Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Personhood for preborn humans, YES! GOOD!

Personhood for preborn humans, YES!
The Rocky Mountain News is not one of my favorite news groups for these reasons:
they run propaganda pieces for the prodeathers;
they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay liberal and usually only promote those who support killing;
and they they have no concept of the US Constitution and promote socialism as government;
and their news is usually only about sports;
and they do not allow prolifers to comment on any article whereas they allow the ignorant prodeathers too always.I have to write this part because I do not want to be coincidentally promoting a newspaper that rarely publishes real news, never publishes news about Republicans, and does not respond ever to enquiries.

BUT there is an article in today's news about the Amendment being put forward to recognize humans in the womb as human and persons in the constitution in the State of Colorado. That is good news! I am putting the url address here so you could read the article. Also I would like to publicly add my name to that petition and I would like to add it in person and would like to know where to do that, and if it is possible still.The Colorado Secretary of State's staff and I have had more than one round in a three year ongoing conflict of them trying to prevent me from registering prolife LLP's of mine in the state business services section. I think I won those but who really knows--only the State's "webmaster", or the paid by the State finance manager for the Colorado Secretary of State's business services website who three years in a row apparently revealed the confidential information of my financial accounts that I paid with,[mine alone] to someone who then did successfully close one account of mine in 2007 within a day of using my card to pay the state office [and it cleared but account was closed] and two of mine in 2006, or provided the information to the prodeathers who used illegal means to close them. I wrote about this before on this same website [last year I think] about my earthlink accounts being tampered with, and my then personal and also my business account for words that WORK LLP being closed by surreptious forces unknown to me and for no reason except that I had paid for State regulated services intended to add to my prolife causes and also paid fees to move a csse to higher Court, to protect my name and reputation in Court after being sued wrongly for a debt that was never my debt. I am writing all of this to make the point that the Colorado Secretary of State's office as far as I am able to tell is decidely enemies of the prolife cause and are not above using the State office for their own agenda. Will that prolife Amendment have a chance if it must be approved by a group notoriously not prolife? It is sort of like asking that wicked, baby-killing organization that should be named planned unparenthood to approve an amendment to end their baby-killing industry. The Colorado Secretary of State's office even though run by a Republican who should be prolife, is not prolife and makes every attempt to defeat prolife causes. So prolifers: pray without ceasing that there will be righteous people watching as they count those signatures and that they certify them with the usual methods of allowing voter initiative and not a special set designed to defeat it.


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