Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baptists,reject 'new'covenant with old devil.

It is 11:28 am and I have walked out of the church of Bill Clinton and probably will never return to it. I was informed and so was the Congregation of the First Baptist Church of Denver that wicked, ungodly, heathen,adultering, lying, scandalous Bill Clinton is devising a "new " covenant for Baptists. Let me tell you that anything or any idea that wicked man has or his equally wicked wife is NOT from GOD. The Master is NOT Bill Clinton and I defy anyone to say otherwise. The fact that the very enemies of GOD have manipulated the Baptists churches and their pastors to preach from the pulpits across the nation the doctrine of the devil infuriates me! You who believe in JESUS The Only Master and the ONLY GOD and the ONLY LORD reject the false doctrine of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as any authority. They have submitted too and preached every lie of the devil. Their "new covenant" preaches the "diversity of religion" and the tolerance of sin, and the acceptance of the devil's lie .
Isn't JESUS The [only] Way, The Truth and The Life? JESUS said so in John 14: 6. JESUS HIMSELF is the New Testament, the New Covenant with GOD' and I defy the Clintons, and the Carters and anyone who thinks any human on earth is going to do more for the lost than JESUS! Reject the false doctrines of the devil who would deceive you into thinking that they are trying to unite believers when what they are trying to do is dilute the power of JESUS and the power of the Southern Baptists and the very word of GOD simultaneously; and substitute in that same old tired lie of the devil that "ye shall be as gods" [Genesis 3:5] IF only you defy GOD's words. Hillary and Bill Clinton are liars from hell! Don't be deceived by their efforts to hijack the Southern Baptists believers for their evil 'new age' a/k/a "new covenant" religion in today's news timed to be two days before the so-called super Tuesday when many states hold their primaries. The old age truth of GOD, "The Ancient of Days" is true and superior and it stands the test of time. In the Southern Baptists religion or any religion based upon the truth of GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS only Representative on the earth who was and is JESUS, those who lie to defy GOD are from the devil. The so-called "new covenant' is the "new deal" socialism that is the mantra of Billary {Bill and Hillary Communists} and I ask you to reject it totally. Don't worship at any church where the opening sermon begins with the words that Bill Clinton is devising a new covenant for the Baptists. Reject hypocrisy, liars and adulterers as your leaders. Reject the devil. Reject the use of pulpits in Baptists' and other denomination's to promote the devil's lie that Hillary is the new Saviour. Hillary is from the devil. And you know how I know that, because she has been complicent in the murders of hundreds of millions of innocents and has openly and repeatedly defied the words GOD HIMSELF wrote in stone of "thou shalt not kill". [Exodus 20:13]
If Jimmy Carter is a true believer he ought to be ashamed of himself for participating in that charade to fool Baptists into voting for Billary. It is abomination to use the pulpit of GOD to promote the devil's own.
signed gloria poole Christian believer in JESUS as the New Testament; and also am RN, artist, and writer.


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