Wednesday, February 22, 2006

About how much fed regulation of "education"

The author of the Yahoo article stating that there is no federal control of schools must think all Americans either can't read or don't read, or didn't have children in public schools anywhere in the past 20 years.The control the feds exercise over all public schools is exceeded only by communist nations. Let me list the particulars:
1) Which high schools, universities, med schools and colleges get federal grant money and how much?
2) Which Professors get grants and national recognition for doing the jobs they are paid to do?
3) What is the curriculum of each and every school?
4)Which Principals, Assistants, Lead teachers get to travel on the taxpayers' dime?
5) Who is hired has to be based upon federal standards of employment putting veterans and minorities and other classes ahead of those merely "qualified".
6) What is said in the teacher's interview must conform to NEA standards of anti-God words, and anti-liberty.
7) How often students are randomly searched, their lockers and desks, and personal effects, without a search warrant?
8) How often they are allowed to ask questions depends more upon what the teacher thinks they will rather say than the fairness of each speaking in turn.
9) The content of the answers is ranked according to federal "standards" which are reinforcement of brain-washing "lessons" instead of encouraging thinking, writing and reading.
10) Who is allowed the use of student money?
11) What groups are allowed to use school facilities generally interpreted as only those groups who hate God, or are willing to endure continued persecution for the "right" to equal treatment under the laws of the school board.
12) What groups or students can "lead" any thing?
13) Who is selected as Valedictorian, generally only a secular, atheist, unless someone sues the school.
14) Who gets to go to government indoctrination sessions in other states? or nations?
15) Who gets the backing of the school board for elections?
16) Who controls the school board decisions?
17) Whose work as teacher, or Professor, gets published?
18) Who gets the union dues?
19) What topics can be discussed?
20) What ideas will be acknowledged?
21) Which political party gets their images in the hallways?
22) Which textbooks will be required?
23) Which accessory, brand,color, manufacturer will be required as "mandatory for all students"?
24) Which TV programs will be included as "media" for mandatory watching?
25) Which substitute teachers will be hired in regard to which Political persuasion they are?
26) Which students will be suspended for not following the rules?
27) Which students will be ostracized?
28) Which students will be labeled "ADD" for life diminishing their chances of a good education and substituting in drugging them to make them compliant?
29) Which students will be passed through without learning?
30) Which students will be allowed to "graduate with diploma or degree without qualifying; and which will have to work academically for it?
31) Which student will graduate in tens of thousands of dollars of debt,and which will graduate rich with huge job offers?
32) Which students in which classes get real Professors and which get student TA's?
33) Which students are given privileges on campus and which are excluded?
Have I made my point? signed gloria poole RN aka gloria poole pappas
PS This is the same article I posted on Yahoo message boards because I absolutely oppose brain-washing of anybody. "Where the Spirit of The Lord is,there is liberty" but it is not liberty to do evil.


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