Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thanks to South Dakota! from Gloria Poole Pappas (RN)

Gloria Poole Pappas (RN)
My sincere thanks to South Dakota for banning abortions! That is proof that good people still exist in the US and that there are some who are not afraid of unelected "officials" such as sit on the US Supreme Court. South Dakota is putting the rest of the States to shame. Keep up the good work!
South Dakota--where the men are men, and the women are prolife! YEA Add my name to your supporters and know that I pray without ceasing that God will end abortion as a fake right. There is NO right to kill for anyone.The heinous lies of Planned Parenthood and their umbrella of organizations, including SIECUS [sex information council of the US], the Dept of Education, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation,the Robert Kennedy Foundation, the National Democratic Party, the gay and lesbian groups [love abortion as a right since it "equalizes" their sterile relationships by neutering heteoseuxals' love-making], and the unions, and the Center for Reproductive Law in NYC, and the UN Population Council, and the American Bar Assocaition and the American Medical Association, and the Episcopal and Methodist Churches; to name only a few of the supporters of death-to-the-innocents false doctrine of humans,that a woman with a child in utero has the "right" to kill that baby, are from hell. The tool of the devil has always been lies and subterfuge. Reread the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden, how the "most subtil of all beasts" the serpent representative of the devil, or aka satan, hissed to her and told her she would be "like God" if she disobeyed Him" . Isn't that the same lie of Planned Parenthood--decide and have an I'll show you attitude about God's creations in the womb?


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