Friday, June 27, 2008

YEA, self-defense legal again

I am glad the US Supreme Court decided that the framers of the US Constitution knew what they were doing when they said citizens could be armed and protect themselves. It is common sense. It may be the only decision of the US Supreme Court I have agreed with in the past 3 decades; but maybe they are beginning to see the wisdom of the US Constitution? Disarming the law-abiding never made sense to me because the bad people, who are not law-abiding are the group the good people need protection from, and the Police, even if good police,* cannot be everywhere.

When I was a child and my granddaddy and daddy owned a lot of farm land, there was an event that still sticks in my mind vividly. I was riding around with my daddy in his truck to look at the land,and crops, and he came across trespassors who did not appear to be trust-worthy or respectable to him. I heard him say to them,'get off my land before I shoot you.' And that was the end of that. No argument from them because they knew he meant it.

Another time when my daddy's sister was in her eighty's I asked her why she was not afraid to go to meetings at night, and she looked astonished and said, "I have a gun in my pocketbook". I was surprised a little but then I realized I grew up in a rural neighborhood in a land-owning family that intended to protect themselves and their assets.

I have often wondered if I would have suffered the injuries to my physical body and to my head, soul and spirit if I had "a gun in my pocketbook"? I would not have been as intimidated or fearful in situations that were so overwhelmingly against me and not have been as vulnerable to the events that nearly killed me. I think the nation will simmer down because how will the bad people know who has a gun in their pocketbook? Or in their truck? or under the seat of their car? It increases the risk of injury to the bad people exponentially, and they know it; instead of making the good people sitting ducks.

*Bad Police are not what you want anyway!


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