Saturday, May 31, 2008

Defining the human in womb as a person

Here is a quote from the Canoe News [in Canada but not in the Rocky Mountain News with these words or explanation] about the Amendment to the Colorado Constitution that was put on the ballot for November:

"The proposed amendment would add a new section to Article II of the Colorado state constitution which would read, "the terms 'person' or 'persons' shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization."

The Colorado personhood amendment is the first of its kind in the nation, and an especially historic one, since Colorado, the first US state before Roe v. Wade to legalize abortion, now has a chance to be the first to establish the personhood of the human being from conception.

"Our strategy is that until you define the unborn child as a person, how can the laws protect them, when they can't even consider them a person?" Kristi Burton, 20, a spokeswoman for Colorado for Equal Rights and key leader behind the ballot initiative, told LifeSiteNews." [end quote]

This is a good thing that Colorado voters are doing. Pray, pray and pray some more. Of course, most who studied law even a little know that the definition of personhood will negate the so-called right to abortion, and thank GOD. Let us all pray that the end of abortion will come state by state as the good people wake up to the horrible reality of what it is and make a committment to do all possible to end that abomination called the right to abortion that is always a WRONG in the eyes of GOD.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Legal Personhood for preborn:YES!

I quote from article below: "Colorado moved a step closer to an election battle over " {prolife] "rights Thursday, when a proposal defining a fertilized human egg as a person was certified for the November ballot.

Secretary of State Mike Coffman said that supporters of the proposed state constitutional amendment turned in an estimated 103,000 valid signatures, far more than the 76,000 required.[end quote]. Note that I substituted the word prolife rights for their word in the Rocky Mountain news because they were trying to put their spin on the news. The link to the article is below and please take note that the wording of it is primarily intended to slant the news, since they quoted the prodeathers and not the prolifers! But I am 100% PROLIFE and I am protesting as usual the mainstream media promotion of killing of innocents as a so-called right. There is NO right to kill innocents ever, and humans in the womb are innocent! Remember GOD's Commandment of "thou shalt not kill." Exodus 20:13.
Also please visit these websites of mine: [medical facts about developing baby in womb]
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Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Telling!

A few minutes ago I was studying my computer to see what the problem is with me uploading my files to my websites from my computer and guess what I found on my computer? A file named "SST" and when I opened it, it said, "Secret Service Typewriter" !! I was not happy. I knew H Clinton was spying on me and I was reasonably sure it was through my computer since there were about 5 or 6 episodes of computer-hacker events that occurred simultaneously with my writing to oppose her. Read more about that on these websites of mine: and scroll down to the messed up entries where one entry was laid on top of another by hackers to try to obliterate what I had written opposing Hillary.
Also I have to add this. I saw immediately after I posted this that the US Supreme Court posted an article on yahoo news about child p*rnography. I do not have anything to do with that and in fact, tell people/viewers on my websites that I report what appears to be illegal or immoral content coming in through comments on my websites, to the authorities. My paintings are always decent and always moral. But they were trying to do what is called "damage control" for Kennedy and Clinton, by trying to make the public think the Secret Service would be spying on me for immoral or illegal reasons. The spin of those billion dollar baby-killers' PR campaigns is evil. Also I found on my computer a file named "" and that explained some of the problems with me uploading the images of my paintings to my websites. A field on a computer is a designated aread for interactive content to be added to it so for a file to switch the fields would only be for evil purposes. An example of that would be to switch the ip addresses of the static ip which I am reasonably sure was done on a regular basis to me which is why my info "did not match" the hacker's computer. It should not have matched the hacker's computer! But when you have a software system that was hacked by well paid hackers of those running for office telling the computer to switch important pieces of information then you have sabotage. Now why would Hillary or Ted Kennedy want to sabotage me, an artist and Registered Nurse, you might ask. They both made their millions off the blood and tissues of aborted babies sort of like rich elite of Hitler's era made their money off the gold teeth, and skins of the gassed Jews. And I oppose them on the grounds of that, and absolutely do all in my power to show how evil an abortion is, and one of those ways is with my painting, 'Birthing a Baby' at That is the only motivation they would have for attempting to prevent me from uploading images of my paintings. They profit from killing innocents and I oppose that, and them, nearly every day of my life.
Also, I am also reasonably sure what sent Ted Kennedy to the hospital was being discovered by the FBI for computer crimes also. He is a manipulator of the public if ever there was one.
Also I decided that in the interest of being fair, I would tell the public how this probably got started. I was married for a second time during the years of Dec 2002 until Oct 29,2007 to man named Dana Ben Pappas but that may not be his real name as I later discovered. I am divorced from him and I removed the Pappas name from my name by court order after divorce. He is a coc-aine addict, a felon,a violent homosexual man who deceived not only me but a whole lot of women. He made a plea bargain --his fourth or fifth one that I knew of to rat on the dr-ug dealers supposedly in the Denver area in exchange for immunity of prosecution. In the four years I was married to him he broke probably 20 laws or more but each time he was "protected" from prosecution because he made a deal with the devil. It is with the devil because he is allowed to destroy, hurt,injure not only himself with that deadly dr-ug he uses; but also others: me while he was violating the mandatory protection act order that was intended to protect me from him; and also another poor foolish woman who was his victim in a hit and run accident that was also concealed when bribes exchanged hands. I was the unfortunate fool who once was naive enough to believe his lies and deceit, and for a long time, I did not tell all the evil he has done to me. Then I realized he is a menace to society and should be in prison. What does that have to do with this entry is a reasonable question. I suspect that the reason the government started spying on me in the first place was to catch his dr-ug activities and dealers and in the process discovered I oppose two notorious Senators with my words. I am not as naive as I once was, and I know that the Secret Police only guard certain persons and I know that the other branches of the state and local governments in Colorado are dominated by the democrats who are desperate to win the Presidential election because their blood money fortunes depend upon it. BUT GOD says "woe to that city built on blood".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Personhood for preborn humans, YES! GOOD!

