Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hey, y'all, I am still alive, still thankful to God

Hey, y'all! I am still here on the earth--haven't died or forsaken my work. I have been extraordinarily caught up in the legal system lately. Here is one thing I have realized that acutely affects the issues of life for the innocents in the womb. The innocent in this country are not necessarily protected by the US Constitution to the same degree that the criminal indicted by a Grand Jury would be. A lawyer told me years ago that the civil liberties of the Amendments were for the guilty only, as interpreted by most lawyers and Judges. That should shock you, because it is the absolute duty of any level of government to protect the innocent. In fact, that is the only real purpose of any government and the purpose of militaries,and fleets on the seas, and Armed Forces, and spy networks. However, what has happened in the US, that began with the Roe infamous and illegal decision by the US "Supreme" * Court, was the innocents were relegated to a second class status behind the wicked. Think about it. The wicked woman who wants to kill her own offspring is indeed one of the most wicked persons that could ever exist in the human realm. There is no more heinous a crime than that crime of a mother killing an innocent baby to make her own life so-called "better", [their justification for abortion & not mine].
I have discovered just how entrenched the false doctrine of civil-liberties-at-the- whim-of-the-"supremes" is when I was sued falsely for a debt I never in any way contracted for, and have to countersue to get relief. The mere fact that I never contracted in writing or verbally, or by performance for the debt, or had ever applied to contract for the debt, did not prevent me from having to go to Court numerous times to explain myself and state my defense & objections, and provide evidence, and go on record protecting my name and reputation. The premise that the innocent have to somehow defend their right to exist happened when the Roe decision was perverted.** thus redefining the concept of government from one that protects the innocent to one that attempts to appease the wicked while tromping on the innocents.
__* God is the SUPREME Judge and says HE judges the Judges.
**I use the word perverted there because it twisted judgement and did not follow any Constitutional law at all, and had absolutely NO precedence either in the US or in the English common law, generally recognized around the world. Any government that allows the killing of nearly an entire class of humans [nearly 60 MILLION preborn] at the whim of another class of humans [some selfish & wicked pregnant women] is a very wicked government. Remember that fact when you wonder why the US is coming apart at the seams. It is written that God avenges the innocent blood so do not deceive yourselves about that Judgement Day coming to the US.


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