Thursday, February 23, 2006

Legacy of abortion framed by a "law"

First I want to write to South Dakota: you are the number one STATE in this nation and God bless you every one. I am praying for you to be so bold, so determined, so absolutely sure that it is the right thing to do to end the killing of innocents, that you move the "mountain" of evil that is commonly called the Supreme Court.

T.H.E.N.* I want to reiterate what is obvious to people with sense, that the macabre practice of killing and dismembering, that is the way abortion is done, is the exact legacy of the abortion "law" that was illegally decided by the US Supreme Court in 1973. To call such wickedness "heatlh care" defies sanity. Killing of innocent babies whether one cell with the blueprint or multiple or entire babies, is evil in its most wicked form and it is the most heinous of all crimes for a mother to kill her offspring. The nation and every nation has to end such "rights" as the false right to kill anybody. The Commandment of God is "thou shalt not kill". [Exodus 20:13] The wicked ngo mislabeled as "Planned Parenthood" makes Billions off the killing and dismembering of tiny humans, and they are the number one enemy of the human race.Why they have not had the RICO ACT turned on them and their network can only be explained by the corruption of the Justice Dept and the Supreme Court. Planned Unparenthood has killed more innocents in the past 33 years in all the nations of the world, than all the tyrannical dictators, more than the wars, more than disease. They are truly EVIL and they must be stopped and the way to do that peacefully is to remove their funding from all sources!

* see link to my blog about T.H.E.N


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