Thursday, February 23, 2006

Legacy of abortion framed by a "law"

First I want to write to South Dakota: you are the number one STATE in this nation and God bless you every one. I am praying for you to be so bold, so determined, so absolutely sure that it is the right thing to do to end the killing of innocents, that you move the "mountain" of evil that is commonly called the Supreme Court.

T.H.E.N.* I want to reiterate what is obvious to people with sense, that the macabre practice of killing and dismembering, that is the way abortion is done, is the exact legacy of the abortion "law" that was illegally decided by the US Supreme Court in 1973. To call such wickedness "heatlh care" defies sanity. Killing of innocent babies whether one cell with the blueprint or multiple or entire babies, is evil in its most wicked form and it is the most heinous of all crimes for a mother to kill her offspring. The nation and every nation has to end such "rights" as the false right to kill anybody. The Commandment of God is "thou shalt not kill". [Exodus 20:13] The wicked ngo mislabeled as "Planned Parenthood" makes Billions off the killing and dismembering of tiny humans, and they are the number one enemy of the human race.Why they have not had the RICO ACT turned on them and their network can only be explained by the corruption of the Justice Dept and the Supreme Court. Planned Unparenthood has killed more innocents in the past 33 years in all the nations of the world, than all the tyrannical dictators, more than the wars, more than disease. They are truly EVIL and they must be stopped and the way to do that peacefully is to remove their funding from all sources!

* see link to my blog about T.H.E.N

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

About how much fed regulation of "education"

The author of the Yahoo article stating that there is no federal control of schools must think all Americans either can't read or don't read, or didn't have children in public schools anywhere in the past 20 years.The control the feds exercise over all public schools is exceeded only by communist nations. Let me list the particulars:
1) Which high schools, universities, med schools and colleges get federal grant money and how much?
2) Which Professors get grants and national recognition for doing the jobs they are paid to do?
3) What is the curriculum of each and every school?
4)Which Principals, Assistants, Lead teachers get to travel on the taxpayers' dime?
5) Who is hired has to be based upon federal standards of employment putting veterans and minorities and other classes ahead of those merely "qualified".
6) What is said in the teacher's interview must conform to NEA standards of anti-God words, and anti-liberty.
7) How often students are randomly searched, their lockers and desks, and personal effects, without a search warrant?
8) How often they are allowed to ask questions depends more upon what the teacher thinks they will rather say than the fairness of each speaking in turn.
9) The content of the answers is ranked according to federal "standards" which are reinforcement of brain-washing "lessons" instead of encouraging thinking, writing and reading.
10) Who is allowed the use of student money?
11) What groups are allowed to use school facilities generally interpreted as only those groups who hate God, or are willing to endure continued persecution for the "right" to equal treatment under the laws of the school board.
12) What groups or students can "lead" any thing?
13) Who is selected as Valedictorian, generally only a secular, atheist, unless someone sues the school.
14) Who gets to go to government indoctrination sessions in other states? or nations?
15) Who gets the backing of the school board for elections?
16) Who controls the school board decisions?
17) Whose work as teacher, or Professor, gets published?
18) Who gets the union dues?
19) What topics can be discussed?
20) What ideas will be acknowledged?
21) Which political party gets their images in the hallways?
22) Which textbooks will be required?
23) Which accessory, brand,color, manufacturer will be required as "mandatory for all students"?
24) Which TV programs will be included as "media" for mandatory watching?
25) Which substitute teachers will be hired in regard to which Political persuasion they are?
26) Which students will be suspended for not following the rules?
27) Which students will be ostracized?
28) Which students will be labeled "ADD" for life diminishing their chances of a good education and substituting in drugging them to make them compliant?
29) Which students will be passed through without learning?
30) Which students will be allowed to "graduate with diploma or degree without qualifying; and which will have to work academically for it?
31) Which student will graduate in tens of thousands of dollars of debt,and which will graduate rich with huge job offers?
32) Which students in which classes get real Professors and which get student TA's?
33) Which students are given privileges on campus and which are excluded?
Have I made my point? signed gloria poole RN aka gloria poole pappas
PS This is the same article I posted on Yahoo message boards because I absolutely oppose brain-washing of anybody. "Where the Spirit of The Lord is,there is liberty" but it is not liberty to do evil.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Jesus, the Living God resides in heaven, not things

