Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileaks: publish those SOS documents! Update

Update to previous entry:
I read the headlines in the NY times today that an effort to prosecute Wikileaks for publishing content given to him by a spy in the Sec of State's office, will be an uphill battle. Precisely because the entire purpose of an unregulated press is to hold governments accountable for their actions. H Clinton and B Obama have spied on virtually every Republican, Christian prolifer since they got into their first office. That is because true republicans and prolifers and born again Christians oppose them vehemently oppose them for their killing scheme of the unborn/preborn as a class.

If the First Amendment does not protect freedom of the presses, what does it protect? The nation has seen primary school children suspended for wearing t-shirts with reverential respect for GOD's name. And RN's,pharmacists,medical doctors have been fired for opposing abortion ,which is an act of premeditated murder and not a medical procedure.And prolifers have endure rampant violations of their civil liberties since the first President from hell Bill Clinton created the equivalent of Nazi SS troops protecting the sidewlks of abortuaries. So if Julian Assange is prosecuted for informing the nation and all nations of the true thoughts of US Ambassadors, Sec of State and President, then the U S will have made total transition to communism, which seems to be "Barry" Obama's intent/goal.

And about spying on the citizens, read this article in link to Wall St journal yesterday:
Article in Wall St journal about companies using your email and info
from you cell phones and computers,gathered without your permission,
for their own purposes:
12:19 PM 12/1/2010

And how to prevent ingerprinting of computers by those companies:
basically diable javascript on broswer
and torbutton [see]

Leaving this on post because it is the background of my comments today [2-Dec-2010 @ 6;09am central time]:
I read of Julian Assange's intent to publish "classified " documents of the U. S. Secretary of States conversations with world leaders and embassies [Ambassadors] and U. S. President as they 'assessed' the leadership of other nations in derogatory terms apparently. Now the U S Sec of State and President are having a 'hissy fit' because their two-faced negotiations are about to be exposed. So they are putting political pressure on Wikileaks not to publish those documents, citing US law for so-called 'classified' documents. But I have this question: if they were marked classified how did Assuange get them in the first place? Is Secretary of State's office NOT secure? A spy amongst them? That would certainly be the justice of GOD since that dept spies on US citizens without a court order and for political gain of H and B Clinton, and routinely, as a way of life.

So go ahead Wikileaks publish what you have. We, the people of the U S, want to know what the real goals of Sec of State Clinton and Pres Obama are in the area of foreign policy and how they have interfered/manipulated other nations. And what they think when not in front of a tv camera and photo-op.

Get it done for the sake of this nation and every nation so we see the despots in action.
Gloria Poole;9:05AM;28/Nov/2010;in Missouri
Update with this information from BBC news' US and Canada section today [Monday,29th of Nov]:'In July the US Department of State revealed he had access to the
Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (Siprnet) - a system
which allows government and diplomatic information to be shared.'
This quote is from article in BBC news/ world-us-canada section today
entitled "US embassy cables: The background":
3:36 PM 11/29/2010 And contiued with : "The full batch consists of 251,287 documents,
comprising 261,276,536 words - which
the website says is seven times the size of its Iraq documents

The cables cover messages sent between 1966 and 2010 and
originate from 274 US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions,"
the website says." [end quoted material from BBC news]
These 'leaks' to use their words sounds more like a spy works for H Clinton in her office as Sec of State. A smart woman would be firing her entire staff for those so-called leaks,but we know H Clinton is devious not smart.She needs those spies to keep her informed of Obama's plans and those of her 'enemies' who oppose her on blogs.
Gloria Poole;time as above paragraph.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pakistan please release Christian woman

This is my open letter to the country of Pakistan to appeal for mercy for the woman
accused of "blasphemy" for saying prophet of Islam was human man and not GOD:

To the President of Pakistan who has the power to pardon the Christian woman who was involved in a word skirmish with another worker and who stated her religious opinion of who the man Mohammed was upon his death [mere mortal], I ask for the mercy Muslim people routinely say that is the very character of GOD HIMSELF. Does not your people say praises to Al-Lah the most merciful? Where is the mercy that Muslims want in America to practice and live by, and speak their beliefs? Where is the attitude of the President there that religious faith must be allowed even when different from Islam?
Where is religious liberty in Pakistan?

If Pakistan ever wants to be viewed by the world as just and righteous and fair, they must not imprison and punish religious or political speech. A strong nation could endure those liberties given to the people, and be better for it.

I am also Christian and I also believe that Mohammed was not GOD, but a mere mortal man who had revelations that seem to have included some divine teaching, as did the Old Testament prophets recorded in the Holy Bible. I read some of your Qu'ran tranlated to English to see for myself if it taught the worship of Mohammed, and it did not seem too, but I do not own a Qu'ran and was reading excerpts in English only, so what I read may not have been the whole picture at all, and in fact, I am sure it was not. But here's the thing : if your faith is real and IF your prophet were a true prophet-- man of GOD Christians would say--, then his legacy will stand the test of time and also criticism. If the governments of Saudi Arabia,Pakistan, and all Muslim countries have to protect the prophet from thought by non-muslims and or criticism from non-muslims, then the prophet must be mere mortal man after all,needing the protection of government enforced silence against him.

If your prophet's words cannot stand alone to defend his teaching, then he is nor a prophet of GOD, because GOD said HIS words do not return void or empty-handed but accomplish the will of GOD that GOD intended when HE spoke them to a prophet.

Here is a scripture, I want to share with you from the King James Holy Bible:
"..there is ONE body [of believers] and ONE Spirit; even as ye are called in ONE hope of your calling: ONE LORD, one faith,one baptism,ONE GOD AND FATHER of all, Who is above all, and through all, and in you all [if believers]." Ephesians 4:4-6

[JESUS said] he that is of GOD, heareth GOD's words; ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of GOD," John 8:47, KJV.

Gloria Poole; 7:39AM;21-Nov-2010;at my apt in Missouri