Thursday, May 01, 2008

VOTE PROLIFE --reject Hillary/Obama

I am reminding you voters that the Presidential Election has much to do with the way we, as a nation, are perceived in the world. It does matter that the US elects a Prolife President; and the Democrats are NOT in that category. It is very obvious that neither of the democratic candidates is concerned about the future of the nation because neither will recant their wicked position of killing-humans-in-womb as their plan for gaining political power, neither will quit precisely because they are not statesmen or stateswomen but self-serving. But hey, I am Republican and pray that their fighting each other convinces the US voters to vote REPUBLICAN since John McCain is as good a prolifer as is available at the time. He could be better by voting to end embryo killing in the false name of research and he knows that, I am sure. Also remember that Hillary has already made Iran an enemy and she is not even elected and Thanks be to GOD that she is not the President! Is the goal of the once Mighty US the annihilation of ANY nation? Or any group/class of people? Though what should you expect from a woman who has gained what ever power she has politically by killing innocents-in-the-womb and advocating that as a so-called "solution" to poverty,or to bad men, or all the ills of the nation? Making the preborn the scapegoats is the usual democratic response to any problem. Did you really think she would be concerned with those in Iran or anywhere else, if she cares nothing about the innocents in the womb in her own nation? As for Obama, well it is documented he is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood, a horrible organization whose goal was eliminating the black races. Tell me why a black politician would get on that band-wagon? Does that make any sense to you? I am a white woman and it does not make any sense to me why a black man would be interested in advocating for destruction of the black races.
Here are some websites I would like for you to visit to get more info on the topic of who is or who isn't prolife and why anyone should be prolife:


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