Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Prolife Comments that RMN censored today

Here are my [Gloria Poole, RN] comments that the proabort newspaper The Rocky Mountain News would not let me post to their commentary section today because I am prolife. They generally only allow the ignorant and/or wicked or the proaborts to post comments to their so-called news, censoring with deliberation the comments of prolifers in order to violate the First Amendment to the US Constitution that gives
citizens free press. Prior restraint of free speech is unconstitutional but it would take a lawsuit to convince The Denver Post about that. My best guess as to why they censor prolifers is because their income is derived from proaborts.Their news is not the news at all but a marketing tool for the wicked. Read more on the subject of their big abortion contributor misnamed Planned Parenthood at this site of mine: and why I think Hillary should be tried in an international Court of law for crimes against humanity and then hanged.

My comments opposing abortion:

There is a Hippocratic oath. The fact that some secular medical schools

no longer require it upon graduation of medical students proves nothing

except that medicine as a profession in America may not have the best

interest of the sick, injured, infirm, as the first goal. The oath does

include the words "first do no harm" meaning if a physician does not

have the skill and wisdom to help a person he should at least not harm

the person; and it goes further and requires that the physician give no

abortifacient. That latter sentence is probably why the wicked have tried

to remove it from the physicians' consciences collectively. The wicked

want physicians to do their bidding to kill those they call "unwanted"

and that sentence of no abortifacients was a snag in their abortion

machinery conveyor belts. Consciences get in the way [if the conscience

is not seared with evil] is the way the wicked think. That is why

indoctrination/ brainwashing propaganda is pumped into most US

schools by the hour 6 hours per day five days per week. The idea of

wicked societies that wicked women could kill their unborn children was

around since The Bible started recording human events and GOD's

responses to them. In fact, why do you think GOD wrote a Commandment

in stone, "thou shalt not kill"? [Exodus 20:13] Precisely because those

without knowledge of GOD were doing that six thousand years or more

To address the woman who is uneducated about the truth of the human

in the womb: The human being that develops in the womb of the woman

is not part of the woman's body. She or he resides in the womb the way

you reside in your dwelling, and the umbilical cord is the life-line to the

food, oxygen, and disposal of waste that the developing baby needs. The

umbilical cord develops gradually because at first the baby is attached to

the wall of the uterus, and the cells divide so rapidly and

continuously that the baby develops quickly. The ongoing development

of the human is a fascinating science to study, and I would recommend it

to you. The human being in the womb is totally separate from the mother

and has own organs, own heart that starts beating surprisingly quickly,

own brain, own hands, feet, legs and arms. I think you would learn by

watching a sonogram done. There is more on this subject on one of my

websites at if you are interested.

Remember the number of cells is not what defines humanity but the

humanness of the cells. Human parents produce

humans.It is called the law of the species that every species reproduces

its own kind and only its own kind.

It is not in the best interest of any woman to kill, because there is a

Judgement Day and GOD will be the JUDGE and HE will judge her for

premeditated killing of an innocent, if she does not repent and turn away from that

sin. Her conscience will bother her, and

she will have nightmares, unhappiness, depression, suicidal idealogy

according to the many reports that document what happens to women

who abort. About sixty million women in the US are sterile, infertile as a

result of abortion and that makes them less marriageble. Men generally marry

because they want children, heirs. Some rare

men are willing to adopt children. It is always a wrong to kill, never a

"right" and there are many many women in the US who would tell you

that. Read more on the "Silent NO more" campaign of a million women

who testified that their abortions ruined their lives.
signed gloria poole, RN, licensed in Colorado.
8:07 AM 1/13/2008
Note that I am divorced in Arapahoe County Colorado and have resumed my maiden name and my RN license is also corrected to my maiden name. The old url on this blog has not changed however because this blog has much writing of mine on it.


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