The topic of who God is the subject that is so inflammatory that people march in the streets,burn religious centers that are considered by one group or the other as the "house" of God. Jesus said, ...believe Me,the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain,nor yet at Jerusalem, worship THE FATHER. Ye worship ye not know what; we worship what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews [Jesus is of the lineage of David] But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship THE FATHER in Spirit and in truth; for THE FATHER seeketh such to worship HIM. God is a Spirit and they that worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in truth." John4:21-24
The Scriptures warn repeatedly about making images of God, or bowing down to idols. It is so absurd really when you think of it in a microcosm sort of way. If you had a spouse and that person ignored you and instead went a bought a cheap item, a thing and then worshipped it,bowed to it, gave it money, put flowers before it, kissed it ,prayed to it and sang it's praises, how long would you tolerate that behaviour? God is not a thing. He does not reside in things. HE does not condone sin. He does reside on the cross but in heaven [Revelation 1:5,17,18].He does not allow killing, or sodomy, or coveting,or stealing, or deceiving, or destruction. HE is pure love, pure light, pure truth ,pure joy, pure blessings for those who love HIM and honor HIS Holy and sacred name. If you read the Scriptures especially the book of John in the New Testament [and I love the power packed words and the poetic language of the King James English Bible] you will learn of Jesus, and HIS love, HIS mercy, His eternal truths condensed to a few sentences recorded by others. HE was so earth shattering literally that the evil forces of the enemy of God who is satan, thought he had gotten rid of Jesus by crucifying HIM, but the Creator of all life took the "keys of hell and of death" [Revelation 1: 18] away from satan, and took back HIS life; and mocked satan by doing so. IF you know JESUS then HE knows you, and that is the whole entire worship service--to honor, praise, make your petitions to HIM and HE answers those who come to HIM with a broken and contrite heart. Jesus does not turn sinners away unless and until they reject HIM repeatedly.. then the Scripture says that those people become "reprobate" and though it is not the will of THE FATHER that any should perish the second death, HE does not force any to receive HIM. It is entirely a decision made by the will, i.e. the conscious desire to please God, of a person who subjects himself or herself to the ONE and ONLY GOD, to listen too, learn, obey the truth of God, and live by the Commandments of God, and when a person does that, God gives all that is needed,a loving husband or wife, food, raiment, protection, and children, the greatest blessings of all.

* Whatever the value of any thing it is cheap compared to the MAJESTIC HOLY GOD.Those who worship idols, or rocks, or buildings, or images of humans or their supposed idea of what God looks like,who pray to things, or to dead or living humans and bow to things whether statues or images of things or humans,and worship false gods, while avoiding the real Living LORD,the Spirit of all life, the force of the world, the Creator, The Saviour, Redeemer, Messiah, Jehovah, Jesus who came to earth from heaven with a salvation plan that only HE HIMSELF could accomplish, who took upon HIS own flesh the sins of the world and nailed them to the Cross with HIM, rose again and lives now eternally. HE is alive forevermore, and said "Fear not! I AM HE that liveth, and was dead; and behold I AM alive forevermore,
Amen and have the keys of hell and of death." [Revelation 1: 17b-18}

Sunday, February 05, 2006

When my daddy was a fox-hunting young man

I have uploaded an image of my daddy [last name is Poole] sent to me by my sister, of my daddy when he was a young, fox hunting man in South Georgia. Sometimes I am very sad still over my father's death in Dec, 2004 because I wanted so much for him to enjoy life more, and live longer. I have written about him on several occasions including today as comments about his Military duty and sense of gratitude for America and veterans on either Townhall or Conservative Voice. Also in my website, is a tribute to him .My daddy was an honorable man in many ways and many people appreciated him. So many people told me at his funeral how much they admired him and enjoyed his company, and I was amazed to hear that, because he was stern with us, unyielding. He was a strict disciplinarian, and there was a time when I resented that.

Today, I say a very late but public Thank you to my daddy in heaven for all the times he taught me what was the right thing to do, and made me behave. We live in an era in history when good men are rare as hen's teeth, it seems, and when good men who stand up and be counted for righteousness, almost are nonexistent. I learned right is right and wrong is wrong by my daddy's example and of course from the Scriptures. I pray he knows in heaven how much I love him still. signed gloria poole