Thursday, March 23, 2006

Afghanis: Please release Christian A.Rahman

Open Letter to the Afghanistan government: please release Christian Abdul Rahman, since the worship of God is not a crime in Islam or Christian or Jewish nations, is it? There is ONE God and ONE mediator,Jesus-- the Messiah,and HE is the "mediator" between heaven and earth, that Christians acknowledge. Also,the Qu'ran talks of Jesus, known to you as Isa. True Christians who worship God are not the enemies of Islam, and we Christians, [I am absolutely Christian!] would be your greatest allies, if you acknowledge that we also acknowledge there is ONE God in heaven. Jesus said "I and the Father [in heaven] are ONE." John 10:30. This does not mean that we have two Gods--it means that God The HOLY Spirit took upon HIMSELF the human form in order to be the perfect sacrifice for the humans who had fallen into sin, and then HE by HIS own power raised HIMSELF from the dead and lives in heaven. Revelation 1 is the revelation of Jesus to the prophet John, and in that Jesus says, fear not,I am the first and the last.I AM HE that was dead and is alive. I am alive! and have the keys of hell and of death. Please I ask you to release Christian Abdul Rahman, and if he is not a true Christian, then pray for his soul, but executing him for his beliefs,will not save him! Give daily prayers for him that he might not go to hell, if you have any doubts about his relationship to God. People are won to God by faith not by swords !

* False "christians", who bown down before idols, statutes or things are different and they are deceivers. True Christians do not bow down to idols or worship humans, or things, but worship GOD in heaven only.


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