Personhood for preborn humans, YES!
The Rocky Mountain News is not one of my favorite news groups for these reasons:
they run propaganda pieces for the prodeathers;
they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay liberal and usually only promote those who support killing;
and they they have no concept of the US Constitution and promote socialism as government;
and their news is usually only about sports;
and they do not allow prolifers to comment on any article whereas they allow the ignorant prodeathers too always.I have to write this part because I do not want to be coincidentally promoting a newspaper that rarely publishes real news, never publishes news about Republicans, and does not respond ever to enquiries.

BUT there is an article in today's news about the Amendment being put forward to recognize humans in the womb as human and persons in the constitution in the State of Colorado. That is good news! I am putting the url address here so you could read the article. Also I would like to publicly add my name to that petition and I would like to add it in person and would like to know where to do that, and if it is possible still.The Colorado Secretary of State's staff and I have had more than one round in a three year ongoing conflict of them trying to prevent me from registering prolife LLP's of mine in the state business services section. I think I won those but who really knows--only the State's "webmaster", or the paid by the State finance manager for the Colorado Secretary of State's business services website who three years in a row apparently revealed the confidential information of my financial accounts that I paid with,[mine alone] to someone who then did successfully close one account of mine in 2007 within a day of using my card to pay the state office [and it cleared but account was closed] and two of mine in 2006, or provided the information to the prodeathers who used illegal means to close them. I wrote about this before on this same website [last year I think] about my earthlink accounts being tampered with, and my then personal and also my business account for words that WORK LLP being closed by surreptious forces unknown to me and for no reason except that I had paid for State regulated services intended to add to my prolife causes and also paid fees to move a csse to higher Court, to protect my name and reputation in Court after being sued wrongly for a debt that was never my debt. I am writing all of this to make the point that the Colorado Secretary of State's office as far as I am able to tell is decidely enemies of the prolife cause and are not above using the State office for their own agenda. Will that prolife Amendment have a chance if it must be approved by a group notoriously not prolife? It is sort of like asking that wicked, baby-killing organization that should be named planned unparenthood to approve an amendment to end their baby-killing industry. The Colorado Secretary of State's office even though run by a Republican who should be prolife, is not prolife and makes every attempt to defeat prolife causes. So prolifers: pray without ceasing that there will be righteous people watching as they count those signatures and that they certify them with the usual methods of allowing voter initiative and not a special set designed to defeat it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Remember catholics are not Christian, they do not adhere to JESUS' words.

