Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More proof of Hillary's hackers

A couple of entries ago on this blog I complained about Hillary's hackers and the State of Colorado's Secretary of States ' office mishandling of my funds, my registration and my civil liberties and included a link to the blog where I did that writing as; and and scroll til you see the entries laid one on top of the other and the words in red, "Hillary's hackers on the job".
If you visit that blog today at you will see that the entries are not showing. The ultimate form of censorship is to "black out" the message entirely which is what the mainstream press usually does to prevent prolifers from protesting the abomination of abortion. I urge you to look at that bloglines blog of mine because it has two years of entries of my writing on it, and yet it is not showing because why? Because I protested the government something which citizens of the US have the liberty to do, under the auspices of the First Amendment. I am documenting in some way every time censorship of my words occurs. signed gloria poole, RN, licensed in Colorado.


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