Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Telling!

A few minutes ago I was studying my computer to see what the problem is with me uploading my files to my websites from my computer and guess what I found on my computer? A file named "SST" and when I opened it, it said, "Secret Service Typewriter" !! I was not happy. I knew H Clinton was spying on me and I was reasonably sure it was through my computer since there were about 5 or 6 episodes of computer-hacker events that occurred simultaneously with my writing to oppose her. Read more about that on these websites of mine: and scroll down to the messed up entries where one entry was laid on top of another by hackers to try to obliterate what I had written opposing Hillary.
Also I have to add this. I saw immediately after I posted this that the US Supreme Court posted an article on yahoo news about child p*rnography. I do not have anything to do with that and in fact, tell people/viewers on my websites that I report what appears to be illegal or immoral content coming in through comments on my websites, to the authorities. My paintings are always decent and always moral. But they were trying to do what is called "damage control" for Kennedy and Clinton, by trying to make the public think the Secret Service would be spying on me for immoral or illegal reasons. The spin of those billion dollar baby-killers' PR campaigns is evil. Also I found on my computer a file named "" and that explained some of the problems with me uploading the images of my paintings to my websites. A field on a computer is a designated aread for interactive content to be added to it so for a file to switch the fields would only be for evil purposes. An example of that would be to switch the ip addresses of the static ip which I am reasonably sure was done on a regular basis to me which is why my info "did not match" the hacker's computer. It should not have matched the hacker's computer! But when you have a software system that was hacked by well paid hackers of those running for office telling the computer to switch important pieces of information then you have sabotage. Now why would Hillary or Ted Kennedy want to sabotage me, an artist and Registered Nurse, you might ask. They both made their millions off the blood and tissues of aborted babies sort of like rich elite of Hitler's era made their money off the gold teeth, and skins of the gassed Jews. And I oppose them on the grounds of that, and absolutely do all in my power to show how evil an abortion is, and one of those ways is with my painting, 'Birthing a Baby' at That is the only motivation they would have for attempting to prevent me from uploading images of my paintings. They profit from killing innocents and I oppose that, and them, nearly every day of my life.
Also, I am also reasonably sure what sent Ted Kennedy to the hospital was being discovered by the FBI for computer crimes also. He is a manipulator of the public if ever there was one.
Also I decided that in the interest of being fair, I would tell the public how this probably got started. I was married for a second time during the years of Dec 2002 until Oct 29,2007 to man named Dana Ben Pappas but that may not be his real name as I later discovered. I am divorced from him and I removed the Pappas name from my name by court order after divorce. He is a coc-aine addict, a felon,a violent homosexual man who deceived not only me but a whole lot of women. He made a plea bargain --his fourth or fifth one that I knew of to rat on the dr-ug dealers supposedly in the Denver area in exchange for immunity of prosecution. In the four years I was married to him he broke probably 20 laws or more but each time he was "protected" from prosecution because he made a deal with the devil. It is with the devil because he is allowed to destroy, hurt,injure not only himself with that deadly dr-ug he uses; but also others: me while he was violating the mandatory protection act order that was intended to protect me from him; and also another poor foolish woman who was his victim in a hit and run accident that was also concealed when bribes exchanged hands. I was the unfortunate fool who once was naive enough to believe his lies and deceit, and for a long time, I did not tell all the evil he has done to me. Then I realized he is a menace to society and should be in prison. What does that have to do with this entry is a reasonable question. I suspect that the reason the government started spying on me in the first place was to catch his dr-ug activities and dealers and in the process discovered I oppose two notorious Senators with my words. I am not as naive as I once was, and I know that the Secret Police only guard certain persons and I know that the other branches of the state and local governments in Colorado are dominated by the democrats who are desperate to win the Presidential election because their blood money fortunes depend upon it. BUT GOD says "woe to that city built on blood".


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