I have repeatedly made efforts to point out the obvious. If the catholic church really believed the teachings of JESUS including these words, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish*' and enforced that teaching in their churches,the law of the land would change suddenly.
Some of the most infamous politicians in power in the US Congress are notoriously catholic and notoriously prodeath! I am sure that you know that I oppose the democrats and why --because virtually every tenet of their Party platform opposes the words of JESUS. Their doctrine, dogma,platform whatever you define it as, is exactly opposite what JESUS said in every way. There is no such thing as the right to kill innocents. There is no such thing as the right to sodomize kids. There is no such thing as the right to sodomize those parishioners that come to your church looking for guidance.Yet those so-called values are what the democrats flaunt in the faces of the nation as their mantra or raison d'etre. There is no word in the Bible that says any nation should condone and encourage sin of any kind. Some of the same reasons I oppose the democrats are why I oppose the catholic church. The catholic church is not of GOD; I am convinced of that and for many reasons. They pray to dead humans, and worship idols.They do not acknowledge that JESUS is GOD and the Pope isn't. They have not punished their so-called priests for sodomy and molestation of minors by prosecuting them in Courts of Law. Do I need to continue ? There is no evidence that they respect civil law either collectively or individually.
What is the connection between catholics and democrats? Years ago the democrats and their big tent philosophy [that has morphed apparently to mean those who make more than $200,000 a year annually], had a common goal of supposedly "empowering" the little people of the catholics, working poor immigrant population. I have to tell you something. If you think that the alliance with the democrats has done anything for the poor then come to Denver and ride that number 15 bus to Aurora and see for yourself that the poor are as poor as ever and the catholic church spent its billions catering to those same "elite" as H Clinton likes to call Obama but not herself, and paying off Judges to prevent prosecution of their wicked.
Those in the US Senate would best be served and the nation also if the laws of the US Constitution were followed and Congress only met three months of the year and the other nine months, the Senators and Representatives lived in the neighborhoods they represent.
I have a bone to pick with the Catholic church I admit it and part of that is because of that wicked man I was married too the second time, but now divorced from and thank GOD] who was apparently raised with those demonic "values" of steal what you can, lie about everything,have s-e-x with men to get ahead, and bribe those who you can't sleep with. True catholic lack of virtue from what I have observed. That being put there so you know. I am absolutely, resolutely opposed to the catholic version of truth and consequences. Their doctrine does not endure in the long run because there is no truth to it. IF they believed what they say they believe one of two things would have to happen. Those notorious catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Arnold Swarzennegger [??spelling] would either be removed from catholicism or removed from power. The catholics try to have it both ways. Also those catholics in the US Supreme Court like Alito who as far as I could find out never voted once prolife, would not be touted as "prolife" but solidly and absolutely opposed by all prolifers.
Well, catholics which way is it? Do you serve THE LORD GOD who said not to bow down to idols,[*1], and that sodomy is abomination**,and "thou shalt not kill" and not to defraud, and not to lie, and not to steal***, or do you do your own thing? Because the Bible says, your sins will find you out.

[*1] from Exodus 20:1-3
*from Matthew 18:14
**Leviticus 18:22
***Exodus 20:15

Thursday, May 01, 2008

VOTE PROLIFE --reject Hillary/Obama

I am reminding you voters that the Presidential Election has much to do with the way we, as a nation, are perceived in the world. It does matter that the US elects a Prolife President; and the Democrats are NOT in that category. It is very obvious that neither of the democratic candidates is concerned about the future of the nation because neither will recant their wicked position of killing-humans-in-womb as their plan for gaining political power, neither will quit precisely because they are not statesmen or stateswomen but self-serving. But hey, I am Republican and pray that their fighting each other convinces the US voters to vote REPUBLICAN since John McCain is as good a prolifer as is available at the time. He could be better by voting to end embryo killing in the false name of research and he knows that, I am sure. Also remember that Hillary has already made Iran an enemy and she is not even elected and Thanks be to GOD that she is not the President! Is the goal of the once Mighty US the annihilation of ANY nation? Or any group/class of people? Though what should you expect from a woman who has gained what ever power she has politically by killing innocents-in-the-womb and advocating that as a so-called "solution" to poverty,or to bad men, or all the ills of the nation? Making the preborn the scapegoats is the usual democratic response to any problem. Did you really think she would be concerned with those in Iran or anywhere else, if she cares nothing about the innocents in the womb in her own nation? As for Obama, well it is documented he is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood, a horrible organization whose goal was eliminating the black races. Tell me why a black politician would get on that band-wagon? Does that make any sense to you? I am a white woman and it does not make any sense to me why a black man would be interested in advocating for destruction of the black races.
Here are some websites I would like for you to visit to get more info on the topic of who is or who isn't prolife and why anyone should be prolife: