Monday, May 08, 2006

Chamber of Commerce ranks NC Candidates

Published here at the request of Nathan Tabor in NC: as you like, Sir, my pleasure to help:

[Quote]TCV News
Chamber of Commerce Gives Rep. Foxx Poor Rating as Conservative

by Jim Kouri - While touting her conservative credentials in her district,
US Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) received a 78 rating from the US Chamber of
Commerce. The organization rates lawmakers based on their voting record on
business and commerce issues.

While Foxx lists her rating on her website, she doesn't display the ratings
of her fellow Republicans from North Carolina.

For example, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who was elected at the same time
as Foxx, enjoys an 89 rating as does Rep. Robin Hayes. Also from North
Carolina, GOP Rep. Sue Myrick received an 87 rating from the Chamber of
Commerce. Other Republicans were Rep. Charles Taylor (85), Rep. John Coble
(78) and Rep. Walter Jones (58), the only Republican with a lower rating
than Foxx.

However, the Beer Wholesalers PAC did endorse Foxx, but did not endorse her
fellow North Carolina Republican McHenry.[end quote]

I don't know about you all, but I did not realize that the Chamber of Commerce ranks politicians, but what a marvelous idea! The truth of the matter is that what is generally good for business, particularly small business, is good for America, and those politicians adverse to business, generally favour socialism that promotes the idea that governments should control all assets and redistribute wealth. You KNOW I am a true republican believing it is NOT the function of any government in the US to redistribute assets, or conduct intergenerational transfers of wealth [Soc Security impoverishes the child-bearing age groups for the sake of the advanced age groups].I have much interest in NC politics since I lived there and also have a UNC-Chapel Hill alum daughter. Nathan Tabor publishes the conservative news and commentary, and I agree with much of what he writes.
FYI, Nathan Tabor is running for office, and I wish him the blessings of God as he seems to be a prolifer. I pray that God in HIS wisdom puts prolifers with a determined goal of ending the abortion holocaust, at every level of government in every State or federal election; and removes the proaborts from power!


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