drag them back to the "camp" or wherever, [the ER, the Ambulance, whatever there]? Would you rather someone who believes in GOD come to rescue you or someone who denies GOD? Would you rather be shot for your injuries? or helped to heal from them?
I am glad the NY Times is beginning to debate the role of religion. That is an improvement already because in the US we have the liberty to talk about GOD and our faith in HIM anywhere at any time. It is the First Amendment. We do not have to confine our faith to the secret catacombs any more! That changed with Constantine who conquered in Europe; and it changed again in the US when the First Amendment was ratified by the people of the U.S. as the law of the land. Google the First Amendment and read it for yourself, because a lot of 'educated' people in the US were educated in lies and deceit. The words 'separation of church and state' do not appear anywhere in the US Constitution but the concept that the government should not force religion does, but having a prayer is not "forcing religion". No one enters the US Naval Academy at gunpoint. They all voluntarily enroll there and they all have to get recommendations from US Senators to be there, and it is a process. Tell the atheists to shut up, because they have no authority to hijack the First Amendment!
/s/ gloria


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