Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More reasons Alito should NOT be on US Sup Ct

I am a Registered Nurse of many decades and have a "paper trail" of that going back decades .That work has confirmed in me some principles that I first learned from the words of God in the Holy Bible and it has made me even more determined to do what I can, all that I can, as completely as I can, as faithfully as I can, as often as I can, and with absolute conviction that right is defined by God Himself. The reason I write that is because there seems to be a wicked undercurrent in the US that is a shifting sand of "men's doctrines instead of the Commandments of God". The most important debate in the US at this time is who will be the next "Justice" on the US Supreme Court. I am an educated woman, taught to use reason and logical thinking, to order my thoughts and my writings and words to persuade whether teaching health care or teaching the Commandments of God. I humble myself by reminding myself constantly that the words of God, the Commandments of God, are truth, and they are life. When God wrote in stone TWICE the words, "thou shalt not kill" HE did not qualify that statement. There is a period after it, "thou shalt not kill" period.
You may ask how this debate concerns Alito. Alito is a demoncrat in the same wicked mindset of Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry and Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. Those four mentioned are politicians, not statesmen or stateswomen. Statesmen or stateswomen do what is best for the nation and what is best for the nation is the upcoming generations via live births of humans. This nation's First Amendment allows citizens to question, or criticize the goverrnment and to demand "redress of grievances". Much of what I write is about demanding redress of grievances on behalf of innocent humans in the wombs of their mothers, and other innocents who need protectors and protection from corrupt politicians or wicked people. Alito has proved by his words and his deeds by overwhelming evidence that he is NOT in favor of women having living babies. Furthermore, he has aligned himself politically and spiritually with the wicked undercurrent. The following quote from an article today in the USAToday, entitled "Supreme Court Justices Have Already Acted on Some Alito Decisions" : [quote] In at least three cases, the Supreme Court justices mentioned Alito by name and his writings in their citations, including the 1992 abortion case of Casey v. Planned Parenthood and a 2000 case involving Webster Hubbell, a former associate attorney general and friend of President Clinton.[end quote]
Anyone who does not know that the Clintons as a pair are two of the most wicked people on this earth, are not in touch with reality. Clinton when he was President had the opportunity to save human lives but instead he wrote an Executive Order lifting the ban on fetal research that guaranteed that more human babies would be reduced to shreds for "raw material" for research. He and Hillary have the blood of MILLIONS of human babies on their hands and they both should be tried for crimes against humanity by the Nuremberg Code of International Laws, and so should Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, John Kerry, who have voted AGAINST human life more than 72 times in their careers! Alito is NOT prolife and he is not a person who can be trusted. He should not be a "Justice" on the "highest" court in the land. Remember that God's Court on HIS judgment day is the HIGHEST Court, and HE judges the Judges according to Scripture. Justice by definition means the principles of right and wrong are applied to each case separately and without prejudice, and the person in the "right" as defined by God's laws, is exonerated or indemnified, and the one in the wrong is punished. Those who kill should be punished and those who are complicent or accomplices must also be punished. Having another proabort on the Court will not help the US and if fact, will bring the demise of civilization in the US, because human life is sacred, made in the image of God and it is the duty, and maybe the only duty of righteous government to protect innocent human lives. Urge your politicians to reject Alito as a "justice" for these reasons given but also because he hails from Philadelphia, a city that last year arrested men for preaching the gospel by reading it from the Holy Bible in protest of homosexuality.


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