Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thank you for releasing Christians

Open Letter to the Afghan government and the group that was holding the Christian man who converted to Christianity and the Journalist Jill Carroll.

Thank you for releasing the Christians. I want you to know that I appreciate that very much! The Christians are not your enemies--we are seeking peace. IF you serve the true and ONE God, you should also be seeking peace on earth, as God is a peaceful and loving God. We, Christians, also serve the Living God, who is Spirit and life. Journalists are not your enemies as a general rule, but are there to tell your stories and help the cause of truth, and life. Having said that, remember that not all people are good, no matter what their faith is placed in, and not all people adhere to what their faith believes either.In Revelations Jesus said that the false religions/false prophets for example, unfaithful Muslims,pretender Christians,idolators, and those of the "synagogue of satan" to use the phrase from the Bible, will be judged by God HIMSELF.
If you commit sin, it is held against you by God HIMSELF unless you repent.The Living Messiah, does not destroy, and in fact,said, "even so it is not the will of your Father [in heaven] that one of these little ones should perish.". What matters to God is the person's relationship to the Living God, and you must judge a person by their fruits, by what they accomplish for the Lord, and how they let their light shine before men, so the Father in heaven might be glorified. Jesus the Messiah,THE GOD in the flesh who was created by the breath, Spirit of God, and was and is God,[and is alive] died in the place of all humans that we humans might have life and have it more abundantly. [John 10:10] Jesus does not call for you to die for HIM, but to live for HIM, and to be a bright and shining star for HIS work and HIS glory. The book of Revelations tells us that there will be a Judgement Day and Jesus will be the Judge and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that Jesus is Lord. There will be no atheists on that day, when each human shall bow before THE GOD, and give an account of his or her deeds on earth.
Everyone in this life, experiences problems and stress, but when you do not let those problems shake your faith, and you do not murmur against God, or curse HIS HOLY NAME, then HE will deliver you from evil, if you have a personal relationship with HIM. Jesus is alive forevermore according to Revelations and HE knows your name.I can attest to that, since HE called me by name when I was a child. If you want to know the Living LORD, ask HIM to reveal HIMSELF to you and HE will. HE is faithful.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Afghanis: Please release Christian A.Rahman

Open Letter to the Afghanistan government: please release Christian Abdul Rahman, since the worship of God is not a crime in Islam or Christian or Jewish nations, is it? There is ONE God and ONE mediator,Jesus-- the Messiah,and HE is the "mediator" between heaven and earth, that Christians acknowledge. Also,the Qu'ran talks of Jesus, known to you as Isa. True Christians who worship God are not the enemies of Islam, and we Christians, [I am absolutely Christian!] would be your greatest allies, if you acknowledge that we also acknowledge there is ONE God in heaven. Jesus said "I and the Father [in heaven] are ONE." John 10:30. This does not mean that we have two Gods--it means that God The HOLY Spirit took upon HIMSELF the human form in order to be the perfect sacrifice for the humans who had fallen into sin, and then HE by HIS own power raised HIMSELF from the dead and lives in heaven. Revelation 1 is the revelation of Jesus to the prophet John, and in that Jesus says, fear not,I am the first and the last.I AM HE that was dead and is alive. I am alive! and have the keys of hell and of death. Please I ask you to release Christian Abdul Rahman, and if he is not a true Christian, then pray for his soul, but executing him for his beliefs,will not save him! Give daily prayers for him that he might not go to hell, if you have any doubts about his relationship to God. People are won to God by faith not by swords !

* False "christians", who bown down before idols, statutes or things are different and they are deceivers. True Christians do not bow down to idols or worship humans, or things, but worship GOD in heaven only.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Jesus wins every time!

I am a living testimony for the goodness of God, and for the ability of God to overcome evil. The fact that I am still here is testimony of that! The past 3 years of my life has been in some ways, the worst of my life. Three years ago,I accidentally married a cocaine addict and a pretender of Christianity, and I am still trying to regain my life and my work from his and his accomplice's, treachery. Why you may ask do I write this for the public? My answer would be that there are so many young women in the world who could potentially make the same mistake that I did that I want to educate them on the issues of this topic. From the position of looking back to three years ago, here is what I learned:
1) never trust a man who takes your last dime or dollar,
2) never go out with a man who says he "used to be a drug addict",
3) never associate your honest name with a man who "used to be a drug addict";
4) never give confidential info to such a man;
5) never put items that matter to you within his reach;
6) never sign over anything to him [like a check or make out a check to him] and never leave your confidential info where he can find it;
7) never trust a man who lies on average 3-5 times in 8 hours;
8) never trust a man who lies to your daddy;
9) never trust a man who hates your children;
10) never trust a man who strong-arms you and demands money;
11) never trust a man or be in the presence of man who whispers threats to you;
12) never trust a man who would take the money your daddy sent you to go home on, put it into his account telling you he will give you the cash;
13) never trust a man who has been ever been a cocaine addict;
14) never trust a man who sweet talks you but oogles every woman that walks by him;
15) never trust a man who when he goes out with you [on a date] jumps out of the car and takes off;
16) never give a man who drives off and leaves you at a shopping mall, a second chance.
17) never trust a man who tells you he has to go see his "mama" at midnight;
18) never trust a man whose mother cannot remember your name;
19) never trust a man whose mama "took" a man's name without benefit of marriage;
20) never trust a man whose mama hates you on sight;
21) never trust a man who says he is Christian, but curses, uses profanity, has a four word vocubulary of vulgar and vile words;
22) never trust a man you find looking through your coat pockets;
23) never trust a man who cannot be relied upon for anything.
24) never trust a man who does a "drive by drop off" of you as if you were a sack of trash slung from the car into the dumpster;
25) never trust a man who tells you he is giving you a gift then within 24 hours is searching your aprt for it, saying you "were only holding it for him";
26) never trust a man who thinks hurting you is funny;
27) never trust a man who gets his thrills by making you cry.
28) never trust a man that does not put you on the top of the priority list for his day;
29) never trust a man who curses at you if you are happy or sing;
30) never trust a man who would ask you for your last dime, or quarter, or dollar at the check out stand as he unfolds his hundreds to flash them about to impress the clerk;
31) never trust a man who is kissy, kissy in public, but prowls about at night in the wee hours;
32) never trust a man who can change his voice to impersonate;
33) never trust a man who writes that a person can say he is heterosexual or homosexual depending upon circumstances; and who "would know the difference?" ;
34)never trust a man who calls every woman "sweetheart" and chases waitresses around the restaurant;
and never trust a man who will not go to Church with you where the real Bible is read.
When I write these out I realize what a fool I was! And the only hope I have is Jesus the Messiah, Redeemer, friend, Saviour, who said HE overcomes evil.