Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Image of Presidential Candidate Ever

If you visit this link to the article in the LA Times about Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, I am reasonably sure you will love that drawing of him, holding a baby wrapped in the US flag. See it at:

It is an image that could be interpreted two ways, and I am trying to figure out which meaning is intended. It could mean that the human babies are the future of the world, which is certainly the truth. It could also or either be a bold statement that as the coffins of those in the military are draped with US flags as their so-called reward for giving their lives to the cause of liberty for the U.S. so the human baby is wrapped in a US flag to make visible the truth again,i.e. that human babies are dying in the womb, the sterile cavity that they develop in the mother's body, and their extinction is as underwritten by the US government as the military deaths of any war. It is a war, to save the preborn from extinction. It is a Holocaust with far greater numbers than happened in the Nazi Germany. In the reign of madman/evil man Hitler the statistics written to the public say about six million Jews, and Christians who tried to help the Jews died. In the Abortion Holocaust since the wicked Roe v Wade decision was illegally decided, with no legal precedent, no public law to guide the decision, no written authorized by Constitution laws that ever in the US stated any such false right as the right for a mother or father to kill their offspring, probably 100 HUNDRED MILLION have died. The CDC stats that are often quoted are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the actual count because of these reasons:
1) NY and California never required the reporting of abortions and they are the states' with the highest abortion stats. They are also the states with the highest number of immigrants,both illegal and legal, and they are also the states of the highest populations, and they try to skew the Congress's voting records because of it.
2) The federal guidelines that are used to code events for payment* were radically changed probably by the 80's so that an elective abortion and also so-called therapeutic** abortions were coded as "fetal demise" the same category of a baby born stillborn or that died in the womb from unknown causes,which would be an act of GOD. In other words, abortions were not separated out from unelective events such as a miscarriage, which is a miscarriage of truth in medicine.
3) Smaller locales do not enforce reporting of anything.
4) There is no punishment to either hospitals or doctors for not reporting any events surgically, unless they happen to be on the wrong side of the demoncrats political steam-roller machine and then they are just 'warned' but hey, do killers ever worry about words ?
Therefore the stats that the CDC reports underreports the deaths of innocents in the womb by millions or hundreds of millions. The fact is the US is depopulating. If you doubt that then open your eyes. Look at restaurants,even fast food and see how many infants you see in mother's arms or strollers. Look at the churches and ask how many churches no longer have a nursery of any kind for infants. Look at census statistics and see how many children in US public schools are emigrants, either legal or illegal.
I pray that Dr Paul will continue and that he will make saving the human race from destruction his utmost priority. Whether as a Candidate or a public speaker on the circuit across the nation at Universities, Churches, internet writing, [blogging, citizen journalism of events that he witnessed].
When I was in high school my mother insisted I take typing as a way of writing my thoughts and GOD-inspired wisdom for the record. I am glad I did. Here's where I am going with that statement: there was a sentence that was written that we students everywhere who learned to type, typed often, and it was, "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." I want to add this to that statement: AMEN. And I pray that GOD in HIS everlasting love and righteousness will raise up GOD-fearing men who will rebuke/defeat the ungodly NY Times for advocating that religion should be abandoned [read today's news for that immoral article]; and who will demand that baby-killing-centers be shut down and who will pledge their lives and sacred honor and fortunes to that cause. It is this generations civil liberties issue and it won't go away. And wherever I live or however I live, I am not quitting either. I have already put my so-called "fortune"*** into the cause of publishing the truth on this matter of allowing humans in the womb to be born alive and to thrive.

*The federal agency that did that to begin with was HCFA=Health Care Financing Authority and it morphed some to a new sort of communist sounding name of something that I forgot but recognize it when I see it written.

**Certainly a misnomer since abortions are no therapy for the baby who gets killed in abortion nor for the distraught mother, who must not be in her right mind to kill her offspring or else she is plain evil! A woman who kills her offspring is abomination to GOD I am sure and won't go to heaven unless she repents before GOD in sincerity and sorrow.
***I put that word there because that is the word the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged to the cause of liberty for the states then. I have no fortune and that is largely in part of the abortion industry that strong-armed hospitals into not hiring prolife nurses beginning with that abominable Bill Clinton's administration, who lifted the ban against research on human beings thus violating all the Nuremberg laws that were to prevent abominable human research. I put my resources whatever they were into this cause since 1991 when I began in earnest in the State of GA protesting the evil of abortion. I have paid the price so to speak in more ways than one, but I am not quitting. I am never quitting until there is no false Supreme Court decisions to attempt to justify the slaughter in the wombs of women anywhere, or till JESUS comes back to gather HIS believers to heaven.

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